People need to learn to mind their own business. 90 Day Fiancé star Paola Mayfield is pretty used to dealing with haters, and she dealt with a recent one with her usual chill. When Paola, 31, posted a video captioned, “Thick and Fit #goals2019 #tbt,” and seemingly showed off an old video of herself in a bathing suit looking in a mirror, someone came for her in the comments. “I really respect you as a mother, but when you start posting pics of your body, it all goes out the window. Another Kardashian in the making,” the random person commented. Paola — a master of the clapback — replied, “I’m always being like this” with a shrug emoji. Go, girl!

90 Day Fiancé stars Paola and Russ Mayfield welcomed a baby — a son named Axel Mayfield — on January 1. Since then, Paola has been gracious enough to share updates with her fans and social media followers, and most people seem to appreciate it. But for whatever reason, there are also a lot of folks who feel she shouldn’t “show all of us [her] body” now that she’s a mom, like another person in the comments below.

Paola Mayfield Slams Hatee

Thankfully, Paola doesn’t seem to sweat the mommy-shamers. In the caption of another Instagram post she made in November, she addressed them directly. “Before the #momshaming start with the blah blah blah comments. Let me tell you this. No, I’m not worried what my kid’s friends will say about me when they see my photos or videos, that is way down the road for me to even worry about.” Paola was wearing underwear and a small top in the photo, and seemed, sadly, already prepared for the comments she might get for that choice of outfit.

The reality star concluded her November post by writing, “I’m not changing just because I’m pregnant or becoming a mom, I was proud before of who I am and what I’ve done so there’s nothing to be ashamed of😏 #liveandletlive #healthypregnancy#lovingmypregnantbody.” And it seems she’s stuck with that attitude since welcoming her son into the world!

On a happier note, there were a lot more positive replies in the comments than there were haters. “You look effing bomb Pao!” one person told her. Another wrote, “Screw anyone bashing you. The ones who look like potatoes have the most shit to talk.” Dang, these Instagram followers really can get savage.

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