Protective papa! OutDaughtered star Adam Busby slammed fans’ concerns for his daughters after sharing a photo of them riding bikes without helmets on Monday, April 27. When fans pointed out that none of the girls had on any protective gear, he responded by shutting down notions they were ever “in danger” of getting hurt. “If I thought my kids were in any sort of life-threatening danger [without helmets], they would be wearing them,” he said.

Adam, 37, had a point. Most of the Busby girls’ rides were low to the ground, including mom Danielle Busby’s. Hazel, the only one of the quints riding a cycle with more height, was on a sturdy tricycle that would be hard to tip over. The father of six has also proven in the past that, when his little ones are cruising around on just two wheels, he makes sure they’re well taken care of. An April 15 photo of the 5-year-olds balancing on Razor scooters showed them all wearing matching pink helmets.

OutDaughtered Star Adam Busby Slams Concerns His Daughters Are in Danger Without Helmets
Courtesy of Adam Busby/Instagram

The reality TV family has been making a point of getting out for fresh air and a chance to run around amid social distancing and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. “You can imagine the stares that we get on evening rides down the street,” he captioned their cycling photo on April 27. A few days earlier, he shared pictures of the Busby crew hanging out and watching ducks down at their local lake.

Adam Busby Rarely Goes Out in Public With Daughters Without 'Protection'
Courtesy of Adam Busby/Instagram

However, photos did lead to some backlash after a fan accused the family of thinking they were too “special” to quarantine like the rest of the country. Luckily, Adam is an old pro when it comes to shutting down parent-shamers. On April 21, he clarified that they were doing everything safely and according to their local laws.

“That’s not what [quarantine] means where we are,” he said. “We can go on bike rides. We don’t live in a highly populated area. I can ride around the lakes with the girls and maybe see two people at the most that don’t come within 100 feet of us. This is no different than being in our back yard. I just have common sense about it. Worry about yourself.”

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