Nadya Suleman, widely known as “Octomom,” fired back at critics after stocking up on wipes during her shopping trip with the kids. The mother of 14 documented her visit to Target in a new Instagram video, explaining why she purchased the items in bulk. 

“Though our scavenger hunt for paper goods was more than a week ago, shelves still remain empty everywhere,” the brunette beauty, 44, captioned her clip discussing the pandemic on Sunday, March 22. In the caption, Nadya admitted she “loathes” shopping “unless for healthy produce” and often avoids public places “due to agoraphobia,” but this time she went out because it was “an absolute must.”

Nadya Suleman Claps Back at Haters
Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

“As a parent of one disabled total care teenager, my goal was to purchase much needed wipes, typically two boxes, though informed that a delivery truck was surprisingly stocked with nearly 50 boxes in the back!” she added. Nadya — who goes by the name Natalie Solomon/Suleman on Instagram — concluded her message by assuring people they only bought seven in total, noting there were plenty more boxes on the shelf, and on the truck.

When one of her followers questioned if she needed to buy “that many wipes for one child,” she set the record straight. “YES! Sorry (not sorry), but not only is my son severely disabled requiring diapers 24/7, but [toilet paper] and paper towels are off the shelves in every store, in every city, throughout my hometown of (the most judgmental) California,” Nadya replied. “Not sure if you’ve heard, I also have 14 children to provide for [laughing emoji].” 

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Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Meanwhile, another social media user called her out for depriving “people with infants that need baby wipes” from getting the products they need. “I’m sure it was very difficult for you to get these things when your kids were babies. It’s not right,” the commenter wrote.

“Difficult to buy wipes and diapers when my octuplets were infants? Not at all,” the fitness fanatic responded, before defending herself. 

“Been a Target shopper for 20 years. Expensive [as f–k]? ABSOLUTELY! Hence my season of self-exploitation for several years back in the days … bet you remember those days right? Hating on a struggling single mom before having your own little blessings,” she concluded. “Energy we put into this world finds its way of coming right back to us.”

After seeing Nadya’s comments, several fans also showed support in the comments section. “OMG I so hate haters,” one chimed in. “She doesn’t have to explain why? She owes you nothing. Stop judging.”

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