Oops! Adam Busby of OutDaughtered fame posted several videos to his Instagram story on Nov. 6 featuring many of his girls, and in one of the clips, little Olivia Busby might have farted on her dad while he was spinning her around on his shoulders. Can you say LOL? Watch the video above to see the silly moment, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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In the first clip Adam posted on Instagram, two of his daughters are hanging out with him, wearing costume wings and slipping a pretty bracelet on their dad’s wrist. The next clip in the Instagram story lineup shows the two girls briefly bugging their dad to take off an equally pretty mask and let one of them wear it. Looks like a totally chill night in to us!

But in the third clip, things get wild. While looking into the camera, Adam has Olivia on his shoulders, and they spin in a circle while she giggles. Suddenly, Adam’s face changes. “Did you fart?” he asks his little girl. She smiles and says, “No,” but Adam doesn’t seem so sure. With six kids, we can’t help but wonder how many times a day Adam finds himself asking questions like that.

The rest of the clips feature Adam spinning another daughter around in the same way, then chasing some of the girls around the kitchen to peals of laughter. We gotta hand it to him — the play session looks exhausting, and he likely has to do something similar several times a day to keep all of his daughters well-entertained.

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Adam and Danielle Busby share six children together, but five of the girls are quintuplets; they are in fact the only all-girl quintuplets in the United States. They allow viewers a glimpse into their busy lives on the TLC reality series, but it’s lovely that Adam also shares these adorable moments with social media followers when the TV cameras are off.

And yes, as any parent will likely tell you, sometimes those cute moments also involve farting. That’s just life with kids, ya’ll.

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