If you watched the most recent episode of Counting On, you know that the littlest Duggars recently recorded their own album. It’s called Happy Heart and it’s full of hymns and Christian songs sung in little kid harmonies and, OK, it actually is pretty adorable. But while their family has been gushing over it, we noticed something a little, well, weird about the album. Namely, that pretty much every song has a creepy spoken intro recorded by Michelle Duggar, because of course, the girls can’t have anything really just for themselves. 

“Laughter is contagious,” Michelle opens the album on the title track, “Happy Heart.” “So is joy! True joy is not a result of what happens to us, but because of Jesus who lives in us. One of the fruits of a right relationship with God is joy. When Jesus lives in your heart, you have something to smile about.” Cue the Christian Kidz Bop. Because how would we know what it was about otherwise? We definitely wouldn’t have gotten the main takeaway from a song with lyrics like “I just have a happy heart because of Jesus” without her laying that super important and necessary groundwork. Yikes. 

But this isn’t anything new for the mom of 19 (or 20, including the much-forgotten adopted grand-nephew Tyler). She actually has a pretty long history of making her kids’ big moments all about herself — including at her daughters’ weddings. So we’re 100% not shocked that her wonky parenting methods have ensured that, once again, she’s managed to sneak herself back into a spotlight that belonged to her kids. Especially so that she can share such important messages as her own personal religious realizations at the age of 15. But hey, at least she let “The Star Spangled Banner” speak for itself, right? 

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