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Can You Spot the Disgruntled Little Duggar in This Family Photo?

With the only exception being maybe Jinger‘s crazy faces (sigh, once upon a time), the Duggars have been mainly known for their trademark tight-grinned mono-expression. Sometimes, however, the Duggar kids fail to conform and betray their true feelings. That is, annoyed, miserable, or just straight-up not into it. Squint and you’ll see it: the disgruntled little Duggars are hiding in all those happy family photos.

See, most of the Duggar kids have gotten real tired of pretending their older siblings’ milestones matter for anything beyond another season renewal. These days, Jordyn looks pretty dead-eyed whenever she has to deal with Michelle, and Jennifer has never fronted when it comes to showing she’s hugely unamused. I’ve said it before, but place your bets on those two when it comes to breaking free. The door is always open at my apartment if you need a place to run to girl. 

So, can you spot the super bored little Duggar forsaking the family rule of smiling-through-all-your-emotions? Well, give it a shot! It’s like Where’s Waldo! If Waldo was stuck on a compound with his 18 siblings and pretty neglectful parents! Scroll down to see the combo-breaking Duggar kids who don’t want to just grin and bear it for the camera.

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