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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Get Legit Weird When Their Kids Are Courting

Though it may seem weird to us, for the Duggars, courting is normal. But what’s not so normal is the way that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar act when one of their kids starts courting. Despite having put into place all kinds of courtship rules, including the older kids chaperoning each others’ dates, they still manage to make the process seem totally out of control. Because while the kids are being careful not to touch or brush hands all while professing their love for each other, the Duggar parents are pretty much wilding out — and it’s all caught on camera. 

jim bob and michelle duggar feeling weird about jinger and jeremy courting

Photo Credit: TLC

From excessive PDA to intrusive conversations about when is the appropriate time to start holding hands to suddenly trying to put a stop to everything, the heads of the family have exhibited a whole range of behaviors inspired by the fact that their kids were growing up and getting engaged. Which is, you know, only what they’ve been trained to do their whole lives — grow up, get married to someone you’ve never even front-hugged (or at least, ideally they’re not supposed to front-hug, though couples have been known to sneak it one way), and then immediately figure the whole sex thing out and start popping out babies. And yet, when that time comes, Jim Bob and Michelle just can’t get a handle on things. Check out the gallery below to see just how off the rails the Duggar parents get when their kids start courting. 

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