She may have escaped the royal dress code for now, but Meghan Markle can’t run from it forever. When she heads back to the U.K., she’ll be forced to follow it once more — and an insider exclusively tells In Touch that the former Duchess of Sussex is already “dreading” it. According to the source, she’s very much been enjoying her time in casual clothes while in Canada.

“Meghan’s gotten used to dressing down,” the insider shared. “On a day-to-day basis, she wears jeans or yoga pants, big sweaters and flats or sneakers, which she feels comfortable and relaxed in, and keeps her makeup minimal. Yes, of course she likes to get dolled up for the odd night out with pals, but she’s dreading having to be constantly dressed to the nines when she returns to the U.K. — having to walk around in heels all the time and making sure her nail polish doesn’t chip.”

Meghan, 38, and her husband Prince Harry — who is hoping to start going just by “Harry” — revealed they would “step back as ‘senior’ members of the royal family” in January 2020. Despite ditching their Sussex Royal titles, however, the couple won’t be totally able to divorce themselves from the redhead’s kin. Though they’ve already started making public appearances as non-royals, trips to the former Duke of Sussex’s home will inevitably see them spending time with the queen.

However, it’s doubtful they’d ever be able to retake their place in the royal hierarchy even if they wanted to. Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former assistant, exclusively told In Touch that such a move would be “almost impossible.” He explained that “once [they’re] out,” it would be an insurmountable task to “to reverse the process.”

That said, he thinks Harry, 35, and his wife made the right decision for them. “Meghan has been very much maligned, misrepresented and misinterpreted, particularly by the British media,” he continued. “The constant media attention and scrutiny, especially by the British media, has made their lives unbearable. … They are very brave to jump ship and go it alone and, although they will still have contact with the family, the monarchy machine will forge ahead without them.”

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