She may be their ruler, but Queen Elizabeth doesn’t throw her power around when it comes to her family’s personal lives. In a new interview with In TouchPrincess Diana‘s former assistant Paul Burrell reveals that the monarch never meddles in her children’s or grandchildren’s relationships — especially when it comes to the rumored feud between Prince William and Prince Harry. While promoting his new documentary Princess Diana’s ‘Wicked’ Stepmother, the former royal employee opened up about how the family’s interpersonal relationships play out behind the scenes.

“The queen never intervenes in any of her children or grandchildren’s lives,” Paul exclusively told In Touch. “They’re their lives. She leaves them to it. I do see that William and Harry can sort out whatever problems they have,” he explained. “Diana would say to them, ‘Boys, you’re both my boys. I love you both equally. I love you both dearly. Sort it out.'”

For the most part, though, he doesn’t seem to put too much stock in the idea that any problems they’re currently having could permanently tear the brothers apart. If anything, he seems to worry that the royals’ schedules would be to blame. “Both William and Harry are in very different places,” he said, sharing how their different royal duties keep them busy — and separate. “I think the Cambridges and the Sussexes are two very different families … It’s very difficult for the families, actually, to be one family when they all have different projects, different charities to support,” he claimed.

Queen Elizabeth Smiles with Harry, Will, Kate and George
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However, he knows that, ultimately, the two brothers will always be there for each other. “I can guarantee you that Harry showed a very vulnerable side to him during this interview recently, and William will be first person on the telephone and be concerned for his little brother,” Paul told In Touch. And if Duchess Meghan (née Markle) finds herself expecting again soon, as he predicts, Harry will need his brother’s support more than ever.

Those familial bonds don’t seem to be as strong between Meghan and her siblings, however. Her half-sister, Samantha Markle, recently expressed that she has “no sympathy” for the new royal. “I think it is really ludicrous that someone who is escorted around the world by millions of dollars worth of security on private jets as a millionaire could ever complain about anything,” she said. “She knew exactly what she was doing, so, hey you got what you wanted.”

Princess Diana’s ‘Wicked’ Stepmother premieres on the Smithsonian Channel on October 28th.

Reporting by Diana Cooper.

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