A crazy turn of events. Meghan King Edmonds claimed her estranged husband, Jim Edmonds, has moved on with a woman the former couple had a threesome with back in the day — three months after Meghan and Jim split.

“When Jim and I got married — we had just gotten married — and I knew that Jim had this bad boy kind of past, and we were newlyweds and trying to have some fun, and he wanted to have a threesome,” the 35-year-old began on her podcast, “Intimate Knowledge,” on Monday, January 20. “I thought about it, and I thought, ‘Maybe, yeah sure.’ So, we decided to have a threesome — a consensual adult decision with a friend of mine. I felt very comfortable with her, it just felt like OK, if I am going to do this, this can be with who, and I am comfortable with that.”

But over the years, the Real Housewives of Orange County alum and Jim, 49, would run into her friend, and there would be some sort of awkward tension, which Meghan could feel. “There was something weird between them. There was something where they acted if I was the one who was out of something, and I remember asking, ‘Why were you guys so weird?’ and he had some excuse,” she recalled.

The blonde beauty — who shares Aspen, 3, and twins Hart and Hayes, 19 months with Jim — has been taking her son Hart, who has a neurological disability, to physical therapy, but Jim hasn’t been around. However, recently, he decided to crash 45 minutes from their house in Newport Beach before he took his son to appointments. “I didn’t understand why he had to stay at this place,” she said. “It just didn’t make a whole lot of sense — planning sense to me.”

Meghan King Edmonds Wearing a Sweater
Courtesy of Meghan King Edmonds/Instagram

Then, Meghan put the pieces together. “So, I find out when he goes to Cabo for a birthday party — while I am just doing the thing with our son — from my understanding, he takes this girl with him. The threesome girl,” she explained. “She went shopping with his credit card at a very expensive store telling all the people that her boyfriend was taking her to Cabo tomorrow, and here is his credit card so she can buy expensive clothes. So, they are in Cabo right now. This girl who I thought was my friend, who I cast aside my comfortability with a threesome, everything that I had in my head about a threesome being weird and gross, you know, because I was fun, and I wanted to do things for my husband and this girl.”

While Meghan isn’t upset that Jim has moved on, she just wishes the girl had the courtesy to reach out and tell her what was going on. “I am OK. I texted her and I said, ‘I am OK — I am an adult, I am OK with people moving on. We are getting divorced, but why couldn’t you say to me as a friend — she’s a friend — like why couldn’t she have said something to me?’” she wondered. “Why does Jim have to go back to this low-hanging fruit? Can’t she go find somebody else? And just disrespectful on his part.”

The reality star added, “It’s just so hurtful. I never told anyone that I had a threesome because it just felt just like something I wasn’t proud of, and now this is the woman she is with and spending money on her when he can’t even come to give me the money that I need?”

In October, Meghan allegedly accused her husband of having an affair with the family’s nanny, but Jim called the claims “disgusting.” One month later, Jim called the cops on Meghan since she showed up “late and drunk” to his house while he was home with the kids, a source told In Touch at the time. She was with a man who “crashed his car into a cement wall as he tried to pull out of the driveway,” the insider added. “That’s when Jim had enough.”

The former flames were able to come an agreement regarding custody, though, and settled on 50/50, an additional source revealed. “Meghan didn’t want Jim to get equal/joint custody, but that’s exactly what happened,” the insider explained. “She expected him to get less because she’s been saying he can’t handle it, but he’s doing just fine.”

Jim Edmonds at the Gym
Courtesy of Jim Edmonds/Instagram

At the end of the day, Meghan is looking forward to the future and starting over. “I just want a partner who is supporting me and isn’t jealous or trying to suppress. Someone who grows with me instead of staying stagnant at a certain place. To me, that’s intimacy,” she said on her podcast.

Hopefully, things can only get better from here on out.

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