It’s finally the time we’ve all been waiting for, because Are You The One? is back for season 8. You already know that our favorite part of the show (other than all of the drama, of course) is trying to guess the matches. Just like we did last season with season 7 and season 6 before that, we’ll be watching, recapping, and keeping track of matches and misses on our spreadsheet so we can figure out who’s right for each other — and who’s seriously wrong. With genuine love connections being made and $1,000,000 at stake for the 16 singles on the reality show, everyone is playing for keeps, so you know this ish is about to get real. Who will hook up, break up, make up, and join the ranks of all the past Are You The One couples who are still together? If you’re tuning in this season, watch along with us as we rack up the laughs and hunt down the answers. Now let’s get started.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 12 Recap

The pressure is on, and the math isn’t on their side. In the house, they’re feeling the heat. Last week’s match up ceremony left them with more questions than answers. Danny reminds the house that six beams was their worst case scenario. It wasn’t the eight beams they needed to win, and it wasn’t the five beams that would’ve told them that all three straggler couples were wrong. Instead, they knew only that one of them was right — and had no idea which one. Kylie fights for the possibility that she and Amber are the perfect match, but Paige isn’t so sure.

She thinks the women haven’t connected on a deeper level. After all, they only started to explore their feelings and attraction to each other last episode. She also doesn’t think Justin/Remy is a pair the matchmakers would put together. After all, Remy is the hookup king and — though that may make him seem up Justin’s alley — Justin’s abandonment issues might make them a toxic couple. Instead, she’s considering that idea that Max might be on to something about him and Kari.

The six stragglers decide to circle up and talk through all of their connections and the possible perfect matches that remain. If Justin and Remy were the beam, then Amber/Kari and Max/Kylie are the other matches. If it’s Max and Kari, there are a lot of possibilities left — and Remy looks overwhelmed by the odds. They have to be smart about what potential answers remain, but they also have to use their hearts to guide them. And that’s where they get stuck.

The anxious energy in the house continues to build as those who have identified their matches sit around idly waiting for the stragglers to catch up. Paige starts to talk about what happens if they lose, and Nour cuts her off to say she doesn’t even want to hear the word “lose” right now. She’s not trying to manifest that into the world. Paige ultimately agrees and says the six remaining singles are counting on their confidence to get them through this, not on their doubt and insecurity to bring them down. Jenna looks at Paige with stars in her eyes and is like, “This is why you’re my perfect match,” and suddenly we’ve got some serious faith in this process.

As the night goes on, Paige and Jenna are kissing on the couch while Jasmine and Nour share a moment by the pool. If these loved up perfect matches are trying to let their energy fuel the romantic vibes in the house, it just might be working, because Justin and Amber are trying to feel each other out. Justin picks Amber up and carries her to a couch where they can lounge together, and they get immediately into the hard-hitting questions. “So what’s your favorite color, Justin?” Amber asks.

Basit doesn’t trust the stragglers to know what’s best for them, pointing out that (Remy aside) they’ve been the people in the house jumping from relationship to relationship. The house has one last challenge left, though, and that might help put the stragglers through their paces and test out some of these promising connections. This week, it’s all about love languages as the housemates answer questions about how their friends like to give and receive love.

Though it’s important for everyone that the stragglers win the challenge so they can pick their dates, some of the singles seem to be forgetting that. Those who’ve found their perfect matches already keep buzzing in first — whether they’ve got the right answer or not. Finally, though, Kylie, Kari and Basit come out on top. Kylie picks Amber as her date, Basit picks Jonathan (obvs) and Kari chooses Max. The three couples head out on some kind of Jeep-driving date (???) as they speed down normal roads with normal cars.

When they finally get where they’re going, they settle in for some last minute, last chance bonding. Max and Kari haven’t developed their romantic connection, but they both admit that their pairing makes sense. Max may be the Mr. Heart to Kari’s Miss Strategy, but it’s a total yin-yang match up. They both think the other has what they need. Max won’t be scared and cowed by Kari, and Kari is touched that someone seems past her tough facade into the vulnerable girl inside. Not only that, she’s also moved by the fact that Max is the kind of person she could actually trust with that vulnerable girl inside.

Things are also going great with Amber and Kylie — at least until Nour comes up. Despite the awkwardness, though, Kylie says that she liked seeing how things played out with Amber and Nour, because it showed her Amber isn’t the kind of person who will run away at the first sign of trouble. Amber also was glad that what happened Nour happened (and she makes sure to point out that what happened was Nour making out with Kylie herself), if only so that it split them up. Kylie doesn’t seem to notice that this kind of contradicts her point, and the two women laugh about it, but Amber admits in a confessional that she’s having trouble getting out of her head.

When they get back, Amber and Kylie are the ones heading into the Truth Booth. Kylie seems confident. Amber less so. And it turns out Amber was right to doubt things, because the Truth Booth tells us what we were already starting to guess: These two are not a match. The house sends the stragglers off for one last chance to figure things out. And here’s what we know at this point. There are three possible scenarios left: 1) Amber/Justin, Kari/Max and Kylie/Remy 2) Amber/Kari, Justin, Remy and Kylie/Max 3) Amber/Remy, Justin/Kylie and Kari/Max.

Kari/Max appear in two out of the three scenarios — and Kari and Max both admit that they’re 100% sure they’re a match. Justin, who’s gotten to know both of them (and can’t possible be a match with Kari at this point) also thinks 100% that they’re a match. Amber realizes she’s been playing it safe, and so she decides to get real with everyone. She wants to know who would be OK with her wearing the pants in the relationship. Remy is all down because, as he says, he can wear a skirt. Justin, not so much. He’s used to playing leader, and if he can’t take back seat, it seems like we can cancel out at least one perfect match scenario.

Remy seems all in on Amber as his match, and Justin’s disappointed that it seems like he won’t get his shot, but Kylie is starting to realize that Justin might be exactly what she needs. The stragglers emerge as three possible perfect matches: Kari and Max, Remy and Amber and Justin and Kylie. The house decides to celebrate (or, if they’re wrong, simply take advantage of their last night together) by going skinny dipping in the pool. Basit, Jonathan and Max sit out the action on the sidelines, and we do mean action. It’s not just everyone’s last night together. It’s also their last opportunity to hookup. Amber and Justin start making out in the pool, and before the night ends, they’re back in the Boom Boom Room.

That may have been a mistake, though, because in the light of day, Amber’s feeling confused. The night before, she admitted that her head knows Remy is her match, but her body wants Justin. Nour sees this and is just shaking her head. Are You The One is about love, she says — not lust. Jenna is also freaking out about leaving her fate in other people’s hands. Remy pulls Amber aside for one final heart-to-heart, come-to-Jesus moment, and then that’s it. The game is over. It’s time for the final match up ceremony to see if they’ve won the $750,000 or if they’re going home with nothing.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 12 Matches

Danny’s up first, and he knows Kai is his match. Kai opens up about how Danny offers him affection and validation without jealousy or drama. Danny praises Kai’s vulnerability and honesty, even calling him a role model. They kiss and go sit down together. Up next, Max knows Kari is the one for him. The game has help Max grow so much, and now he’s become someone who can see their perfect match when she’s standing right in front of him. It’s Kari, and she knows it, too. Amber is up third, and this is where things get really tricky. Just hours ago, she admitted she was unsure of who to choose: Justin, who she wants. And Remy, who she just might need. She decides to listen to what her head has been telling her about who might fit perfectly into her life, who she can trust, and she chooses Remy.

Jonathan takes the opportunity to talk about how much he’s grown, too, revealing that Basit has helped him not only learn so much, but expand his whole world. He says he 110% plans to continue their romance outside of the house, and we’re rooting for them. Paige and Amber are up after that, and then Nour and Jasmine. Justin and Kylie are the final perfect matches for the night. They lock in, everyone’s sitting down, and now the beam anxiety begins. One beam lights up, then two, three, four, five, then six. But is that it? Are there more? Eons pass. Solar systems expand and explode and new solar systems are born. And the, finally, the seventh and eight beams light up. They did it. They freaking did it, you guys.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 12 Match Up Ceremony

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 11 Recap

Are Justin and Max a perfect match? Did the house correctly guess all eight couples? The beginning of the episode confirms what we already guessed: It’s a no on both fronts. Max is devastated by the revelation, truly feeling like his heart was the cost the house had to pay to get that one step closer to winning $1 million — strike that, $750,000. “F–k your answers,” he tells the cameras. “This is the most real thing I’ve ever felt in my life on any sort of relationship front ever.” When they get back to the house, Justin and Max slip out to talk privately, and it’s clear they need a moment alone.

Danny and Kai, who the house have now confirmed are a perfect match, also share a moment. Though they hug and kiss, Danny doesn’t seem excited by the news. Instead, he’s still hurting for his friends. Though he’s looking forward to exploring their connection, he hates to do it at Max and Justin’s expense. And it is at their expense. Though #Jax would hardly be the first couple not to split after being confirmed as a “no match,” Justin wants “cut it off.”

Though Max is the one who gave his man the out, it’s clear he didn’t want him to actually take it. “Our connection was special,” Justin tries to reassure him, but the fact that he’s already using the past tense speaks for itself. For Justin, he came on the show to find his perfect match — and if that’s not Max, he wants the opportunity to explore who his perfect match might be and give his perfect match the opportunity to explore a relationship with him. For Max, he came to the house to find love — and he thought who he found it with would be his perfect match. He’s not ready to give up just because the person his heart found isn’t the person the matchmakers chose for him, but he’s not going to fight Justin about it either.

Inside, Danny and Kai have warmed up to the news — and Paige and Jenna, who the house also confirmed as a perfect match through that beam ceremony, are pretty excited, too. To refresh your memory, that is now five perfect matches. Brandon/Aasha, Jonathan/Basit, Jasmine/Nour, Danny/Kai and Paige/Jenna. With just three left to suss out, the house is actually in a pretty good position to win (what’s left of) the money. The house is feeling themselves and their progress, and Danny and Kai exchange jokes and kisses while Paige and Jenna bond in the pool.

Paige reveals to Jenna that she was actually one of the first people she noticed when she got to the house. “I was like, ‘Who is that?'” she tells her, and it’s clear Jenna is flattered and feeling flirty. The two women realize that whenever there is emotional turmoil in the house, they find themselves comforting each other. They’ve got a powerful friendship — which means they’ve got a strong base on which they can start building a relationship if that’s the direction they decide to go. We’re pretty sure they both have Remy and Kai in the backs of their minds, but we could see something growing between them.

Speaking of Remy, he’s struggling with the fact that Paige has found her match. He already knew it wasn’t him, but seeing her pair off with someone new is harder than he anticipated. He wants her to be happy, though, so he’s up to the challenge. Kari is also up to a challenge, though hers is puzzling through which of the six “stragglers” belong together. Kylie thinks her match is either Amber or Remy. Kari thinks her match is Justin, and there’s no shame in her game when it comes to letting him know that she’s “ready” to explore that whenever he is.

As Justin tells Kari he’s open to that, the camera cuts to Max in the background, and it’s clear he’s not coping quite as well. Luckily, Amber is there and she’s ready to step up to the plate. Though she seemed more interested in Justin before, she’s just as liking to be a perfect match with Max, and her compassion and empathy for him as he’s hurting proves that she just might be the kind of person he needs. It’s clear Max takes a lot to heart — and though Justin feels bad about that, he’s not going to let it affect the way he plays the game. Amber, though, seems like someone who would do whatever she needed to to protect someone she loved.

At the challenge the next day, Amber and Max pair up and so do Justin and Kari. That leaves Remy with Kylie, and the house is ready to put these three couples to the test. Terrence is really ready as he explains how, if the house has managed to find all of their perfect matches, then they must basically be able to read each other’s minds. If they want to win a date, the couples will have to blindly match their answers to Terrence’s questions. Danny and Kai kill it, and they’re pretty much perfectly in sync when it comes to deciding how they would handle situations as a couple. Paige and Jenna? Not so much. Same for Kylie and Remy.

Justin and Kari do great, though, and so do Amber and Max. At the end of the day, those two couples, plus Danny/Kai, are the ones heading out on a relaxing spa date. Danny and Kai volunteer to get their massages first since they’re already a confirmed perfect match and they could use the opportunity for romance more than they need a chance to chat and test their connection. These two are fully Honeymoon Suite ready — but considering the fact that the house doesn’t need to send them into the Truth Booth to get answers, they’ll have to settle for getting to know each other in the house. Luckily, they seem more than happy to do that. Now that Danny knows Kai is his match, he’s ready to stop holding back, and they two do seem like they could really be perfect together. 

Kari and Justin are also getting the time they need to be explore their feelings. “I feel like I’m walking on eggshells all the time in the house,” Justin admits, opening up about how he is actually struggling with the process. He’s inspired by Kari’s bluntness. When Max and Amber talk, he admits that he might’ve made a mistake getting so invested in one person and allowing that to blind him to all of his other potential connections. Amber, who chose to hold back on her date with Paige because of her relationship with Nour, totally gets it. But she’s also nervous about them going into the Truth Booth. Though she could see them as a match, she wouldn’t be excited to be shipped off to the Honeymoon Suite with someone who’s pining for another person.

Amber’s in the hot seat, though, because the house decided that she and Max are the couple they think are most likely to be a match. And Max is crossing his fingers that they got it right so he can GTFO of the house and away from his ex. So which one of them will get their wish? After its trademark laser show build up, the Truth Booth finally confirms that the two are not a perfect match — but the bittersweet relief of that is short-lived for Amber as the reality sets in that she still has to find her actual perfect match.

Kylie is ready to sweep her off her feet, though. Jonathan helps her come up with a plan to make Amber’s bed and leave behind chocolates so that Amber knows there’s someone here for her, and the moment is too cute for words. Nour steps in to help with the reveal, and Amber is bowled over by the gesture. “She’s the only person that’s gone out of her way that’s made me feel special, and it feels so good to have somebody that isn’t in love with someone else,” she says. “I’m the person you’re gonna be obsessed with. I’m gonna be the person you like a lot. That makes me so excited.” The two kiss, and we’ve got total heart eyes.

Danny is also beaming now that he’s with Kai after a whole season of feeling overlooked. The men very casually sneak away to the Boom Boom Room one at a time, but they can’t escape Kylie’s notice who announced the hook up to the house. Jasmine and Nour are also loved up. And surprisingly, so are Max and Kari. The two have had a lot of Twitter drama since leaving the house, and it’s hard to gauge how their conversation is going on a second-by-second basis, but ultimately the two agree that they think there’s a really good chance that they’re a match. “Kari, it’s you,” Max says.

The house is less sold on that idea. Paige and Jenna suspect that he’s throwing himself so hard into the Kari connection so that Justin can’t. Even Kari is like, “Max, you’re for sure my No. 2, but I’m gonna stick with Justin for now.” Max does have one person his side, though: Remy, who up until this point has been pretty good at identifying who works and who doesn’t in the house (even though he’s got a bit of a blind spot when it comes to himself). Remy knows that Max would never feel secure in a relationship with him, and the only other option is Kylie, who’s just about as flirty as Justin. Kari has said that loyalty is the most important thing to her, and Remy and Max both see that as a sign. We’ll have to see how it plays out at the match up ceremony.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 11 Matches

Paige is first up, she’s “feeling like a winner” as she picks Jenna to sit beside her. Amber sits with Kylie, Nour and Jasmine pair up and Kai calls up Danny as Danny jokes that their theme for the evening is “take your son to work” day. Max is called up to the podium before either Justin or Kari, meaning he gets first dibs on putting his theory to the test. He chooses Kari as his perfect match for the ceremony, and everyone agrees that they could see it working. Justin and Remy sit together, and so do Jonathan and Basit.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 11 Match Up Ceremony

With this set up, the house scores six beams, and though they should count it as a win (after all, did they really think they were going to score all eight with one match up ceremony to spare?), they’re disappointed. To a degree, we get it. They already knew who five of those beams were, which means they only got one more right, and they don’t know if it’s Max/Kari, Amber/Kylie or Justin/Remy. That also means there are four possibilities left and only one Truth Booth remaining. Their last match up ceremony is going to come seriously down to the wire.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 11 Possible Perfect Matches

At this point, Amber still has four perfect matches to explore: Justin, Remy, Kylie and Kari. The same is true for Justin, Remy and Kylie. Kari and Max both have three possible perfect matches remaining. It’s a tough spot to be in. Depending on who they send into the Truth Booth, they could luck out and have only one possible answer left before the final match up ceremony. But if the couple they send in is a no match — or if they send in Kari and Max, they’ll be forced to guess between more than one possible solution.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 11 Perfect Match Percentages

At this point, statistically speaking, there’s a 50% chance that Kari/Max are a match. But we all know that the statistics don’t actually mean much if those pieces of the puzzle don’t fall into place. Over the past seven seasons, only two have gone into their final match up ceremony with more than one possible answer left. In season 3, they had four, and they managed to guess the right one. In season 5, they had two — and they guessed wrong. Next week’s Truth Booth might be the moment that makes or breaks the season, and we don’t envy their choice.

But we do think people in the house bring up some good points. Remy seems spot on when he says that he doesn’t think Max could ever feel secure in a relationship with him, so we’re willing to bet that they’re not a match. Max seems so sure that he and Kari are right together, and we think there’s definitely something to that. If we believe that’s true, we have two answers left: one with Amber/Justin and Kylie/Remy and one with Amber/Remy and Kylie/Justin. We’ve got a good feeling about that first one. Amber and Justin have connected in the past, and Kylie and Remy also seem like they could be a good fit. At this point, it’s still anyone’s game, but if we had to place bets, Kari/Max, Amber/Justin and Kylie/Remy is the match up we’d choose.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 10 Recap

With just three match up ceremonies left, things are heating up in the house. Everyone is frustrated with getting “the same two beams” over and over again and making no progress, and some of the singles are ready to make major changes. Jasmine decides she’s done with Kai — especially after learning that he told Jenna he loved her at the party — but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to make peace with Nour. What she is ready to do, though, is take a shot with her, and they knock one back after making a toast to the “rollercoaster ride” they went on. Kai also acknowledges that it’s time he takes responsibility for growing and maturing now that he’s admitted he needs to.

In an effort to lighten to mood (and, who knows, maybe even reveal some ~deep truths~), Amber and Basit decide to dress up as fortune tellers, dubbing themselves Miss Jello and Miss Hello. The two of them determine that Justin has made connections besides Max in this house, but Max hasn’t done the same. Miss Jello, a.k.a. Basit, promises Jonathan that his perfect match will go camping with him, but only “as long as glitter is involved.” They also call out Paige for building up walls as Remy asks if he’s her perfect match.

In a confessional, she admits that she does, but she wasn’t always that way. A past relationship conditioned her to keep her emotions and feelings to herself so that she wouldn’t be seen as weak. For her, it’s not just about protecting herself from new connections. It’s also a behavior that she hasn’t yet managed to shake from old experiences. Despite her sweet ice cream date with Remy last episode, she’s just not ready to make herself vulnerable. “I don’t know what to do,” she tells the camera. It looks like she’s not yet ready to receive Miss Jello and Miss Hello’s divine teachings.

Kai and Danny, however, are open to receiving blessings, and they cuddle up outside as they talk and get to know each other. These two have already come to the realization that chances are good that they’re a perfect match based both on the math and how they work together, and they’re ready to explore that a little more. They flirt a little, but they also talk about their gender expressions and why Danny chooses to occasional don a skirt and mix things up. He admits that it makes him feel sexy — and Kai is fully on board with that.

Amber and Justin also might be a perfect match, and they sort of get into that under the guise of Amber apologizing to Justin if she came on too strong at the mermaid party. He says that everything that happened (a.k.a. just dancing, but like super sexy hump-your-brains-out dancing) was mutual, and he doesn’t blame her or feel like she crossed any lines. She’s not so sure and admits that she feels like she doesn’t have many strong connections in the house, but she likes him even though she respects his relationship with Max. If #Jax isn’t the real deal, we could see these two happening, and they do appear in one of the nine possible scenarios.

Everyone seems committed to getting to the bottom of their problems tonight. When the camera cuts back to Paige, she’s opening up to Jenna, Kai and Jasmine about how Remy is exactly like all of her exes, and she just doesn’t know if the matchmakers would put her with someone like him. She knows he’s also got his differences, but he’s basically giving her flashbacks of all the men she couldn’t trust before. This has Remy in his feelings when he notices, because he “genuinely played with his heart” and it lead him to Paige. His reputation as the hookup king has gotten in his way before, and this time he can’t help but breakdown over the fact that Paige doesn’t seem to be able to see beyond that. Jenna and Justin talk to them both, but ultimately he’s just about ready to throw in the towel. “Nice things don’t happen to me,” Remy says, and now our hearts are breaking, too.

The challenge the next day is designed to push everyone to their limits and get absolutely no couples of note into the Truth Booth. While working on communication, the house pairs up the best and worst communicators, a.k.a. Basit and Justin, meaning that neither Justin/Max nor Basit/Jonathan will be making it onto the date. The other partners include Paige/Remy, Amber/Max, Jenna/Kari, Danny/Nour, Jonathan/Jasmine and Kylie/Kai, though honestly we don’t see that last pair at all, so it seems like they don’t super matter. To win a date, the duos will be assembling what Terrence J very carefully does not refer to as Ikea furniture as one person does the work and the other describes the pictures-only instructions.

Amber and Max manage to score first place with Danny/Nour as a close second and Remy/Paige a distant third. The house focuses on Remy/Paige as the potential perfect match, though the math tells those of us at home that they’re already a confirmed no match. Danny and Nour also can’t be a match. The real sleeper couple is Amber/Max, who actually do appear in one of the possible scenarios. And based on Amber’s desire to join in on Justin and Max’s relationship and make it a throuple, there could actually be something there. Whether or not they — or the house — will see it, though, is another story.

The couples head out almost immediately for their helicopter ride, and Danny and Nour actually have a sweet moment or two. Amber and Max are also getting along, and Max seems to see it only as a matter of circumstance that they both couple up before exploring their connection. Remy and Paige get deep right off the bat. Remy admits that he feels like she’s ashamed of parts of him, and she’s determined to reassure him that it’s entirely a her problem, not a him problem. “You challenge me,” Remy tells Paige, explaining that she makes him want to be a better person. Further demonstrating his point, she remarks that the sunny drizzle around them is a “golden shower,” and he doesn’t even revert back to talking about piss play like he did in episode 1. They kiss, but more importantly, they also hug.

Back in the house, it’s time for the Truth Booth reveal, and everyone is shipping Remy and Paige, including Paige herself. The two of them are going to find out what we already know: They’re not a match. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be right for each other, just outside of the show. When the screen tells them that they’re “no match,” though, the house pretty much falls apart. “We gotta get our heads in the f–king game,” Kari tells everyone, and it’s not just because money is on the line. They are also feeling the weight of representing the queer community.

Kari pitches that they go into “survival mode” to make this work, and everyone sits around the table for a house meeting. Kari is ready to get serious about strategy, and the house starts walking through the match up ceremonies and their results. Danny puts his big ol’ brain to work and realizes that, no matter what, Jonathan and Basit must be a beam, and just like that, the house is on its way. They also put the pieces together about Jasmine and Nour, prompting Nour to lose her s–t. “Of all the bitches in this house, this bitch,” Jasmine says, and Nour jokes back, “This bitch!”

The two of them decide to set up their own little mini date the next day and decide to get to know each other on their own terms. Jasmine reveals that she grew up on what was basically a ranch, and Nour tells her that living on a ranch or somewhere with a barn is all she’s ever wanted. Nour wants a relationship where she and her partner are best friends, and she laments the fact that they got started off on absolutely the wrong foot. Luckily, they’ve still got a little time to salvage something, and Nour gives the matchmakers a golf clap for getting it absolutely, 100-percent right.

Meanwhile, Justin and Max are forced to come to terms with the fact that they might not be a match, and Max is struggling with it. But the house has a plan to put that potential beam to the test and finally get some answers. Danny and Kai are also using it as an opportunity to get some answers, although of course the stakes are a little lower for them. Danny expresses that he’s worried he’s what everyone needs but no one wants, and Kai realizes he needs to “stop running away from what’s good for him.” He also wants to focus on what Danny needs, though. And he feels like that might be him.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 10 Matches

The match up ceremony sees Jasmine/Nour, Jonathan/Basit, Max/Justin, Kylie/Danny, Kai/Remy, Amber/Paige and Jenna/Kari sitting together in addition to Brandon/Aasha, who’ve been out of sight in the Honeymoon Suite. We knew that the house was going to put Max/Justin to the test, but what’s interesting is that they’ve correctly identified the entire scenario that would allow for that couple to be a perfect match. At this point, it seems like the singles have a better grasp on the strategy than it seemed. Here’s what they don’t have, though: answers.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 10 Match Up Ceremony

Though the episode showed us the match up ceremony, it cut to black before we could find out how many beams were illuminate. Unfortunately, we’ve got a pretty good idea. Given the fact that there are two episodes left — episode 11 airs September 2 and episode 12 airs September 9 — we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that the house didn’t manage to get all eight beams. Though we can’t officially confirm or deny anything just yet based on the math (TBH, this episode didn’t give us any progress in that regard), logic tells us that, devastatingly, #Jax was not meant to be by the matchmakers.

If that’s true, that means that there would be eight possible scenarios left. It would also mean that the house would’ve gotten three beams at the eighth match up ceremony: Brandon/Aasha, Jasmine/Nour and Jonathan/Basit. Other confirmed couples? Danny/Kai and Jenna/Paige. The singles that would still need to be paired off would be Amber, Justin, Kari, Max, Kylie and Remy.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 10 Possible Match Up Ceremony Beams

Those six couple be made into a few different sets of three perfect matches: eight, to be specific. You can check out those eight possibilities below.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 10 Potential Perfect Matches

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 9 Recap

We jump right back into the drama of the party as Nour and Jasmine continue to battle it out over Kai, who pretty much jus lingers in the background while trying not to get any more involved than he already is. Housemates like Kari and Jonathan try to pull Nour aside and calm her down, but this chick has absolutely zero chill, so it basically has no effect. “I was just trying to have fun, and now it’s dramatic,” Kai says, effectively summarizing his whole time on the show.

Danny is also not having fun as he tries to talk Jasmine down while simultaneously revealing in a confessional that he’s over it. To him, it seems like everybody is chasing someone who is chasing somebody else — and yet, somehow, no one is chasing him, which is absolutely ridiculous considering Danny is one of the biggest sweethearts on the show. While continuing to play mediator, Danny also convinces Kai to finally step up to the plate and go talk to Nour himself.

This isn’t the Kai-Nour-Jasmine show, though. Other connections are lighting up around the house as Remy continues to pursue Paige, Paige continues to be the Queen of Swerves and Kari starts to notice that she might like Remy’s crush energy directed her way. At first, she found his focus on sex overwhelming, but now that she’s seeing how he behaves with someone he actually likes, she’s into it. Out on the dance floor, Justin is also trying to have fun — though he’s doing it at “any cost necessary,” which is guaranteed to mean he’s on the verge of f–king everything up with Max.

Look, we know there’s a slim (but very real!) chance that Jax are a perfect match, but we can’t help but be frustrated how this seems to happen every few weeks. Before, it was Aasha, then it was suck-and-blow and now it’s everyone at the under the sea party. Max is like, “That didn’t hurt me,” when he saw Justin dancing (read: dry humping) with Jenna, but he warns, “Don’t get crazy,” in the same breath. Justin pretty much admits he’s gonna be making out with people and Max says he’s trying to be open and accepting, but it feels like this is headed for disaster.

But before that ship hits the rocks, we have to watch Kai’s connections continue to explode. Nour confronts him about saying that she was his No. 1, something he denies but the flashback shows he pretty much did say, then accuses him of hooking up with Jasmine only because Nour said she wouldn’t be making any Boom Boom Room visits any time soon. Somehow, though, Jenna manages to cut through all the mess while breaking it down with Danny. “I think you’re Kai’s match,” she says, and there’s a huge chance that that’s true. Danny laughs, but Jenna continues to explain, saying, “The only person that can control a temper tantrum or an explosive personality … is someone who has complete control over their emotions, which is you.”

She’s got a point, because do you know what happens when you put two explosive personalities together? Well, you get Kai bouncing out of a relationship with Nour, Nour screaming that he’s a f–kboy and another shouting match immediately breaking out between Nour and Jasmine once Kai is no longer down to be part of the fight himself. The house manages to separate them for about a minute until Paige says, “Jasmine, hit that ho!” and all hell breaks loose.

Nour lunges at Paige, Remy physically drags her away, Kai sips his drinks, Jasmine shoves Nour and security quickly gets involved. Kari is like, “Jasmine and Nour aren’t the problem here — it’s Kai,” even though Nour actually is the problem. Outside the house, after Nour has punched a wall, Jenna grabs her hands and helps her meditate, admitting that she feels a little like it’s her responsibility since she knows exactly how Nour is feeling. And, somehow, it actually works. After they get a little air, Jenna convinces Nour it’s time to move on, and thankfully, she agrees.

The other part of the problem, though, was Paige, who needlessly riled things up. In the house, Danny calls her out for being a bully as Remy knows that she’s as ~evil~ as he is — and he likes it. But when he pulls her aside, they end up having a serious conversation. Remy admits that he has real feelings for her, while Paige admits that her guard is up because Remy is exactly like every ex she’s ever had. She just can’t understand why the matchmakers would put them together, but he says he’s willing to wait however long he has to until she can see what he sees, whether that’s a day, a week or even a year.

But what about the inevitable Jax drama? Don’t worry, it’s coming. Out on the dance floor, Justin is continuing to hump everyone, but especially Amber. While trying to keep it somewhat respectful of Max’s feelings, he asks Kari to pass a kiss to Max — so Justin kisses Kari who kisses Paige who kisses Max. It doesn’t work, though, because a second later Max is asking, “Where the hell is my boyfriend at?” right as the camera cuts to Amber licking Justin’s mouth. Justin insists, though, that his priority is Max’s feelings over his own desires, so all seems to be safe for now.

In Kai world, though, nothing is safe. For some reason, he decides to approach Nour — but when she tells him to walk away, he does. And he basically walks right over to Jenna. Everyone in the house is immediately on high alert once more. Danny walks over to swoop in, but gets turned away by Jenna. But maybe Danny should’ve stayed, because a second later Kai blurts out, “I’m crazy about you. I want you,” and then even, “I’m madly in love with you.” Luckily, Jenna stays strong. “This isn’t healthy. … I need to put me first,” she tells him and then walks away.

The next day, once he’s sober, Kai realizes he needs to focus on finding his match instead of staying caught up on his confirmed no match ex. He tells Jasmine that he’s sure she must be his match (even though we know that she’s not). His timing is perfect, though, because later that morning, Dr. Frankie walks into the house, and her talk this time is all about growing and evolving and seeing who’s actually been working on themselves while they’re in the house. Jasmine volunteers that she’s grown by not “beating bitches up” in the house like she used to back at home, and hey, we’ll take it. Jenna also says she’s grown, and that self-reflection is crucial, and there are definitely more than a few of the singles who could benefit from that lesson.

Paige decides to be the first to take the hint, and she realizes that she may have been unfairly shutting Remy out. After their conversation at the party, she resolves to give him a real chance by setting up a little melted ice cream date for them. The two talk about Remy finding his way into her heart in some seriously complicated metaphors, comparing her feelings not even to a baby crush but to a fetus crush. She teases that he may have crossed the moat around the castle that makes up her defenses, but he still has to scale the walls. They’re not a match, but we’re still hoping they might be something.

Basit has decided that Kai could benefit from a little self-reflection, too, and takes the opportunity to call him out. Kai pretty much refuses to hear them out, though, walking away, but Basit isn’t the only one who’s thinking it. Justin and Max also talk about how Kai has a lot to learn. Do you know who has already put in the work, though? Jonathan. Ever since he was forced to come to terms with the fact that Justin isn’t his match, Jonathan has been full speed ahead with Basit, and now he’s even set up a little spa date to make sure that Basit feels like the queen they are. Mid-massage, the couple makes sure to express just how much they mean to each other, and our hearts just about can’t take it.

The Kai drama continues by the pool as Justin and Jenna both try to help him realize all the growth he still has to do. Kai just feels like everyone is ganging up on him, though, especially as Basit and Kylie start chiming in, too. The housemates try to tell him that his behavior has been hurting the people around him, but Kai just counters that he’s hurt by the fact that they’re calling him out. At some point, though, it starts to sink in, and Kai manages to get behind his insecurities defensiveness and realize that he does have a few things he needs to apologize for. Luckily, he’s got a bunch of friends around him ready to build him back up.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 9 Matches

Is it just us, or did the cast sound a little less enthused than usual when they were forced to shout back, “$750,000!” instead of the usual $1 million? That’s the energy the whole ceremony kept as Brandon and Aasha excitedly talked about their time in the Honeymoon Suite and being excited to see more beams tonight — only to give away that they weren’t so much believing as simply optimistic. And it seems their doubt might be on the right track, because first up is Kari, and she picks Remy to be her match.

At this point, it seems like Kari doesn’t have a lot of connections to fall back on, so we can’t blame her for choosing Remy, who’s a total superstar. And based on the info we have from the last two weeks, there are actually two scenarios where they’re a match out of the 11 left. It also prevents no match couple Remy and Paige from sitting together, so we’ll see how this turns out. Next up, Kai chooses Jasmine, Justin picks Max, Jonathan pairs up with Basit, Nour sits with Kylie, and Danny is with Amber, leaving Jenna and Paige as the final pair.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 9 Match Up Ceremony

The match up ceremony didn’t tell us too much, but it did help us eliminate Kari/Remy as a perfect match. Sorry, Kari. Based on the 11 perfect match scenarios remaining, Kari/Remy could only be a match if Jenna/Paige were a match. But if they’re both a match, we would’ve had four beams during the seventh ceremony. That means we can eliminate those two scenarios, leaving us with 9 possible answers. Check them out.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 9 Perfect Match Possibilities

In case you still like seeing that info presented in a chart so you can check out each match individually, here’s what remains.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 9 Possible Perfect Matches

And if you want to see that in percentages, we’ve got that, too.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 9 Possible Perfect Match Percentages

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 8 Recap

Riding the wave of three beams, Danny decides to take some strategically minded initiative to start getting to the bottom of just who the matches in the house might be. Those of us watching at home already know that one of the beams from the first week is Jonathan/Basit, and that either Danny/Kai or Justin/Max are beam No. 2. In the house, they’ve narrowed it down to four possible couples, correctly identifying three of them, so it seems like they’re on the right track. Their extra couple is Jasmine/Jenna, who we know can’t be a match because Jasmine/Nour must be.

Luckily, Jasmine/Jenna aren’t feeling it. Jenna reveals that they’ve been on bad terms because of Kai. And Amber and Remy also aren’t feeling the strategy talk. They decide to put it aside for now and get back to the romance and the drama as the camera cuts to Amber and Jenna getting their flirt on by comparing heights (a classic move). The two are cutesy and awkward and nervous and dance around their feelings for a second before finally sealing them with a kiss that warms our no match hearts. “You’re trouble,” Amber tells Jenna when she finally walks away.

Speaking of dangerously warm hearts, Jonathan and Basit are proving love is real right before our eyes as they cuddle and tease each other on the couch. It took time for them to get to where they are, but it was more than worth the wait. Remy has also been waiting to explore his connection with Paige, but it might finally be their moment as they hang out outside. The math says they’re not a match, but the most experience in the house is ready to take the least experienced in the house under his wing. “I know who I want to be with, and that’s Paige,” Remy says. “I’ve had a crush on her since day one.”

Paige is less sure about the connection, taking time to process how she feels before she responds. She confirms that she doesn’t hate him — despite the fact that he reminds her of “all the worst boys” she’s ever met in her life — but admits that she just doesn’t see it. She’s making him work for it if he wants it, and we don’t hate that. Thankfully, Remy is “happy to be lured to his death” by siren Paige. She lets him kiss her cheek, then curves him for a kiss on the lips. They finish the conversation with a cuddle, though, leaving Remy at least a little hope.

Next up, Kai and Nour are also having a little couple time, though it’s quickly interrupted by Jasmine. Jasmine teases and taunts Kai, pushing Nour to reveal her possessive side — something that Kai claims is a turn-off, but doesn’t seem to mind too much. Even when Nour reveals that she’s not going to have sex with Kai, he tells her that he respects her and that decision, and they kiss. But in the confessional, he admits that his head is in three places: with Danny, Nour and Jasmine. We won’t bring up Jenna if he doesn’t.

After a brief interlude with a chicken, it’s time for the challenge. This week, the contestants have to identify which of their housemates is the subject of a fake headline. The twist? The answer will be revealed in video clips recorded by exes, friends and family. On screen, Remy’s mom reveals the tale of his first wet dream, a story that serves to humanize him to Paige, so he might consider being grateful rather than embarrassed. Amber’s ex outs her as a baby stalker, and Jenna’s into it.

A lot of the headlines aren’t particularly noteworthy, but we do learn that Kai has always been messy, Nour has always been possessive, Jonathan likes athletic guys and Max is poop shy. Basit and Jenna win the dates, but it’s hardly a free-for-all. Basit has to choose a date from Remy, Max, Kai and Nour because those were the people he identified best from their headlines, which means they can’t take Jonathan. Instead, Basit picks Kai and Nour for their date. Jenna got Amber, Kai, Nour and Jasmine correct, and she picks Jasmine and Amber, locking in the chance to explore both the house’s strategy and her own feelings.

Before the date, though, there’s some time to fool around in the house. After accusing Justin and Max of being a boring couple, Jonathan suggests that they all play a game called suck and blow, where they pass a playing card from mouth to mouth. If you haven’t seen this in a movie before, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but you should also know that is frequently leads to major makeouts. Basit and Jenna end up smooching, Paige and Remy hardcore kiss, Amber and Jenna go at it and Justin accidentally pecks both Basit and Remy.

Justin’s peck with Remy, however, quickly turns into a full-blown makeout sesh as they get hot and heavy in front of the entire group — including Max, who sits there like a kicked puppy. Justin also ends up kissing Amber, and it’s clear he’s just having fun, but it might be at his potential perfect match’s expense. Max is stressing about the “temptation factor,” something he might be right to worry about. After all, we already know that Justin has a history of self-sabotaging, and he’s admitted he loves a chase. After coupling up with Max for the last few weeks, he might be itching to explore, as demonstrated by the fact that he ends up kissing just about everybody.

Things seem like they’re about to get equally messy out on the date, which has thrown together quite the love geometry. Jenna and Kai had a thing, Kai and Nour have a thing, Nour and Amber had a thing, Amber and Jenna have a thing, Jenna and Jasmine have tension and Jasmine and Kai have a thing. Oh, yeah, and Basit is there, too. They all go snuba diving, and back in the house, the singles decide to send Jenna/Jasmine into the Truth Booth. The viewers at home already know that Jasmine/Nour are a match and that means that Jenna/Jasmine can’t be, but we respect that the house is following through on their established strategy. It’s a good sign, right?

On the date, Basit decides to use their time (and lack of connection with either Kai or Nour) to play matchmaker to the would-be couple sitting there with them. Basit proclaims themself a witch and tells the two to thank them at the wedding, toasting the couple before letting them have their moment. Jenna, meanwhile, is excited to use her date for real. She and Jasmine confront the “hiccup” in their relationship that was Kai, but also the fact that Jenna is looking for someone to be the calm to her storm and she’s not sure that the famously wild Jasmine can be that.

Though Jasmine insists that she’s a changed woman and she no longer goes around fighting people, she also doubts that they could be a fit. She needs someone who can put her in her place, and she suspects that Jenna would be too intimidated by her to do that. TBH, we think she’s probably right on that one, even if it’s more about Jenna’s love of the drama than a fear of Jasmine. Instead, Jasmine is ready to cheerlead for Amber and Jenna, both as a couple and for the fact that they cut off their previously toxic relationships in the house.

After Jenna and Jasmine both separately came to the conclusion that they’re not a match, it’s time for the house to have that realization, too. Terrence reveals to the singles that Jenna/Jasmine are going into the Truth Booth, but we already know what it’s going to say. Jasmine and Jenna are a no match couple, but the blow is softened by the news that Terrence is throwing the house a party the next day.

The dismal mood can’t be broken, though. Kari tries to argue that the no match reveal actually gives them more information, and Basit shuts her down by (correctly) informing her that she’s relying on strategy to avoid making connections. Danny also gets in on the strategy, but also keeps his feelings in mind as he and Kai confirm that they both want to keep exploring their connections with other people. For Kai, that means Jasmine and Nour — news Nour does not take well. She handles it by getting totally wasted, something Kai tries to stop but ultimately bails out on handling.

Kai admits seeing this self-destructive, messy behavior is a total turn-off, finally cluing into what we’ve been saying this whole time. Instead, he turns back to Jasmine, and the two sneak away to the Boom Boom Room. Remy catches them in the act, and the interactions brings the whole thing to Nour’s attention, who drunkenly opens up the door to say, “Kai! F–k you. Honestly, f–k you.” Nour tries to literally push Kai out of bed before finally leaving the room, pulling the door shut behind her.

The next day, some of the singles are rolling their eyes and laughing at Nour, but Jenna feels only sympathy. She gets what it’s like to feel a powerful connection to Kai, have that verbally validated by Kai and then also feel like it’s been disrespected by Kai thanks to a Boom Boom Room visit. Even Kai admits that he went about the whole situation the wrong way, though he doesn’t regret what he actually did with Jasmine. But who cares about all of that when there’s an under the sea themed party to attend?

The house dons their glittery, mermaid best for a “slutty Atlantis party” where they can get as “wet and queer” as they want. Almost immediately, though, things take a turn for the worst as Nour decides to confront Jasmine and Kai. Paige and Remy are also flirting with danger as Remy continues to chase and Paige continues to (mostly) run. Remy reveals he has to use “custom flirts” because his “usual bag of tricks” isn’t working, and after a little back and forth, Paige finally deadpans, “I’ll think about it.”

The tentative peace of the party is broken, though, when Nour tries to talk to Jasmine. Things stay civil at first, despite Jasmine opening the convo by mocking Nour, but eventually Jasmine losing her patience and reads Nour for filth. Nour has a bad habit of latching onto one person at the expense of everyone else in the house instead of exploring her options. Jasmine is like, “Am I supposed to stay away from Kai just because you have your eye on Kai?” but Nour can’t wrap her mind around the idea that not everyone feels a connection in the same overpowering way that she feels a connection.

Jasmine tells Nour that she should really be confronting Kai instead of her, but Nour insists that Kai is the one who has explaining to do because he didn’t stay 100-percent loyal. The argument escalates to shouting as Jasmine tries to walk away and Nour follows. Eventually, other step in to try and cool the situation down, but Jonathan can’t help noticing that f–k boy Kai is off living his life at the party instead of taking any responsibility for the mess that he is undoubtedly involved in. When the news does make its way back to Kai, though, he has just about the perfect reaction: “Why is Nour confronting Jasmine? Why is that a thing?”

Somehow, though, the party drama is only halfway through. The episode ends before the festivities do, promising a possible hookup between Justin and Amber before the night is through, and our Justin/Max shipper hearts are just about ready to explode — and not in a good way.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 8 Matches

Given the fact that the episode ended before the house could be sent to the Match Up Ceremony, we didn’t really learn anything knew math-wise this episode. We already knew that Jasmine/Jenna would be a no match since we’ve confirmed that Jasmine and Nour are a perfect match. As it stands, there are still exactly 11 perfect match scenarios. Check out all the info we have below.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 7 Perfect Matches

Here’s that info on a chart:

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 7 Potential Perfect Matches

And here it is as percentages:

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 7 Perfect Match Percentages

Now that Justin/Max seem like they’re on the verge of a blow up, we have to wonder if their relationship may not be as matchmaker approved as we thought. When we consider the possibilities, we do like the thought of Paige and Amber together (because it would be adorable AF), but it’s not enough to sway us to that scenario. After all, Justin/Max being a match means that Kai/Remy would be a match, and we just don’t see that happening at this point.

As far as the other scenarios go, though, Jenna/Paige also seems promising — and so does Danny/Kai. Beyond that, we don’t have particularly strong feelings (other than realizing we actually ship Amber with just about everybody). None of these 10 scenarios are calling to us in particular, and we’ll wait to place our bets until we have a little more information.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 7 Recap

The blackout gave us a lot of information, but it left the house in disarray. Though everyone chose wrong at the beam ceremony, Jonathan seems to bear the brunt of the singles’ blame. Remy is quick to point the finger, asking Jonathan if he “feels $250,000 poorer” walking back into the house. Jenna tries to diffuse the situation by suggesting that nobody blame anybody, but she’s quickly shut down as Remy insists that being nice and trying to protect people’s feelings is what got them in this situation in the first place.

He forces Jonathan to admit that he’s had “zero” conversations with Justin since their date. Though Jonathan tries to defend his intuition that Justin is his match, Remy insists that he was only thinking with his d–k. When pressed, he admits there might be one other person to blame: Nour. “Y’all both have a $250,000 fine to come into New York City from now on,” Remy tells them. Justin and Max are laughing in the background, but Basit feels nothing but frustrated.

We already confirmed that Basit/Jonathan are a match, and Basit pretty much knows it, too. In fact, Basit has pretty much known it all along, and now they’re frustrated that Jonathan is so unwilling to take them seriously that it caused a blackout. Basit pulls Jonathan aside to talk, gets him to admit that they’re likely a perfect match, and tells him, “I’m not going to fight for you any more than I already have. You’re going to have to fight for me now.” We f–king stan, you guys. And hopefully so will Jonathan.

While Basit/Jonathan are confronting their perfect match status, Amber/Nour are coming to grips with the fact that they’re a no match. Amber is pretty much like, “We been knew,” but now it’s Nour’s turn to face the music. Luckily for her, Amber is willing to help her confront that in just about the sweetest way possible. She reassures Nour that it’s good that they have an answer now — and that finding out they’re not a match means that Nour can find someone who is right for her, at least according to the matchmaker’s standards. “It sucks; it 100-percent sucks,” she tells Nour soothingly, even as she beats herself up in the confessional for not trusting her gut.

Brandon and Aasha are also frustrated, but for different reasons. Jonathan choosing Justin meant that Max chose Brandon, which meant that he didn’t get to sit with the woman he’s grown close to. Brandon/Aasha sat together at a Match Up Ceremony before, and they’re convinced that they were one of the two beams from week two. Brandon vents to Max that Aasha is the only person in the house he would pursue a relationship with after the show, and Aasha admits the same in a confessional. Max is like, “Don’t rule that out, man,” and Brandon is like, “I literally tried to sit with her at the Match Up Ceremony and you ruined it, but tea.”

Another partner in commiseration in Kai, who pulls Nour aside to let her know that he gets it, he’s still as heartbroken over Jenna as Nour must be over Amber, and he’s there to talk if she wants to. It almost seems like the moment is going to turn romantic, but it ends with Kai going back to Jenna directly as he admits that he can’t wait for the show to be over so that they can be together outside of the house. Jenna, who at least tries to be reasonable, counters with, “Jasmine’s so into you,” but it doesn’t do much good. One second later, she’s leaning in to kiss Kai because she just can’t resist that toxic allure.

Remy, a.k.a. the perfect match police, catches them in the act, and gives them a stern talking to that leaves Kai falling apart and walking away. Jenna keeps it together as she tries to convince Remy that it’s “not like that,” but Remy doubles down. He tells Jenna that Kai has shown “zero growth” over the course of the show, which is immediately illustrated by the fact that Kai goes back inside only to have Jasmine jump all over him as he pretends all is cool. Remy says he’s doing this because he cares about Jenna, and if they weren’t already a mathematical impossibility, we’d be like, “Hold up, is this a beam?”

The next morning, Terrence comes into the house to tell everyone that they’re starting fresh post-blackout. That doesn’t mean that they’re getting the $250,000 back, but it does mean that Dr. Frankie is gonna help them figure out how to have a positive attitude about losing a quarter of $1 million. That lesson comes with learning how to identify red flags and distinguish between the petty and the profound. The challenge this week is called Red Flag Alert, and it puts Brandon and Nour in the hot spot as the pickiest people in the house. They’re competing against each other to pick two people to go on the date by identifying their house mates according to their red flag behaviors.

Apparently, Jenna chews loudly, Remy has bad spelling and grammar, Danny hates people that snore, Justin isn’t into fashion (OK, duh), Justin doesn’t cover his mouth when sneezing or coughing and Jasmine doesn’t always wash her hands after going to the bathroom (she’d like to clarify that she does when she poops, but when she pees sometimes she just uses a lil hand sanitizer because she “doesn’t have a d–k”). As you can see, everyone in the house is a total catch, but Brandon is the one who identified the most red flags, and he picks Aasha and Basit to go on the date.

Brandon likes Basit as a friend, but Aasha is the one he’s really excited to take out. The bonus? Aasha doesn’t exhibit any of the red flag behaviors that bother him. That’s how you know it’s real. Jenna isn’t totally out luck, though. She’s also going on a date, though she doesn’t get to choose her partners. Instead, she’s paired up with the two people with the most red flag behaviors — Jenna and Kylie. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for the matchmaker’s game strategy, we don’t know what is. Then again, maybe the matchmakers think Nour needs to learn how to get over all of her minor complaints and focus on the big picture. “Just because somebody’s not perfect, it doesn’t mean they’re not perfect for you,” Dr. Frankie says. We can get behind that.

Out on the date, Aasha is excited to explore her relationship with Brandon, but more than that, she’s excited to just get out of the house. Apparently, she’s the only house member who hasn’t made it out just yet, and she’s ready to make it worthwhile. The throuples are riding ATVs, and Basit is ready to show everyone who’s boss. Once they get a second to talk, Nour opens up to her dates, Jenna and Kylie, about how she’s struggling to move on after investing everything in one person. Luckily, Jenna and Kylie, formerly of Jenna/Kai and Kylie/Kari, totally get it.

On the other half of the date, Brandon gives Basit a “sweet kiss” and send them on their way so he can spend some time with Aasha. Basit is rooting for them, so they’re more than happy to duck out and give the happy couple their moment. Aasha admits that she feels like no one else in the house really takes her seriously, especially because she tends to lead with her sexuality. With Brandon, she feels like he really listens and gets her — and he feels the same. They both feel that their connection is totally natural and not at all forced, which is good since they’re going into the Truth Booth.

Kari stresses the importance of this potential match, Jasmine prays to the Hawaiian gods, and Danny starts to freak out, but when the Truth Booth reveals the house has found their first perfect match, everyone loses it. Everyone dog piles on top of each other or jumps on someone else or rubs up against the screen declaring that Brandon and Aasha are one of the beams. But aside from bringing the house one step closer to winning the game, it also affirms for them that the process just might work and lead to real world connections. “There’s hope!” Paige declares after Brandon piggy backs Aasha back inside and they break out the champagne.

Now, it’s time for everyone else to get serious. Nour and Kai do exactly the opposite of that by exploring their connection with each other which has got to be one of the most concerning in the house. Setting aside the fact that Kai is obviously not over Jenna, he talks about exploring his feelings for Nour because he’s tired of feeling claimed each time he flirts with someone. But if he feels that way, we’re not sure what he’s doing with Nour, who demonstrated that she just may be the most possessive person in the house after Paige showed even a fraction of friendly interest in Amber.

Don’t worry, though: Kai can’t be tied down. Five minutes later, he’s flirting with Danny as they try on speedos in one of the closets. The two fake wrestle and then real wrestle and the exchange a quick peck, and we’re starting to see something that could make the math make sense. These two have a good chance of being a match, and though we’re not totally sure we’re rooting for it just yet, we’re at least getting some good friend vibes.

Apparently, though, there’s some kind of power couple partner swapping going on, because after Kai explored his connection with Nour, Jenna is exploring her connection with Amber. Amber says she wants only the simplest things in a relationship: honesty, communication and a mutual love of Harry Potter. Jenna’s ready and willing to provide all of those things. Now that Brandon/Aasha have been confirmed a perfect match, we know these two won’t be together, but we’re rooting for them to be BFFs — or maybe even more. Hey, who says you can’t find love just because the matchmakers didn’t will it to be so?

Either way, another actual perfect match is exploring their connection, and this time we know the matchmakers got it right. Jonathan is stepping up to the plate to woo Basit and earn them back, and that includes presenting them with a homemade flower crown and bouquet. Basit promptly squees and, TBH, so do we. Jonathan serves up the apology he’s owed for a while now, and the two bond over their connection as both Dionne and Beyond and as Jonathan and Basit. Jonathan proves that he’s willing to do the work to be worthy of Basit, and they make out as MTV reveals to the audience that they’re a perfect match.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 7 Matches

Terrence celebrates the house’s first perfect match — our second, if you’re keeping track — at the match up ceremony and invites Brandon and Aasha to take their seat as a guaranteed beam. Next up, Jenna is invited onto the floor and she picks Amber to be her match. Basit chooses Jonathan, and it’s a moment of redemption for them both. Even Remy admits that his “icy heart is melting.” Jasmine, making a point to Kai, picks Kylie to be her match. Danny picks Kai, Paige picks Kari, Max and Justin get to sit together and leftovers Nour and Remy end up sitting together, too.

TBH, though, the match up ceremony didn’t actually give us any info that the Truth Booth didn’t. When it came time to light up the beams, the house got 3 perfect matches right. We already know that Brandon/Aasha and Basit/Jonathan are two of those beams (and the show confirmed what we know about that second couple just in case you were worried we’d gotten the math wrong). As for the third beam, there are only two possibilities: Danny/Kai or Justin/Max.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 7 Match Up Ceremony

After Brandon/Aasha were confirmed a perfect match by the Truth Booth, we were able to narrow our 55 perfect matches from last episode down to just 11, and the match up ceremony at the end of this week didn’t change those numbers. In fact, we didn’t have to do any math (read: trial and error) at all to get to the bottom of the perfect match scenarios. Instead, we just narrowed it down to the ones that had Brandon/Aasha together, and we were left with these 11 possibilities.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 7 Perfect Matches

Just in case you like seeing the info in the usual way present it, we’ve also got our handy charts. Out of 11 scenarios, Justin/Max are only a perfect match in one of them. But again, keep in mind that that doesn’t actually mean much. That one scenario could be the one scenario, and if you look at the rest of the stats, both Justin and Max aren’t much more likely to be a match with any other particular house mate.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 7 Potential Perfect Matches

When it comes to percentages, the power couple may only have a 9-percent chance of being a match. But at 27-percent, Max/Kari and Max/Kylie aren’t that much more persuasive. Something else you may have noticed, though, is that we were actually also able to confirm that Jasmine/Nour are a perfect match. They may seem unlikely right now, but there’s a chance we’ll get to see more of them together as the season progresses — and, either way, they appear in all 11 perfect match scenarios.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 7 Perfect Match Percentages

If you’re keeping track, that means we can confirm three perfect matches so far: Basit/Jonathan, Brandon/Aasha and Jasmine/Nour. If the house can manage to follow our logic, they’ll be well on their way to winning that prize money.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 6 Recap

After last week’s single beam, the house knows they need to get serious. Amber decides to start things off by pulling Nour right away. She recognizes that it’s likely that that beam is them, but she knows she needs to be honest and admit that her heart isn’t in it. After all the Kylie drama at queer prom, things aren’t the same between them. Nour vows that Amber will always be her number one, and they hug, but they can’t stay stagnant.

Other singles aren’t so sure that Amber and Nour are a beam, though. Jenna and Paige joke that it’s them as Jasmine and Kai start to play fight, wrestling on the ground. For Kai, he thinks that there could actually be something there and even admits that flirting with Jasmine feels different than any of his other relationships in the house — something surprising considering how full-throttle he was with Jenna and the fact that he previously said Kari was his No. 2.

In another surprising move, Nour steps up into a leadership role in the house and decides that they need to talk through the ceremony as a group. They agree that they need to test out some of the supposed power couples: Amber/Nour and Kari/Kylie. Justin and Max, who also sat together at the beam ceremony, are not as thrilled about this strategy. Amber/Nour being a match means that they’re not — and they’re pretty convinced. Remy and Basit can see that and agree that Justin/Max seems to be on another level.

At the challenge, Justin and Max are ready to prove that they’re a couple too and win not just a date but a chance to go into the Truth Booth. Whether or not they can pull that off is another question entirely. They pair off for the game, though, and so do Amber/Nour, Kylie/Kari, Jenna/Aasha, Danny/Kai, Brandon/Jasmine, Remy/Basit and Paige/Jonathan. Each couple will have to pop balloons to collect the numbers inside so they can figure out the combination to a lock. So who’s going on the date? Justin/Max, Remy/Basit and Kari/Kylie have it in the bag.

After the game, Kai and Jasmine cozy up back int he house. They stuck with strategy during the game, pairing up with someone they’d already sat with, but now they’re free to explore their ~new connection.~ And they decide to explore it in the shower! Of course, while they’re all naked and getting hot and (literally) steamy, Paige stumbles on it. Thank god she did, honestly, because when she walks back out she does it just in time to stop Jenna from walking in next. The two women walk off to find a different bathroom together (but in a non-sexy way) where Paige tells Jenna that it’s like actually, seriously time to move on now. After their mini heart-to-heart, we can’t help but think that maybe they were that beam after all.

Aasha also has a come-to-Jesus moment, realizing that she needs to stop playing around with fivesome nonsense and explore her real connections, starting with Brandon. The two of them sat together at a match up ceremony where they got two beams, and now they’re bonding over their past relationships. Aasha, as it turns out, has dabbled with poly relationships before, and a threesome had ruined one of her old relationships. Brandon is feeling their connection, too, and we wouldn’t be surprised if we see these two sitting together again at the match up ceremony later.

On the date, the three couples take the opportunity to take things deeper as they swim and paddle board out in the ocean. Remy and Basit are having a great time, talking and gazing into each other’s eyes and being silly, but when they kiss and Remy makes a loud “mwah” noise, we can’t help but get a friendship vibe. Kari and Kylie are also moving forward under the belief that the matchmakers hand-picked them for each other. If Kylie is “perfect” for Kari, after all, who is she to say she can’t give her a second chance? They reveal that they’re finally having an actual romantic connection, something they hadn’t previously explored much.

Max and Justin are the only couple on the date who’ve been established romantically, but they also have their issues to work through. The singles back home are convinced that Justin/Max are as toxic as Jenna/Kai, but Justin opening up to Max about his past gives us hope that they’ll be able to make it work. “I can’t wait to be there for him and be the person that he needs,” Max tells the camera, and our hearts pretty much break for both boys.

Of the three couples, the rest of the house voted Kari/Kylie into the Truth Booth, and as much as we love Justin/Max, it seems like a really strong strategic move. They were a power couple for a few weeks, and if they’re a match, it’ll show the house that they’re onto something. They don’t just have a connection, they can see why a matchmaker would put them together. Unfortunately, a matchmaker didn’t. When they walk into the Truth Booth, they find out they’re actually a confirmed no match.

Kari and Kylie seem honestly more confused than upset, but Nour loses her s–t back in the house. So does Max, but for a different reason. He feels vindicated and that it means they must be a match — and Remy feels the same way. Everyone else starts to come around, but Jenna suggests that Amber/Nour could be a match, too, something Remy immediately tries to debunk. The Truth Booth results has Nour shook not just about Kari/Kylie, though, but also about her and Amber. She was convinced they were a match not just because of their connect, but also because of the beams. Now, it seems like the beams might be misleading.

Thankfully, Dr. Frankie arrives just in time to talk everyone down. She’s ready to talk love bubbles, and Jenna explains that she’s doing her best to move on from Kai and not sweat the shower sex. Amber also brings up her non-relationship with Nour, and admits that she’s afraid that they might be in a love bubble of a sort. If she lets down her guard and explores that connection, the bubble might burst in her face. If she just avoids it for now, she’s safe. Dr. Frankie explains that we all make mistakes, and Jonathan can think of one example: Justin not giving him a shot. He’s convinced that Justin/Max are in a love bubble, and he’s ready to burst it himself if he has to. Unfortunately for Jonathan, it looks like he might be in a bubble himself, because the match up ceremony is about to shatter all of his dreams.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 6 Matches

The match up ceremony was a mess pretty much from the first moment it started. Last week, the singles thought they only got one beam because Kylie and Kari weren’t sitting together, but now they didn’t even have that hope to get them through it — and a lot of the perfect matches they were hoping to pair up didn’t get a chance to sit together. After Kylie/Jenna and Nour/Amber paired up, it was Jonathan’s turn to choose his match. When he picked Justin, it set off a domino effect that resulted in some pretty randoms pairs.

Max, left without his presumed perfect match, picked Brandon as a backup. That left Brandon’s would-be pick Aasha as the last woman standing, paired up with Kai by default after Paige chose Jasmine, who wanted to sit with Kai. Remy/Basit and Kari/Danny both seemed like sweet couples, but we hadn’t seen too much on screen to back them up just yet. And how did those 8 pairs work out for them? The house faced a blackout, meaning not one single perfect match was right.

Graphic of Are You The One Perfect Matches: Season 8, Episode 6 Match Up Ceremony

The outcome was a seriously bleak one for the house. Amber/Nour were finally a confirmed o match couple, Jonathan would have to move on from Justin, and the beautiful love that might’ve blossomed between Kari/Danny would never be. But as rough as a blackout can be when it means you lose a quarter of the money, it does give us viewers at home a lot of information. You just may have noticed that Jonathan and Basit are highlighted in green on our match up ceremony graphic, and that’s because this week’s blackout actually helped us confirm our first perfect match.

The house hasn’t caught on just yet, but by using a little math and a lot of trial and error, we were able to determine that there were 10 possible scenarios that account for the beams as we’ve seen them so far. In each scenario, we were able to identify five to six of the matches, and Jonathan/Basit were one of those beams every time. Looks like Basit was on to something when he was pursuing Jonathan after all. As far as the rest of the matches go, we played each of those 10 scenarios to their fullest possible extent, and we identified 55 possible scenarios that account for all eight matches. Here are the numbers as they stand.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 6 Potential Perfect Matches

Though the blackout helped us confirm that every couple who was sitting together at the fifth match up ceremony was wrong, it also helped us weed out some couple who’d never sat together. You might notice that some of the pairs on our chart have a 0 marked in their red box, while some are just red. The couples marked in plain red we narrowed down because they’d already sat together or we found someone’s match. The couples marked with a zero simply didn’t appear in any of the 55 possible scenarios. In case you like percentages better, we’ve got that info, too.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 6 Potential Perfect Match Percentages

In addition to being able to confirm Jonathan/Basit as a perfect match, we also got a lot of useful information. Danny and Kai, for example, have an 85-percent change of being a perfect match. That’s crazy high. In fact, they’re actually the most likely match that we can’t confirm just yet. As for Paige, she has a good shot at being matched with Max. Remy/Aasha also seems likely based on the numbers, and so does Nour/Jasmine. Right now, there are still a lot of answers left to find. But as far as things go when it comes to winning the money, the house is actually in a much better position than they were last week — there’s just a lot less money to win.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 5 Recap

While chatting with In Touch before the season aired, the cast talked a lot about “smart vs. heart” while playing the game, and we’re starting to see some smart come into play this episode. Right after last week’s match up, Kari and Kylie agree that it seems really likely that they’re a perfect match, and that, as long as they sit together, they’ll be able to save the house from a blackout. What that means for them, though, is that they don’t want to risk going into the Truth Booth and being packed off to the Honeymoon Suite. So for now, at least for the purposes of the challenge, they’re planning to go their separate ways.

Amber’s mind is working in a similar way. Though Nour hurt her heart, she can’t ignore the possibility that they were one of the beams at the first two match up ceremonies. She and Nour chat through what happened, and though Amber says she’s still “so confused,” it seems likely that she wants to give her girl another shot. Sorry, Paige. Justin and Max, though, are on a different strategy. Though we know Amber/Nour and Justin/Max can’t both be perfect matches, the boys are pretty sure they’re a beam — and Max is ready to go to the Honeymoon Suite and leave the house behind. Justin, not so much. He wants the “full experience” of exploring who his match might be. We can already tell this is going to get messy.

In the way of new connections, though, Danny has set his sights on Jenna — and though she’s as surprised as anyone, she seems to be into it. Though she’s still at least a little hung up on Kai (OK, she’s, like, a lot hung up on Kai), she flirts back and cuddles up to him, and Danny declares to the camera’s that “Jenna’s his No. 1, and there isn’t a close second.” Jenna may have a lot to work through while she’s in the house, but we have to say we’re feeling this couple.

Aasha is also trying to make a new connection, or at least revive a short-lived one. During queer prom, she made out with Justin and Max at the same time, and now she’s trying to take that business to the Boom Boom Room. After (jokingly?) suggesting an orgy, Max bows out and Aasha and Justin go to talk outside. Brandon accused her of looking for exclusively physical connections and not making emotional ones, but it seems like the joke is on him as Aasha gets deep with Justin (OK, while she’s straddling him and talking about how him touching her foot makes her horny). They start making out, but are almost immediately interrupted by, uh, everyone. Max comes over and yells at Aasha, Justin stands up for her, the two guys stalk off to fight about whether or not Justin is a slut, and it all blows up.

At the challenge the next day, they split up as partners are tasked with decoding each other’s emoji messages. Danny and Jenna pair up, Kari and Kylie grab each other, Paige nabs Max, Basit is with Remy, and Justin is, you guessed it, with Aasha. Other pairs include Amber and Nour, Jasmine and Brandon and Jonathan and Kylie. Danny/Jenna, Remy/Basit and Kari/Kai absolutely nail it, but only Kari/Kai and Danny/Jenna will be going on the date.

Dates aside, though, there were some interesting revelations made during the match. Justin admitted (through emojis, of course) that he was afraid of being left by someone he loved, and after the challenge was over, he revealed that Basit that had actually already happened with both of his parents. In an effort to avoid it happening again, he’d developed a habit of walking away from good relationships so that the other person couldn’t walk away first. He admitted that the Aasha/Justin/Max love triangle drama is all his fault — but actually doing something about that is going to be the bigger challenge.

On the other side of the house, Jenna is all f–king up a good thing by admitting to Kai that she just wants him, despite wanting to want Danny. They start hooking up in the closet, then head down to the Boom Boom Room for a little extra privacy. But privacy isn’t really a thing on reality TV, and when Jasmine, Kylie and Aasha go to explore who’s down there, they end up all tangled together in the bed. “Jenna and Kai aren’t a match, but if we can’t separate them, we’re gonna right in between them,” Jasmine jokes, and the whole thing quickly becomes the oft-mentioned fivesome from the previews.

The next morning, word travels fast, but not fast enough for Amber and Basit. The two team up to ~crack the case~ of the fivesome and find out just who was involved. When Jonathan hears, he’s pissed that his challenge partner was part of the tangle — but what will Jenna and Kai’s dates think when they head out for a little romance? The four singles hang out together, and though they eventually pair off to go jet skiing, Kari can’t help but note that it feels like she and Danny are just along for the ride and that it’s really all about Jenna and Kai.

Jenna fesses up to Danny that she’s just getting a friendly vibe, and the girl who, last episode, was accused of “logicking someone out of her life,” is now told that rationality can have a place in relationships. Kai is also getting a dressing down from Kari, who tells him that he’s being safe by falling back on his relationship with Jenna and not exploring new ones. He tries to say that he’s interested in her, and she admits he’s her No. 2, but she’s wary of falling in love in general, comparing it to falling down a flight of stairs.

Back at the house, Justin is trying to explain himself and apologize to Max. It’s actually kind of a beautiful conversation, and Max can see that Justin is trying, so he decides to forgive him and give him another shot. Max conceded he’ll give the other guy “one more chance,” but clarifies that “this is it.” If Justin screws it up again, Max is moving on. They kiss and cuddle and it’s cute AF, but for some reason Nour is pissed when she sees them, and she spills the tea to the rest of the house. They agree they’ve got another Jenna/Kai situation on their hands, but we don’t see it quite that way.

Speaking of Jenna/Kai, though, Terrence comes in for the big Truth Booth reveal. While chatting with the couples about how their dates went, he gets a feeling that something is wrong. Kari says her date with Kai went only OK because Kai still has feelings for Jenna and, anyway, Kari is putting Kylie first. Jenna admits she doesn’t hate hearing that, and then Terrence is like, “WTF is going on here?” because he can tell something messy went down. Kylie speaks up and says that she wanted to talk to Kari privately, but then ‘fesses up to the fivesome, clarifying that it was just making out — and, OK, some of them went down on each other.

Kari is over it, but Danny doesn’t seem to care too much that Jenna was involved. He gets how she feels, but he still thinks there’s hope for them. The good news? They’re going to find out in approximately five seconds whether he’s right or wrong, because they’re going into the Truth Booth. And, as it turns out, Jenna was right — they’re not a match. Jenna is relieved, and Kai is conflicted, which is to say he knows it’s bad for the game and his friend, Danny, but he also is thrilled for his relationship with Jenna. Danny, meanwhile, is just heartbroken. After revealing that he was engaged in the past, he admits that’s why he’s struggled to make connections — only for him to be comforted by Basit, and suddenly we have heart eyes. Think this might be a perfect match?

On the subject of perfect matches, Kari is now doubting what she has with Kylie. Though Kylie pulls her aside to apologize — and Kari accepts it whole-heartedly — she’s still not sold on the idea that they’re a match after all. But once again, they decide to bring strategy into it. They decide not to sit together at the match up ceremony and instead let the chips fall where they may. If they get lots of beams, they’ll know it might be time to move on. If they match up ceremony goes worse than the ones in the past, Kari will know she needs to forgive Kylie so they can move forward.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 5 Matches

At this week’s match up ceremony, some surprising couples sat together. First up, Danny had his pick of the singles, and he chose to sit with Basit. Our hearts pretty much melted at the idea of this couple (seriously, SO wholesome and SO cute), but we’ll see what the numbers had to say. Next, Kylie chose Jonathan in a major power couple upset — we’ll see if that move paid off. Aasha picked Remy, Kari picked Kai, and Jasmine and Brandon sat together. Two previous power couples returned — Justin/Max and Amber/Nour — and Jenna and Paige topped things off.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 5 Match Up Ceremony

This week, the house only got one beam. We already knew that Amber/Nour and Justin/Max couldn’t both be a match, but it’s nice to see that we did our math (a.k.a. trial and error) correctly. It is interesting to note that this is the first week that Kari and Kylie didn’t sit together and it seems like it may have hurt the house’s chances — after all, one beam is almost a blackout — but we’ll see if the numbers back that up. Speaking of …

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 5 Potential Perfect Matches

Quick admin note: I decided to go back through and block out the confirmed no match couples twice on the board just to keep things clear. But that aside, you can see that our four match up ceremonies give us 53 possible scenarios, each of which accounts for three to six perfect matches. Of those 53, Kari and Kylie are still the most likely match, appearing in 29 answers. Next most likely is Kai and Danny, a couple that we also kind of love. They appear in 21/53. Jonathan/Basit and Amber/Nour also seem like they have good odds. Heartbreakingly, Danny and Basit appear in only 3 of the scenarios, making them one of the least likely couples. Only shortly behind them are Kari and Kai and Jonathan and Kylie.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 5 Potential Perfect Match Percentages

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 4 Recap

The episode picks up right where last week’s match up ceremony left off, and pretty much everyone agrees that Jonathan and Basit were one of the beams. Well, that is, except for Jonathan himself. Jonathan is all about Justin, something Justin himself is decidedly not feeling as he’s only got eyes for Max (and, OK, some other people, too). And things are finally getting moving there. After breaking down what went wrong last episode, Justin and Max meet up in a closet (which — LOL) and promptly start making out. Too bad Jonathan walks in and things get real awkward real fast. It leads to a major fight with Jonathan calling Justin out, and suddenly we’re wondering if Jonathan finally understands how Basit feels.

But whether or not Jonathan and Basit are a beam, Jenna is pretty sure that she and Kai aren’t. The open relationship thing is only red flag number one, and the whole toxic AF nature of their relationship is at least red flags two through five. When Kai pulls aside Jenna to talk, he quickly accuses her of “logicking him out of her life” — and then the conversation basically explodes as they both start yelling. They both walk away, with Kari encouraging her girl to be “single Jenna” and leave this problematic relationship behind. Jenna takes her at word and leaves to go make out with Remy which we’re willing to be isn’t what Kari meant.

This week’s challenge will be the real test of whether Jenna really is her ~best, single self~ or not. She and Amber were voted the two most desirable members of the house by the rest of their cast mates, and this week the rest of the singles are competing to win a date with one of them. Everyone crafts their best pick-up line and Amber and Jenna pick their two favorites without knowing who they belong to. Nour does her best to craft a pick-up line that Amber will be able to pick out of the crowd, but Amber ends up with on a date with Paige and Kari. Kai is also trying to mastermind a date opportunity with Jenna, and it works. Ironically enough, the second person on the date with Jenna is Remy.

Jenna is a little bit freaking out that she’s going to be on a date with someone she broke things off with and someone she revenge made out with (who also already had sex with the first someone). But you know who’s really freaking out? Nour, who absolutely hates the idea that Paige is going to use her date with Amber as an opportunity to see if they could be a perfect match. Nour’s like, “Don’t try it,” and Paige is like, “I’m going to especially try it because you just old me not to,” literally declaring, “I’m gonna kiss your girl.” Nour fully freaks out, making fun of Paige for being tall(????) and telling her she doesn’t have a match, and it’s a full ass mess.

Amber assures Nour she has nothing to worry about, and while she and Jenna are off on their dates, the rest of the house gets ready to throw their own queer prom. But it’s not just queer prom — it’s specifically a drag prom. All the guys borrow dresses from the girls, and Jonathan and Danny even put on some makeup. But the real star of the show, of course, is Basit. “Dionne Slay is going to take the stage,” Basit declares. And when Dionne Slay comes out, everyone else in the house realizes they’ve been on some real amateur s–t, because Basit knows how it’s done.

But it’s also a messy AF night. Aasha, Justin and Max all end up making out together at the same time (TBH, I’m not sure how the mechanics work, but they do their best to demonstrate and we kind of get the idea). Nour is also getting a little wild with Kylie. Despite the degree to which she flipped out earlier over the idea that someone might be flirting with Amber, she’s hardcore macking on Kylie, and the feeling is clearly mutual. “Girl, you gon’ get me in trouble,” Nour says in the confessional. “You’re gonna get me in trouble with my wife,” she tells Kylie directly. And then she follows through on that, and the two girls start making out.

There are real connections happening at queer prom, though. Doing drag brings out a different side of Jonathan, and it seems like he’s finally ready to consider that Basit might be his match. “She brought something out of me that has never been seen before, and that is exactly what I am looking for in a perfect match,” Jonathan says about Dionne Slay. Dionne “stay single,” but before Basit and Jonathan leave the confessional, they peck on the lips. The math has said this might be a beam, and we’ll admit that we had some doubts after last week’s episode, but we’re feeling it now.

On the date, the six singles briefly go swimming with manta rays, but all too soon it’s time to talk feelings. Jenna tries to Kai that it’s obvious they’re not a perfect match because no matchmaker in their right might would stick them together and call it a healthy relationship. They start yelling at each other as the rain begins to pour down around them and it’s like something out of The Notebook, except we can already tell these two are no Noah and Allie. But they can’t hear us shouting at our TV screens at home, so they start making out anyway. “I can’t resist her. I can’t,” Kai says, which bodes real well for the moment they find out they’re a no match couple. On Paige and Amber’s date, Paige is true to her word, asking if she can kiss her date. Amber, also true to her word, doesn’t kiss Paige on the lips — but she does kiss one cheek and then the other cheek and then her nose, and it’s basically the most adorable thing.

When the singles come home from the date, everyone is not thrilled to see that Kai and Jenna are apparently back on — and not just on, but literally on top of each other making out on the dance floor. Amber and Nour also reunite for about one second of cuteness before t turns to garbage. Amber reveals to Nour that she didn’t kiss Paige (on the lips) on the date. Nour reveals to Amber that she didn’t go on a date, but she still managed to kiss someone else. Amber’s like, “WTF, I was gone for five minutes?” and asks for a second to process things. Nour, who’s on that too-drunk-to-do-anything-right kind of vibe, says sure and then follows Amber to continue to beg forgiveness before she gives up and goes outside to cry.

The next day, Terrence J shows up and decides to have lil chat with everyone in the house in lieu of a visit from Dr. Frankie. Nour is still on her insulting Paige BS, Amber is on her I’ve moved on BS and Kari’s on her Kylie is a sweet baby angel who can do no wrong BS, so all is good on the Kylie/Kari front and nothing is good on the Amber/Nour front — just in case you were wondering how things stood. But those two somehow still aren’t the most toxic couple in the house. That title belongs to Jenna and Kai, and they’re going into the Truth Booth.

Some people in the house think they need to see that “no match” on the screen in order to separate, while others think they’re wasting the Truth Booth. Regardless, it’s the moment of truth (booth). Jenna and Kai are already both freaking out, and then the words pop up on the screen: no match. Cue Jenna and Kai making out anyway. We could call it a goodbye, but we already know they’re going to be one of those no match couple that just can’t separate. Eventually, they come back into the house, are separately comforted by members of the house and then sneak off to the Boom Boom Room. It’s textbook. But hey, at least we ruled out one of the beams at the second match up ceremony right?

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 4 Matches

Speaking of the match up ceremony, it’s that time of the episode. Jonathan is up first, and after having a last moment chat with Brandon about how wonderful Basit it, we’re sure we know who Jonathan is gonna choose. And then he chooses … Brandon. Because they bonded over Basit. OK. Even Brandon is like, “Who, me?” The next match is another upset as Aasha choses Max. She just likes that he seems like a great person, and she also seems like a great person, so honestly we support this choice. Paige picks Amber, Kai picks Danny, Remy picks Basit, Kylie and Kari are back together, and Justin and Jenna pair off. Jasmine and Nour are the leftovers and they end up sitting together. And following their trend from the last two weeks, the beams lights up and there are two perfect matches among the pairs.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 4 Match Up Ceremony

Ready to figure out what this means? Last week, we discovered that if Aasha/Paige are a match, then Jasmine/Jenna and Danny/Kai can’t be. This week, we discovered that Justin/Max also can’t be a perfect match if Aasha/Paige are one of the beams. If Justin/Max are a perfect match, though, there are a couple other conditions: Amber/Nour, Jasmine/Jenna and Danny/Kai can’t be matches. But what are the actual numbers?

Graphic of the Potential Perfect Matches on Are You The One Season 8 Episode 4

Based on three match up ceremonies, there are 54 possible scenarios that fit, and each one of those scenarios accounts three to five perfect matches. Interestingly enough, there was no scenario that accounted for six matches — meaning that every single scenario featured a couple who sat together at least twice. For the record, those couples include Kari/Kylie, Jonathan/Basit, Amber/Nour and Danny/Kai. At least one of these must be a perfect match. Kari and Kylie seem like a good bet, but we’re willing to consider that Jonathan and Basit might be right on and Jonathan is just a little more stubborn than the matchmakers realized.

Graphic of the Potential Perfect Matches on Are You The One Season 8 Episode 4

Also, it’s worth noting that Kari/Kylie appears in the highest number of scenarios. They appear in 29/54 possibilities, meaning they’ve got about a 53.7-percent chance of being a perfect match according to our chart. Danny/Kai are at a 35.2-percent chance, Amber/Nour are at a 31.5-percent chance and Jonathan/Basit are at 29.6-percent. You can check out the likelihood of all the couples who’ve sat together already on our chart above. Side note: Because of the way the chart is built, every couple actually appears on there twice — but we’re only filling it out once because it seemed less confusing. If that changes as the season goes on, we’ll adjust the chart. But for now, if you don’t see Amber/Nour’s chances in their box, go ahead and check out the other box for Nour/Amber.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 3 Recap

After coming out of the first match ceremony, the house is riding that no black-out high. Though they were all worried about their chances of getting any beams last episode, they managed to snag two, which, TBH, is pretty much par for the course on this show. In season 7, they got three beams at their first match up ceremony. Season 6 also got three matches the first week. Even season 5, the season that lost, had two beams on week one. So while two beams is nothing to turn your nose up at, it’s also nothing groundbreaking. But everyone is still happy and Amber and Nour are convinced that they’re one of the beams and we’ll let them have their moment (for now).

As the rest of the house starts debating matches, though, Paige is ready to put the kibosh on Jenna and Kai, point out that Jenna is monogamous and Kai, uh, isn’t, and that should be the end of that convo. Also, she’s convinced that Jenna just might be a witch because she’s acting so unbothered by the whole thing, and we’re not not convinced by that theory.  Meanwhile, Basit-Jonathan-Justin-Max are sorting through their little love square, if you will. Basit thinks that he and Jonathan might’ve been one of those beams, but Jonathan can’t get past the fact that he’s never been with someone — or even thought about being with someone — who is nonbinary. Also, there’s the fact that he’s still horny AF for Justin. Jonathan isn’t ready to move forward, but we do think he’s starting to consider it.

As for the Justin-Max part of that geometry, they’re playing some sort of mind game where even they don’t know what page their own. Kai thinks they should cut the sexual tension and just hook up, but they’re dancing circles around each other. Justin correctly guesses that Max can’t figure out what he wants, and they end up at a stalemate while also kind of in a fight. It’s some bad dating habits realness — and that brings us right into our challenge where the contestants end up sorting through literal trash for a chance to win a date.

The singles have to correctly identify the slang names for bad dating habits (submarining, curving, monkeying, bread crumbing, you get the picture), and Justin and Remy are apparently the experts. We hesitate to say that’s a compliment, but either way, they each get to pick two people to go on the group date. Justin picks Jonathan and Jasmine, while Remy picks Brandon and Paige. Before the game, though, it’s time for shenanigans in the house, and thus begins a (sure-to-be wild) game of truth or dare. Gee, how could this go wrong? We’ve only seen it blow up on a few different seasons in the past.

People proceed to lick chocolate off each other’s butts, do (fully-clothed) upside down 69s, naked handstands and open up about their feelings. Basit knows they’re not Jonathan’s number one, but they get their heart further stomped on when they learn they’re not even Jonathan’s number two (it’s Brandon, BTW). Jasmine is frustrated that Jonathan is so hung up on physique rather than getting to know people’s hearts, and she’s likely got a point that Jonathan is focusing on his old habits and what he wants rather than what he needs. Meanwhile, Kai is dared to kiss his number two. He picks Kari, and they hardcore go for it. Jenna’s attitude is like, “I know it’s a dare, but they can both literally f–k right off,” as she comes to terms with the fact that the feeling of “love” she has for Kai is more likely the toxic, not-actually-love obsession she’s felt in past relationships.

The next day, the two threesomes head out on their snorkeling date, and it’s love all around — exceeeeept for Justin who is still not really feeling Jonathan despite picking him for the date. Jonathan is totally smitten, and Justin likes that his date is so into him, but that’s about as far as it goes. Things go slightly better with him and Jasmine as they bond over growing up in their different backgrounds. As for Brandon and Remy, they’re growing their already strong connection as Brandon voices that he thinks people are giving Remy way too much crap for his Boom Boom Room encounter. Brandon’s not a judgmental guy, and he says he’s actually a lot like Remy — just maybe a little more quiet about all the sexual stuff.

Remy’s also feeling Paige, though, who’s a little more wary. Unlike Brandon, she is turned off by his hypersexual side, but he assures her that there’s more to him than just that. Remy admits that he may have acted a little rashly in the past, and Paige says it’ll take time for them to actually get to know each other on a deeper level — and for her to be able to tell if he’s actually like all the guys she’s dated in the past or if that’s just how things seem on the surface. It seems like they’re ready to start as just friends, and that’s a good basis for anything.

So which couple is actually going in the Truth Booth? The house votes Brandon and Remy in, which is both smart based on the connection that they share and good strategy considering that they can either confirm or eliminate them as one of the beams from the ceremony. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be — and Remy has the weirdest non-reaction reaction we’ve ever seen to a Truth Booth reveal. The rest of the singles welcome them back and start daydreaming about who the real beams could be, and Danny and Basit have a brief moment of bonding over how dreamy Brandon is.

But speaking of Danny and Basit, Jonathan would like to throw them out as a potential perfect match. He seems to pitch it pretty much just on the concept that Basit and Danny both occasionally wear clothing that is typically designated as women’s clothing, and Basit clearly isn’t feeling it. TBH, neither are we. Basit calls it straight-up contrived (even though they also admit that Danny does remind them of their ex) and it leads to an argument as Basit calls out Jonathan for trying to push Danny on them, presumably because Jonathan himself isn’t interested.

In an interview, though, Danny gets to the meat of it: Jonathan isn’t as “woke” as Basit is. That’s not how Jonathan sees it, though. Basit calls him out for focusing on physical attractions and Jonathan justifies it as being interested in someone who’s concerned about their health — we’re not sure what it is about the ripped Basit that makes Jonathan think Basit isn’t ~concerned about health~, but OK. Jonathan ends up basically calling Basit “simple,” Basit calls Jonathan a “whack-ass bitch,” and we’re about ready to call it quits on this potential perfect match.

Basit is really hurt, though, barricading themself in the bathroom as Kylie and Kari go to check in. Remy thinks that Jonathan needs to broaden his romantic horizons and consider the people he wouldn’t normally consider being interested in (after all, that’s like the whole point of the game), but he ends up comforting Basit and, suddenly, we’re feeling some kind of sparks. These two haven’t expressed any real interest in each other (yet), but we could see something happening there. As Dr. Frankie walks in, the whole house starts discussing the whole Jonathan-Basit-Danny situation, and Jonathan starts things off on the absolutely wrong foot by accidentally misgendering Basit, using the wrong pronouns.

Slowly, though, Dr. Frankie reminds everyone that some people are still learning and that everyone feels hurt when there’s conflict. Inspired by her advice, Justin and Max take a few minutes to work through their own issues, with Max admitting that he maybe friend-zoned Justin because he’s not super comfortable with his sexuality yet. He shares that he thinks he has a lot of internalized homophobia still, but that he’s working through it. Justin gets it, but he’s frustrated that they wasted time — and he’s already started focusing on new relationships. From here, we’ll just have to see where it goes. For now, it’s time for the match up ceremony.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 3 Matches

Kai’s up first, and this time he gets his chance to pick Jenna as his perfect match. Despite their fight, Basit knows they still have feelings for Jonathan, and so they pick him for the ceremony. Danny’s like, “Literally, I’m right here?” and Jonathan is like, “No thank you,” but neither of them gets a say in Basit’s decision. Justin’s up next, and he picks Jasmine after the good time they had on their date. Amber picks Nour, Kylie picks Kari and Brandon picks Aasha. When it’s Remy’s turn, he picks Danny, but only because he’s not sure Paige is ready. That means Max and Paige are a match this week.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 3 Match Up Ceremony

The beams light up, and the singles got two perfect matches right once again. But are they the same perfect matches as last week? We may have eliminated Brandon/Remy as one of those beams, but there are still a lot of possibilities. Kari/Kylie, Basit/Jonathan and Amber/Nour were sitting together at both ceremonies. At most, only two of them can be a match. And a lot of these matches must be wrong. Jenna is convinced that she and Kai are a no match at this point, and Danny’s also feeling down about their game play strategy so far. Let’s evaluate how the chart looks as a whole.

Graphic of Potential Perfect Matches on Are You The One Season 8 Episode 3

The only matches we can eliminate for sure are Justin/Nour and Remy/Brandon thanks to the Truth Booth. But we can start to evaluate all the potential perfect matches, and right now there are 43 different scenarios that account for the beams that we have, with each scenario giving us between 2-4 of the 8 total matches. You can check out our chart above to see how many of those scenarios each match from the match up ceremonies are in. Right now, Jonathan and Basit, Kylie and Kari and Amber and Nour actually seem like the most likely matches from our (dubiously) mathematical perspective, which makes sense since those are the three couples that sat together at both ceremonies. FYI, here are those same numbers in percentage form.

Graphic of Potential Perfect Matches on Are You The One Season 8 Episode 3

Right now, we still can’t rule out any couples who haven’t been to the Truth Booth, but here’s what we have learned. If Aasha and Paige are a perfect match, then Jasmine and Jenna and Danny and Kai can’t be. There’s no scenario where Aasha/Paige and Jasmine/Jenna are perfect matches and we can account for the two beams in the second ceremony. The same is true with Aasha/Paige and Danny/Kai. That can also be said for Justin and Max and Danny and Kai. If Justin/Max are a match, then Danny/Kai aren’t — it’s just process of elimination. If we managed to get any of these couples into the Truth Booth, we can start to narrow things down, but we still have a long way to go.

Are You The One Season 8, Episodes 1 and 2 Recap

Can we just start off this recap by saying that everyone on this season is insanely hot? That’s nothing new for AYTO, but we’re basically blown away by the gorgeousness of each and every cast members. The best part? They’re all feeling that exact same thing as they walk into the house. This season is made up of an entirely sexually fluid cast, and, as MTV said, “the one could be anyone.” As the group introduces themselves, they start to share their pronouns, sexual identities, and bad dating habits.

Kari, who is both ambidextrous and attracted to men and women, is single because she’s “very damaged” and, in her own words, primarily attracts people with criminal records. Basit is gender fluid, prefers being called Basit rather than using any pronouns, and is tired of compromising in relationships. Jenna is jealous AF, though she knows it’s seriously toxic. Aasha is done with flings and ready to be someone’s No. 1. Jonathan has confidence issues to work on. Kai is a “queer, transmasculine, non-binary human” who is in the midst of his medical transition.

Justin’s never had to work hard for love, and he wants a “good chase.” Gonna warn you now, Justin — that sounds like a trap. Brandon grew up in “conservative-ass Texas” and is ready to go after everyone who looks good now that he’s out and comfortable. Nour also grew up in a conservative household, though hers was Muslim. Paige hasn’t come out yet, and she’s using the show to make her big announcement. Amber’s also using the show to let her father in on her personal life, revealing that, though she dated a girl for six years, he was never aware of her sexuality.

Max came out at 23 after growing up not even knowing that being bisexual “was an option,” and he’s still not totally comfortable with that part of himself. Kylie is not afraid to “f–k your family” if you screw her over in a breakup. Jasmine is a hardass who won’t take any s–t (at least, not any more) but does need someone who can break down her walls. Remy is a self-proclaimed hoe who takes pride in pushing the boundaries and asks about piss play off the bat. Danny’s more of a nerd who’s ready to talk algorithms and fun facts, but he’s no square. Jonathan is a bank manager who makes music and has the most luxurious head of hair that anyone in the house has ever seen.

Are You The One Season 8 Sexually Fluid Cast

Slowly, everyone starts to get to know each other and make those initial connections that just might be the spark that becomes an iconic perfect match or the dumpster fire that’s a toxic no match couple. Both Amber and Justin are feeling Nour, and she’s feeling them, too. Everyone notices Jenna and Kai hitting it off, including Remy who is ready to “slide in” and be a “messy bitch.” Jonathan thinks he could spend the rest of his life with Justin, who’s less into it. When the first challenge rolls around, the singles have to start actually pairing off — and that’s where things may get messy.

Terrence introduces the housemates to Dr. Frankie, who gives them a quick overview of the romantic pitfalls they’ll need to work on as time passes. For the challenge, the singles will navigate the “obstacles of dating” as pairs, jumping literal relationship hurdles, carrying sand ~baggage~ and navigating through the minefield of messiness. Immediately, Remy and Aasha pair up, and so do Basit and Kylie. Jenna eyes Kai, who smirks back, and Jasmine cuddles up to Paige. Justin and Amber both want to buddy up with Nour, but she gets her man instead of her girl. Rejected, Amber joins Max, and the remaining pairs include Jonathan and Kari and Danny and Brandon.

After some serious teamwork, Basit/Kylie, Jasmine/Paige and Justin/Nour win a chance to go on a date. Back in the house, Amber decides to be the bigger person as she toasts to the first potential match — even though it includes her crush, Nour — and the first challenge down. Kai invites Jenna to join him as he takes his testosterone shot. Everyone is ready for romance, but only the three couples going on the date will get the chance to explore that outside of the distractions in the house. As the couples head out to kayak and snorkel on the ocean, everyone else votes Justin and Nour into the Truth Booth, including Amber who “wants to clarify it now” that they’re not a match.

Out by the water, Basit tells Kylie about their drag alter ego, Dionne Slay. Paige and Jasmine compare the differences in their experience between someone who just came out in their 20s and someone who came out in the eighth grade at 14. Nour reassures Justin that she picked him over Amber because she truly wants to explore things with him, not just because she’s used to dating mainly guys. But is that the truth? Justin and Nour head out to the Truth Booth only to discover that they’re a confirmed no match couple — and Nour almost immediately admits that she didn’t actually want them to be a match.

Nour realizes that she needs to break the habit of only dating men and playing it safe because that’s what she felt most comfortable doing back at home. Kai has the realization that Jenna is seriously into him, but he’s feeling all kinds of pent up desire because of the testosterone shots he’s on. He’s flirting with pretty much everyone as Jenna tries to confront her jealousy, because he’s horny AF and he still can’t believe that so many people in the house are into him. Jenna deals with a “big plate of anger, side salad of self-doubt and self-hatred” as she realizes that her attention is in only one place and the feeling is not mutual.

The two fight, make up and then quickly run off to the Boom Boom Room. The romance is ruined when Kai heads for a Boom Boom Room Round 2 later that same night with Remy. Kylie and Kari bond over their abusive past relationships as they sneak away to talk in private. Justin decides to move on to Max, and Jonathan’s heart is pretty much broken. The next morning, Justin and Jonathan start to flirt, Jenna finds out that her man might not be into that whole monogamous thing and Dr. Frankie waltz in to offer some advice. Next up? The match up ceremony.

Are You The One Season 8, Episode 1 and 2 Matches

At the ceremony, Terrence calls the singles up randomly and has them pick their match. First up, Nour picks Amber. Kari picks Kylie, leaving Basit not sure who they’ll end up with. Max picks Justin, and Jonathan throws his head back in frustration. Basit and Jonathan end up pairing up together, and so do Aasha and Paige. Remy picks Brandon, and Jasmine stirs things up by picking Jenna. She’s convinced that Jenna and Kai aren’t gonna work out, and that leaves Kai and Danny to pair up. Danny’s into it. Kai? Not so much. So what do the beams have to say? When they light up, there are two illuminated — meaning two of these couples are spot on.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 1 Episode 2 Match Up Ceremony

Right now, it’s way too early to guess who those matches might be — but we have to say, Kari and Kylie seem like they have some serious promise. We also kind of stan Jasmine for evaluating what seems like an obvious no match couple in Jenna and Kai and stepping up to break it down. Danny also seems like he could be just logical enough to be able to not get his feelings hurt by Kai’s romantic interests being in conflict with his sexual needs. Aasha/Paige also seem cute, and so do Amber/Nour (though the preview for the rest of the season isn’t terribly promising) and Justin/Max. But what do we actually know? Pretty much just that Justin and Nour are a no match — and that we can’t wait to watch the rest of the show.

Graphic of Are You The One Season 8 Episode 1 Episode 2 Potential Perfect Matches

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