It’s finally the time we’ve all been waiting for, because Are You The One? is back for Season 7. You know that our favorite part of the show (other than all of the drama, of course) is trying to guess the matches. Just like we did last season with Season 6, we’ll be watching, recapping, and keeping track on our spreadsheet so we can figure out who’s right for each other — and who’s seriously wrong. With genuine love connections being made and $1,000,000 at stake for the 22 singles on the reality show, everyone is playing for keeps, so you know this ish is about to get real. Who will hook up, break up, make up, and join the ranks of all the past Are You The One couples who are still together? If you’re tuning in this season, watch along with us as we rack up the laughs and hunt down the answers. Now let’s get started.

Are You The One Season 7 Reunion: Are Any Couples Still Together?

As it always is, this season’s reunion was filled with plenty of piping hot tea. Whether they were bringing up old drama that never made it to air, hashing out things that happened behind their back’s, or confronting controversial tweets, the cast had a lot to say. But host Terence J decided to start things off by talking to the first Perfect match of the season, Maria and Shamoy. They both immediately and awkwardly call their Honeymoon Suite experience “interesting,” but it only takes about one second of beating around the bush before Queen Nutsa goes, “I’ll say it,” and announces that Shamoy had a girlfriend the whole time he was on the show. The drama continues heating up and it’s revealed that on the last night, Maria hooked up with Kwasi and Shamoy made out with Bria. 

Pretty much every conversation turns into a fight, because a minute later when Terrence asks who the most surprising match was, he gets a reaction he doesn’t expect. Asia and Tomas (and almost everyone else) nominate themselves for the honor, but someone says Jasmine and Daniel. Danny, though, doesn’t agree — he thinks they make sense, and they would’ve figured it out sooner if Sam wasn’t so possessive. She says she wouldn’t have needed to be so possessive if he wasn’t such a “horn dog,” and Terrence is just looking around like, “Wait, how did I start this?”

Next up is Cali and all the messiness that comes with her, including her past relationship with Tomas, her fling with Brett, and how that fling nearly sabotaged Brett and Nutsa’s shot at finding love, not to mention the whole game. Things start off okay when Cali and Tomas reveal that the “past” part of their relationship doesn’t actually apply. The couple got back together, and months after filming finished, they’re still going strong. It’s only when Terrence asks Nutsa if she thinks Cali is responsible for her whole mess with Brett that things actually explode.

When Nutsa starts to talk about her relationship with Brett, they snark back and forth for a while, but when she says he’s fake, Zak decides it’s his turn to talk and jumps in. He calls Nutsa the fakest one in the house, Nutsa retorts that she will “personally s–t on” him, and it isn’t long before everyone is screaming, even Kayla. Some people are coming for her throat as Lewis sits in the background shouting, “Nutsa aint fake!” and when Zak tells Nutsa she has “literally no friends,” Kayla pretty much loses her s–t. “You’re literally wrong!” she shouts and even stands up to prove her point, and it’s only when Terrence manages to calm everyone down so that each person can say their piece that things briefly settle.

Sam has beef with Nutsa because Nutsa keeps calling her mean, which she says she isn’t — she just didn’t want to be the other girl’s friend. Kenya insists that the people who know her from the house thing she wasn’t genuine and it’s only people who watch the show at home that liked her because they don’t know her in real life. (Which is at least half true! We don’t know Nutsa in real life but we would probably die for her!) Cali also brings up that Nutsa had tweeted something mean about Morgan’s wig (“It’s tracks,”), which is true but also something that a lot of people did. Nutsa does apologize, though, and Terrence decides it’s time to move on.

When he asks everyone what they wish had made the cut for the show, Lauren speaks up and shouts, “Me!” ~Found footage~ reveals that she and Andrew actually had a thing… at least until he kissed Nutsa on a dare. Honestly, we don’t know much about Lauren’s story in the house, but we do know that on the date, she handled being thrown from the horse like a champ and called her horse honey and bitch, so we stan. She also reveals that she’s actually in love IRL and back with her ex, so all the power to her and may she deserve better than anything some trashy reality show could give her.

But now it’s Tevin and Kenya time. Will they be the second ever Perfect Match to make a relationship work? Are they the next Ethan and Amber? Uh, the short answer is no. Basically, they were together, but then Tevin made out with Diandra from last season and it kind of ruined things. But the reality is that they’re both kind of still with their exes, even if they won’t say it out right. Also, Kenya and Jasmine’s hyped up beef was maybe not as serious as it seemed, especially considering that they made out at one of the parties (oh, and Nutsa got in on that, too).

As for Jasmine, she’s got her own hurt feelings to contend with — especially when it comes to Kwasi. She admits that she doesn’t trust anybody, and Kwasi says that actually, he doesn’t trust her. Terrence is like, “Wait, Jasmine is the one that doesn’t trust Kwasi?” and Kwasi is like, “Bless you, T,” and literally tells him, “I’m going to give you my cut.” But all Jasmine really needs is a pep talk as it turns out, and she repeats after Terrence as he tells her, “Whatever I chase, will run,” and that instead she should welcome positive vibes into her life.

As for Daniel and Samantha, they’re clearly not still together either. That whole “No Match” thing? Yeah, it turns out it’s the real deal. Daniel says their relationship in the house was kind of volatile, calling it a rollercoaster, but said that you can’t built a relationship on sexual chemistry. “The sex wasn’t even that good,” Sam cuts in, to which Danny replies that she’s the most spiteful girl — and that, actually, she got back together with her ex once the cameras stopped rolling. Terrence is like, “Wait, WTF?” but she did call him her own personal brand of heroine, and we all know how Edward and Bella’s story turned out. Sam reveals that her story is going to be pretty much the same and that she loves her not-ex-any-longer and they’re gonna get married one day, so it’s all chill.

Lewis and Asia also didn’t make it IRL, despite that last-minute hookup after a whole season’s worth of friend zoning. Asia says she doesn’t regret sleeping with Lewis or anything like that, but that Lewis’s rejection was even worse than they showed up camera. As for him, he tells Terrence that, actually, his mom would be proud of him for telling the truth. She tells an audience member that she’s confident and Lewis dissing her just confirmed for her that he wasn’t her match — and that she was a bad bitch for being able to roll with that and not fall to pieces despite the cameras recording the whole thing.

What about Cam and Kayla, though? Did the whole Kwasi/No Match thing tear them apart? Uh, no, but they’re also not a thing. They do love each other, but they’re just not going to be able to make things work right now. With Cam heading off to law school and Kayla still figuring herself out, it’s just not the right time for them. As for the future, though, who knows. Oh, and that whole fight between Cam and Kwasi was also based on a miscommunication (so they say), so that was basically a big old nothing burger, too. But the big scandal of the night is up next.

Zak is in the hot seat, and it’s not just Morgan coming for him, or Nutsa coming for him, or Kayla coming for him. Shanley from Season 1 is even there to come for him. Zak hooked up with a whole host of other reality stars, including screwing over Nutsa, but things got really bad with Shanley. According to her, they had a relationship for about a month and a half, but after she called things off, he threatened her with revenge porn. The crazy thing is that Zak admits to the whole thing, but insists that it was all just a game to him and that he never actually had any revenge porn to post, he just wanted to scare her. Because that’s better? Weirdly, other members of the cast are standing up for him, like Bria and Sam, who seem to insist that Shanley should’ve known better based on the show and that Zak is too “smart” to actually go through with a threat like that.

The whole thing is seriously f–ked up, and though we’re glad the show is giving Shanley the opportunity to expose someone who threatened sexually abused her (yes, revenge porn is sexual abuse), we’re also not thrilled that Zak is still allowed to sit on the stage with everyone else and get that air time, not to mention the last word. Of course, the whole time Zak is just smirking like a crazy person, and Morgan sitting beside him looks like she kind of wants to smother him with a pillow. Nutsa calls him “literally a sociopath,” and everyone claps. Things somehow get worse when Shanley finally walks off stage and Zak promptly makes fun of her hair to the people sitting around him. He’s cancelled. He’s been cancelled. But we seriously never want to see him on our screens again.

In the last few minutes, they round up and give the highlights. Bria and Zak’s fight was the worst of the house, Cali and Sam made up at the airport on the way to the reunion, the fighting and everything was worth it because they won the money. Andrew says they learned from it, and when asked if they’d do it again for just love, money aside, Nutsa pipes up. “Absolutely,” she says. That’s our resilient queen.

Are You The One Season 7 Reunion Matches: Are Any Of The Couples Still Together?

Well, if you mean the Perfect Matches, uh, no. Tevin and Kenya fell apart, Shamoy and Maria were maybe never even really a thing, and Brett and Nutsa are one big mess. Morgan was done with Zak way before they even finished filming, though they might be friends now, and Andrew and Cali never actually took that romantic leap. Basically, the house might have been right about the matchmakers getting things wrong. Or maybe it’s really just that this is a group of people that suck at love so much that they all went back to their exes.

As for the No Match couples, though, well, one of them did get lucky. Cali and Tomas are the only ones that made it — and pretty much the whole house is rooting for them. With a support system like that, we think they’re going to do pretty well together, and we’re sending them plenty of love ourselves. After all, they’re seriously sweet, and their “break up” on the show was hard to watch. The fact that they found their way back together? Well, that’s just fate baby. And it gives us hope that one day, the same can happen for Cam and Kayla. Though they may not be together now, they’re not ruling out future possibilities — and we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 14 Recap

It’s the final episode of the season, and the pressure is on to see whether this house can really find all 11 perfect match couples — or even a third one. Episode 13 saw Brett and Nutsa heading to the Truth Booth together, but it ended on a cliffhanger, so what’s the deal? Are they going to narrow down their options to three potential answers or two? And will they even have a clue what those answers are? We haven’t really seen anyone step up to the plate yet to pull an “I studied statistics” move like Keith did last season, and though Cali did have one great strategic idea that really paid off, we haven’t seen much of that sense. So can they do it?

Well, it turns out, maybe! The Truth Booth confirms that Brett/Nutsa are a match, at least, and the house erupts into celebration. Nutsa, being our gracious queen, respectfully declines to gloat about it, and just says very maturely, “I opened my heart up, I let my guard down.” She also is literally hopping in excitement and jumping all over Brett, but he’s also picking her up and kissing her, so they’ve earned this. And luckily, Nutsa’s BFF Jasmine is there to be like, “We f–king KNEW!” The guys literally lift Brett into the air and pretend that he is somehow responsible for this discovery and didn’t sabotage the opportunity for the house to secure this perfect match literal weeks ago. But we’re not still salty about it.

Now that they’ve figured out three perfect matches (lol), the house is riding the high of success, and they clearly feel like they can figure everything else out. The only problem? Not everyone wants to play ball. Samantha is still super in love with Daniel and is basically ready to screw everyone else over so that she can sit next to him in some kind of demonstration of love even though they can be in love while she sits with someone else. “There are so many strategies that you can have and you only have one f–king heart. Follow it,” she says, not realizing that her heart is dumb and told her to be in love with a guy who had sex with all of her friends the second that he thought she might’ve cheated on him. This is the same heart that was like, “Reignite the spark by using one of Edward’s quotes from Twilight.” So excuse us if we don’t exactly trust Sam’s heart. Oh, and there’s the fact that the math says they’re impossible.

In other parts of the house, people are trying to ~connect~ for one last shot at one million dollars. Cali sits down with her maybe-match Andrew and asks if he’s a sexual person, to which he responds, “You ever seen 50 Shades of Grey?” What is it with these people and Twilight and the various fanfictions-turned-books-turned-blockbuster movies inspired by it? Anyway, Andrew insists that he’s a dom and that he’s safe words are yellow, red, and “Christmas,” and sure, we can just pretend that we believe him for now. We don’t have the time or energy at this point in the season to be fighting about this.

Over on the couch pit, some of the guys are circling up and Zak is basically like, “So I guess Morgan probably is my match after all, huh?” even though he doesn’t have real feelings for her anymore. Cam says something that pretty much amounts to “f–k this guy” and Zak is like, “This is not a Zak roast session.” What Zak does not realize is that the whole show is a Zak roast session, and Morgan is the roast master, but also Morgan is being roasted, too, and really so is everyone who agreed to go on an MTV show that would heavily featuring them drinking to excess, twerking, and threatening to beat someone’s ass.

Other couples are doing a kind of speed-dating thing, and it’s very clear that there’s going to be some perfect match foreshadowing in these pairs. Asia and Tomas are bonding and laying the groundwork for a potential perfect match reveal, and so are Kwasi and Lauren. Kwasi is sad because he thinks nobody is his match and Lauren is like, “Same, honey,” so apparently they’re meant to be. Jasmine is talking to Zak, and he clearly just does not give one f–k about what she’s saying, but Bria and Cam are making a real connection. She admits that she likes God and nature and some of Trump’s policies even though she’s mainly a Democrat and Cam is just like, “Wait, you like God and don’t hate Trump? I think you’re my match.” We guess it’s that simple sometimes.

There’s still not total agreement on all the matches, though. Sam does not see herself with Lewis, even though they’ve been a clear match pretty much since week two when they started to actually get along. The rest of the house has also somehow figured out that they are a match and need to sit together, but Sam is still not having it. She’s really ready to be like “screw you guys” and dip. So, obvs, Asia comes up with a strategy to try and manipulate and mastermind Sam into it by spreading a rumor that Danny actually kissed Cali back at the rave. She fake spills the beans to Moe and Kayla, innocent angels who did not ask to be a part of this, but when they go to respectfully tell Sam, she’s just like, “Do you guys think I’m dumb?” and sees right through it.

Much of the rest of the episode is spent on Sam justifying her belief that Danny is her match and refusing to listen to other people explain that the beams just don’t support that. She doesn’t see how she can be so in love with Danny and have him not be her match, but, like, she remembers that she’s on this show because she sucks at love, right? It’s time for the final Match Up Ceremony, though, which means the pressure is on and she’ll basically be deciding how things all turn out.

At the ceremony, Cali is first up, and she picks Andrew to be her perfect match. She thinks he can be sensitive to her feelings and he thinks they can help each other grow. He’s like, “I feel like I can be what she needs in life whether that’s as her boyfriend or as her husband.” D–n, Andrew, are those the only two options? Next up is Kayla, who says Moe is her match and that he’s really help her realize that she’s a boss bitch. If that’s true, we love it — and hope that they keep getting to know each other, because girl deserves someone who makes her feel that way.

Morgan’s up next, and she has the real Sophie’s Choice of the season. Sit with Zak, who she’s grown to hate with her whole black heart, or potentially ruin the whole show for everyone. As she said back in the house, Zak has to be somebody’s match, and unfortunately it just seems like he’s hers, even though he’s done her so dirty and she deserves one million times better. Terrence is like, “Do you feel bad, Zak?” And he’s like, “Sure, whatever.” Morgan is like, “If we end up being a match, we’ll never know why, because he never took the time to pursue that with me.” They sit together and she’s just like, “I could’ve roasted you.” Queen of self-restraint.

Sam is up next, meaning this is about to be the second most suspenseful moment of the season, but ultimately she decides she doesn’t want to screw the whole house, and if she sits with the wrong person, it’s going to have a domino effect with all the other matches that follow. She reluctantly sits with Lewis, surprising everyone, and even manages to give Terrence some BS she doesn’t believe in about how she seems unapproachable and he seems like an a–hole, so they get each other. That means that Jasmine gets to pick Daniel as her perfect match, and they seem like they could be a sweet couple in a world where Sam didn’t exist. Danny’s loving and would give Jasmine all the kisses and cuddles and validation she needed. It’s the eleventh hour, but we kind of ship it.

Next up is Lauren, and she says Kwasi is her match. She declares herself “bad, bossy, and classy” which makes her a “BBC” and since Kwasi has a “BBC” (which we are not going to Urban Dictionary, thanks very much), they belong together. He says she’s a teacher like his mom, which apparently is the blueprint for romance. Wow. Asia picks Tomas to sit with because they’re both very ambitious and focused on their futures, and Bria picks Cam because, though she initially dismissed him, she’s now realized they actually had an “instant connection” nine weeks after first starting to get to know each other.

This is around the time that Maria and Kenya, who’ve been tucked away in the Honeymoon Suites, start to be like, “WTF?” Tevin says all the matches “don’t make no sense” and calls out Cam/Bria and Tomas/Asia specifically. Kenya says she has “no confidence” that they’re going to win the money, but if they lose she’ll just leave the house with Tevin and never speak to any of the rest of them again. But it’s beam time, now — so did they do it?

Pretty much immediately, they get four beams, which is the most they’ve gotten up to this point. Obviously, they started at three, so it’s not super exciting, but Jasmine is like, “We’ve never seen five beams. What would be better, winning the million dollars or at least seeing five beams?” The fifth beam lights up and everyone loses their minds. Bria looks like she’s weeping already, Jasmine is going to lose her voice, and Maria is starting to catch on that these matches might not be so dumb after all. The beams count up until they get to nine, and then they make the cast sit in agonizing silence as they wait for what is maybe like a minute on screen and was probably like 20 minutes in filming. But then the last two beams click on and everyone is jumping and shouting and running around the set and there’s confetti and champagne and we’re still not convinced this isn’t some kind of elaborate trick, because how in the world did they figure this out?

There’s still like 15 minutes left in the episode, though, and Terrence reveals that it’s because this year they’re doing something a little different. They’re sending the cast back to the house for one last night to party it up and find out just why their perfect match is perfect for them. But, of course, that doesn’t last long because Sam is immediately back to making out with Danny and Zak and Kwasi are fighting over who gets to hook up with Maria on the last night. She flirts with both before eventually going to sleep next to Shamoy, while Lewis and Asia are getting close again outside. They point out the new things they’ve each learned and experienced and suddenly we do kind of ship it again. Maybe outside the house things could work?

The next morning, everyone wakes up and says goodbye to their perfect matches, their friends, the house, and Hawaii. Morgan is extremely not ready to forgive or forget and rightfully hassles Zak one last time before they leave. He apologizes and admitted he ruined things between them, but it could never be enough, and Morgan is finally standing up for herself enough to admit that. They do end up hugging it out at some point, though. But then he reunites with Bria as he carries her luggage outside and they make out and she insists for one last time that she’s his match. She also says that she’s not going to be controlling or possessive in relationships anymore, which LOL, while still explaining that she owns Zak. Yep, she’s definitely learned a lot.

But nobody can say goodbye better than Nutsa can. As she gets ready to say goodbye to Kayla, she reminds her to think about everything that Nutsa’s told her over the course of the season. “If you say one more bad thing about yourself, I’m going to come into your dreams and haunt you for the rest of your f–king life,” she promises. It’s our new life motto, and our favorite part of the whole season, and makes all the drama and back and forth worth it. Once again, we stan — and we feel like winners, too.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 14 Matches

Well, they did it! They finally found their perfect matches, all 11, and only God knows how. Here’s how the final Match Up Ceremony turned out, all the perfect matches highlighted in green.

Are You The One Season 7 Perfect Matches

But did they really find their “perfect match”? The cast may have one the money, but several of them insisted on their final night and as they left that house that someone else was their real match. Samantha insisted Danny was her match, Bria called Zak her match as they kissed one last time before getting in the car, Kwasi insists that Maria somehow is his match and she’s like, “You mean in the real world?”

Basically, almost everyone is sure that the matchmakers got things wrong. But what does that mean for the matches who think they got it right, like Tevin and Kenya and Andrew and Cali? We guess we’ll have to wait until the reunion to see how things turn out between the show’s couples. Who stayed together, who broke up, and who hooked up once the cameras stopped rolling? You know we’ll be tuning in to find out.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 13 Matches

Is anyone else dreading next week’s finale? It just feels like there’s no way that the house will be able to figure out their perfect matches. It’s not impossible — and seeing the results of the Brett/Nutsa Truth Booth will definitely help — but it just seems seriously unlikely. The Match Up Ceremony, the house’s second to last one, saw a lot of No Match couples sitting together. And sure, they probably can’t know that they’re a No Match with the certainty that our Excel Spreadsheet and math tells us that they’re a No Match, but seriously? Lewis/Asia, what are you doing? We figured out you two couldn’t be a match weeks ago, and it seemed like Lewis had figured it out, too.

Are You The One Season 7 Episode 13 Match Up Ceremony

But the Match Up Ceremony had plenty of drama outside the actual matches. Aside from the beam anxiety, there were also fights that broke out as people discussed who they thought were perfect matches and who they thought didn’t belong together. Zak’s dissing of Jasmine was particularly brutal, even though they were ultimately Kwasi’s words. But unfortunately, the house ended up with still just four beams — which means that we’re left with five total possibilities. That means that, as of now, the house has a 1/5 chance of winning — just 20%. If they find out that Brett/Nutsa are a match, they’ll narrow that down to 2 answers. And if they’re not a match, it’s 3 answers.

But regardless, looking back at past seasons, this house has some of the worst odds going into their final Match Up Ceremony of all the different casts. In Season 1, 2, 4, and 6, there was only one possible solution before the last Match Up Ceremony. In Season 3, there were three possible solutions — and they got lucky when they guessed the right one. In Season 5, there were two possible solutions — and they got unlucky when they guessed the wrong one. What are the chances that this house will be able to figure out who their matches are when everyone has at least two potential matches left? Even with the benefit of our spreadsheet, we can’t confirm any single Perfect Match, and ruling out a bunch of options is only so helpful.

Are You The One Season 7 Episode 13 Potential Perfect Matches

As it stands, though, here are our five answers. Maybe the house will be able to figure out who they really click with, who actually makes sense to them. We’ve definitely got our guesses. Moe/Kayla does seem like it could work, both in real life and on paper. Andrew/Cali also seems like it might make sense, and so does Cam/Lauren. We’re kind of hoping that Zak/Morgan aren’t a Perfect Match just based on how their relationship has worked out in the house, but Zak/Kayla doesn’t seem right to us. Honestly, though, we don’t feel good about the houses’s chances based on their track record so far. We’re just hoping, for their sake, that they find who’s right for them — and win that million dollars.

Are You The One Season 7 Episode 13 Perfect Match Solutions

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 12 Matches

Here’s the thing about this week’s episode: We actually got a lot more information than it seemed. Sure, it may look like all we learned is that we did the math right and Tevin/Kenya are a match just like we said — and Cam/Samantha aren’t a match, though nobody outside of the house really thought they were — but we were actually able to eliminate a lot of possible matches. The most noteworthy? Kwasi/Jasmine. Yep, though they may have been feeling each other lately, it’s actually mathematically impossible for this couple to be a perfect match.

Speaking of the math… Though the house is stuck at four beams with no definite agreement on who those beams are, we are getting a lot closer to figuring out the answers. The question is do we have enough opportunities left to learn what we need to? Running the scenarios, we found 23 possible solutions that fit the puzzle, and each of those solutions gave us 6-9 matches. But as we went through them, we were able to eliminate some of those options — and follow others all the way through to find all 11 perfect match pairings.

Are You The One Season 7 Episode 12 Match Up Ceremony

In the end, we found 34 possible solutions that accounted for all 11 perfect matches. Of all the pairs, the most statistically likely couples are Brett/Nutsa, who appear in 23 solutions, and Zak/Morgan, who appear in 21 — and there are 10 possible solutions that feature both couples, meaning that there’s a 29.4% chance that they’re both perfect matches. Believe it or not, we actually have the most info on Nutsa. Our girl only has four possible matches left (Brett, Cam, Daniel, and Tomas) while others in the house have plenty — like Daniel, who still has nine options that he needs to narrow down to one.

We have to be honest, though. We’re starting to worry that there isn’t enough time left in the game to solve this puzzle. Sure, the house could get lucky (though fate certainly wasn’t on their side this episode). There are a couple of couples that only appear in one solution and if they got, say, Daniel/Lauren into the Truth Booth and they just so happened to be a match, well, they’ve have their answer. But if they send one of their “power couples” in now, it’s not going to narrow down their options for the next Match Up Ceremony as much as they’d like.

Are You The One Season 7 Episode 12 Potential Perfect Matches

We’re ready to take some educated guesses, though — and we’re putting our money on Brett/Nutsa. The couple seems cute together and like they have potential. While Brett was a little hesitant, he’s definitely warmed up to Nutsa since their date, and we think these two could be one of the rare perfect matches that could actually make a relationship work outside of the show. (Sorry, Tevin and Kenya — we’d be shocked if that girl didn’t go back to her ex the second she gets the chances.) We also personally love the idea of a Lewis/Samantha match, and it seems like the kind of thing that the matchmakers would go for. Sure, they might not have a romantic connection — or at least Samantha isn’t feeling it — but they are seriously good for each other. Statistically speaking, they’re also each other’s most likely match.

Are You The One Season 7 Episode 12 Perfect Matches

If we think Brett/Nutsa and Lewis/Samantha are a match, that gives us these 10 possible solutions — which conveniently also include Zak/Morgan. Of these, we also think that Moe/Bria would make total sense from a matchmaking perspective. Bria needs a chill guy to even her out — and if they’d hit it off, Moe would’ve been down to spoil her and give her all of his attention. Cam/Lauren also makes sense to us. We’re not ready to throw all our chips in just yet, but we think this is a good group of guesses. Now if only the house can figure out some guesses of their own.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 11 Matches

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving open the question about whether or not Kenya and Tevin are a perfect match. But it’s a question that we have the answer to here at In Touch. The results from Cali’s experimental match up ceremony strategy actually told us that that the couple is a confirmed perfect match. The last match up ceremony told us that there were 77 possible solutions, and every single solution included at least one of the three power couples. Since the Match Up Ceremony Strategy told us that Tomas/Cali and Cam/Kayla were No Match couples (and, for the record, neither were Cam/Cali and Tomas/Kayla), that means that Tevin/Kenya must be a Perfect Match.


are you the one season 7 episode 11 match up ceremony


That info alone did wonders for our chart. Knowing that Match Up Ceremony Seven had four correct couples and that Shamoy/Maria and Tevin/Kenya were two of them meant we could eliminate a lot of other potential couples, like Andrew/Nutsa, Moe/Nutsa, and, most notably, Lewis/Asia. We already knew that Lewis and Asia weren’t a match — other than the whole Lewis not liking her thing, they also just never seemed as compatible as Asia wanted them to be — but it’s nice to see that the math supports that.


are you the one season 7 episode 11 potential perfect matches


As far as the potential who are still in the game, Brett/Nutsa is actually the most statistically likely couple. Which just frustrates us more that Brett wasted last week’s Truth Booth when this week’s Truth Booth is also technically a waste (though of course no one in the house has access to a full Excel Spreadsheet like we do to chart their Match Up Ceremony progress, so we can hardly blame them for not figuring that one out). Theoretically, though, we could’ve confirmed four Perfect Match pairs by now.

But we digress. In total, there are 28 potential solutions to the Perfect Match puzzle, and our answers account for 6-8 couples each. It’s fairly likely that Zak/Morgan is a beam, although unlike Brett and Nutsa, they don’t quite surpass the 50% chance mark. But again, don’t let the percentages color your vision. Samantha and Lewis may only appear in 7.14%, but what we see one screen tells us they’ve got a way better chance than that. With three episodes left in the season, we’ll just have to keep whittling away at what we’ve got here — but we’re definitely getting close to some real answers.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 10 Recap

This week’s episode featured one of the most iconic moments of all time as Nutsa looked directly into the confessional camera and announced, “Good morning, MTV! I sucked some d–k today! And I’m so proud of myself!” But other important stuff happened, too — like the end of Lewis and Asia’s confrontation from last week. We talked to Lewis after Episode 9 and he told us that he only spilled the beans on his feelings (or lack thereof) because Asia wouldn’t leave it alone. “The physical attraction was never there, and when I got to know her I realized, ‘Okay she’s not what I thought she was going to be,’ so now I’m off her at the moment,” he told us.

On-screen, though, their fight continued, and it’s clear that Lewis was able to be a little bit more well-spoken with us than he was with Asia, because in the show, when Asia was like, “So you’re saying you want me to be sexier for you?” he was like, “Yep, that’s exactly what I mean.” Spoiler alert, it wasn’t what he meant — but it did have the desired effect and then some when Asia was immediately repulsed and then went to talk s–t about him to everyone else in the house. The way he answered her was definitely disrespectful like she said. But also, girl, after weeks of nothing, maybe take a hint. “If I an’t kiss you, I ain’t touched you, we sleep together and I’m like this and you’re facing that way, there’s obviously a disconnect physically,” he tells Kenya while Asia tells Kwasi she’s “baffled.” Lewis is baffled too, Asia — by how it got to this point.

Meanwhile, a strategy is brewing in the house as Cali starts to brainstorm how they can start getting answers from the Match Up Ceremonies if they can’t find a way to get all the power couples into the Truth Booth. They realize that Cam/Kayla, Tevin/Kenya, and Tomas/Cali can’t all be a match (the second Match Up Ceremony saw them all sitting together, but there were only three beams that week, and Shamoy/Maria was one of them). It may be time to get a little creative, but we’ll circle back to that later.



This week, Brett has a bit of a hard episode, and it starts when he realizes he’s just not ready to go all in yet with Nutsa. He keeps talking about how he doesn’t know who his match is if it’s not Cali (and it’s not), and Nutsa, who is sitting literally right next to him, is like, “Me, b—h.” He doesn’t think she “completely has the ability to take [his] mind off of what [he] had with Cali,” but he is horny AF for her, so they recreate like a slo-mo sexy pool scene with a cup of water and Nutsa’s modeling skills.

Inside the house, Morgan is fully on top of Zak, who is now fully in his head about their relationship. He says what they have is good but extremely boring. “I need to learn to be content with ‘the boring,'” he says, which is an immediate red flag and horrible sign for how things turn out for them. It’s also the perfect time for Bria to walk into the room and catch Zak staring dead-eyed into the possibility of a suburban house husband future while he has an internal crisis. Of course, she loves it. “I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad about themselves,” she says, “I just think everyone should be reminded of their positions and the roles that they play.” Dang.

Back to Nutsa, my queen. She is chasing Brett the best way she knows how, by tickle fighting and doing cute little teasing BS. “I don’t know how to f–king flirt,” she says, which seems wrong considering her performance in the pool earlier, but sure. Do you know what she does know how to do, though? S a D. As everyone else starts to fall asleep, Nutsa asks Brett if he wants to cuddle her — and then she sneaks under the covers. “If it goes from zero to 100 real quick, let’s make it happen,” she tells the camera, and then reveals to Morgan the next morning that she went down. She also says that the rest of the house could take a page out of her book by doing a little less talk and using a little more tongue. Of course, it’s the talking that actually gets Brett interested in her later in the episode, but nevermind all that.



When Lewis wants to talk things out with Asia, he goes to Samantha first, and she coaches him through the whole thing. “I feel honored in the fact that I’m the one that can bring some sincerity out of Lewis, and every girl before that has tried and failed,” Samantha says, and our theory that they may actually be a match gets a little stronger. Asia doesn’t want to hear Samantha’s words coming out of Lewis’ mouth, though, and she blows him off. She does show up in the confessional wearing a face mask, and she also made cinnamon rolls for breakfast earlier in the ep, so we will say that she’s coming hard for that redemption arc after all past potential bullying.

Date time! Fate picks Bria and Nutsa to head out for an adventure, but Terrence says the twist this week is that they’ll get to pick the boys who go with them. Nutsa wants Brett to be on the date with her, but Bria somehow cons the group into agreeing that Brett should actually be her date and Nutsa should spend time with Zak. Read: Bria wants to spend time with Zak, and for whatever reason, nobody calls her out on this. Cam thinks that Bria and Brett could be good together purely because they have no information on the couple and so they don’t know that they’re bad, and everyone else admits that Zak and Nutsa did have that connection one million years ago before Nutsa dropped him the second that he went back to Bria. Which, BTW, he’s doing again right before our very eyes.

But before they go, Brett decides that he should sabotage the Truth Booth. He leans over to Asia to whisper, “Trust me, I don’t think Nutsa is my match. So send those two in. Just get the house under control.” Asia follows orders, God knows why, and rallies the house to send Zak and Nutsa into the Truth Booth, even though they’re clearly a bad match and Brett is literally in the process of changing his mind when he finally actually gets to know Nutsa. “Being selfless is better than being selfish,” Nutsa tells Brett, and he agrees even though he literally just threw the Truth Booth so that he wouldn’t have to potentially go to the Honeymoon Suite and stop having fun in the house. This whole episode is a big mystery about why they let Bria sabotage this date and Brett sabotage the Truth Booth when it all could’ve worked out if they’d sent Brett and Nutsa in.



Hearing everyone’s reasoning for sending Zak and Nutsa into the Truth Booth is somehow even more infuriating than Bria and Brett screwing everything up, though. “I think I’m just gonna vote for Nutsa and Zak because they’re both full of themselves,” Sam says. “Zak and Nutsa are literally the same people,” Kenya adds. Bria thinks they’re probably a perfect match because Nutsa is “just as conceited” as she is (but not nearly as funny or pretty in her opinion). Seeing as Nutsa is my queen and Zak is a garbage human person, I hated this whole thing and everyone who actually thought they’d be good together. To be clear, nobody here is good enough for Nutsa — but if she wants Brett then the dummy should come around for her sake.

When they all get back from the date and Brett reveals that he’s actually an idiot, everyone is pretty immediately pissed. He scrambles to throw out some “I just thought Nutsa and Zak would be a match” excuse BS, but everyone can see right through it, including Nutsa. “I don’t understand why he always wants to look for something else or somebody else and gets distracted,” she says. “I’m right in front of his face. And it f–king sucks.” Of course, Zak and Nutsa go into the Truth Booth and, surprise, surprise, they’re not a match. Someone in the house literally says, “What a surprise,” and then everyone promptly loses it.

Kwasi slow claps through the sabotaged Truth Booth reveal, then finally can’t contain himself anymore. “Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies,” he accuses Brett. The two have beef when Kwasi says that “Brett wants to stay in the house because he doesn’t want to leave with his match.” But it goes further than that — Kwasi also accused him of not being a real man because he’s not ready to fully move on from what he had with Cali. Andrew takes his side, too, admitting in a confessional that “Brett doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing.” He says that Brett’s “f–ked” the rest of the house if they can’t figure out a way for him to move forward. Daniel also had a minor confrontation with Brett. All in all, nobody thinks sabotage is a good look.



But now it’s time to get the strategy underway, and Cali circles everyone up to explain her idea. She wants to use the Match Up Ceremony to try and figure out which of the power couples could be a match, and our math tells us that at least one of them is right. Everyone agrees to go along with the idea, but not everyone is for it. Tevin is participating, but under protest, and Lauren says, “Our seventh match up ceremony, whether they want to admit it or not, is dedicated to Tomas, Cali, Kayla, and Cam… It’s like who considered y’all so important that the rest of us have to take a back seat and sit with the same person just so y’all can figure your s–t out?”

Maria also isn’t feeling it. “Right now I’m pissed, because like, who came up with this s–t?” she says. “I don’t think we’re at that point in this game when we have three [Match Up Ceremonies] left. if you wanted to do that, we should’ve done that earlier.” Terrence warns everyone to be careful, but they go through with the plan — even though Morgan is less than thrilled to be sitting next to Zak after finding out that he kissed Bria on the date earlier. “I deserve better than that,” she says. “Zak doesn’t deserve my emotions or my trust.” Yes, girl. Next episode, we’ll see more of their confrontation play out — and find out whether or not Cali’s strategy came through. To find out what she had to say about it, though, check out our conversation with her below.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 10 Matches

This week’s episode didn’t quite make it to the end of the Match Up Ceremony, so we don’t know how Cali’s strategy paid off just yet, but we’ll say one thing. We think it’s actually a pretty genius idea. Sure, a regular match up ceremony can give you lots of good info, but this way, the house could try to actually confirm or deny a few couples all in one go. When it comes to explaining the whole thing, though, Cali says it best — so we grabbed a few minutes with her and let her speak for herself.

“Based on previous beams in the Match Up Ceremonies, we knew that all three [power couples] wouldn’t be matches,” she exclusively told In Touch. “And the possibility of getting all three of those power couples into the Truth Booth from the Fate Button was extremely low. Like the chances that that was gonna happen, even getting one of the couples in, it probably wasn’t gonna happen. So if we wanted to figure out those beams, we were gonna have to kind of do like a little switch up in order to figure out who the power couples were.”

That meant setting up a beam ceremony where everyone sat in the same pairs they did last week, with, of course, the exception of Cam/Kayla and Tomas/Cali, who switched partners. Though some contestants like Maria thought it was a little late in the game for an experiment like this, Cali disagreed. “I don’t think that we necessarily could’ve tried it earlier because the power couples weren’t so established earlier in the game,” she explained. “If we had done it any later, the power couples would’ve been sitting together and we would’ve almost wasted another match up sitting with people that we shouldn’t be sitting with.”


are you the one season 7 episode 10 match up ceremony


Once we find out how many beams this ceremony got, it’ll definitely give us a lot of info. And it was a strategy that had been on Cali’s mind for a while before they finally put it into place. “I came up with [the strategy] a week prior, and I said something to I think Kenya, and then I said something to somebody else, and it got brought up at a later time,” she said. And she wasn’t the only one pushing for it. “Morgan was really supportive of the whole thing. She knew that, you know, if we didn’t figure out the power couples, we were just gonna keep sitting together and get no extra information each week, and there was a good possibility we could lose if we didn’t figure it out.”

As for the other naysayers, like Tevin, she had words for them, too. “Tevin didn’t really understand the information that it was going to give us,” she said. “I think they were so certain that they were a perfect match that [they thought] maybe the switch was being a little selfish for the other two couples that were involved.”

Just for the record, we did the math last week, and it gave us 77 potential solutions to the perfect match puzzle. Of those 77, there are 20 that include some combination of two of the three power couples. And since there are zero possibilities without a single one of those power couples, we know at least one must be right. These numbers are little skewed, though, just FYI. Cam/Kayla are in 13 of these 20 matches, Tevin/Kenya are in 13, and Tomas/Cali are in 14, but those aren’t representative of their chances overall. Last week’s episode showed us that Cali and Tomas only appear in about 21% of overall solutions, while Cam and Kayla and Tevin and Kenya both appear in about 52% of answers. But then again, they could appear in just one answer and that still might be the ultimate solution.


are you the one season 7 episode 10 power couple perfect matches


As for overall gameplay, though, Cali thinks this was the right move. “It’s difficult because part of you wants to play with your heart and part of you wants to play the game and figure out these match ups. It’s sometimes hard to find a happy medium,” she said. This time, that happy medium happened to knock out a few birds with one stone, because it also meant that she and Cam sat together at a beam ceremony after the connection they explored last week.

“Cam and I were actually really good friends in the house,” Cali continued. “Cam has a really great personality and he’s fun to be around. Honestly, I’m kind of a tomboy, so I hung out with the guys a lot of the time. And so we just had a lot of fun together as friends. And when you’re in the game, you always have to be thinking about who else could be your match, because if you’re so set on this one person, and you figure out that they’re not your match, if you’re not thinking about the possibilities the entire time that you’re there, you’re gonna be kind of left in the dark… Almost throughout the whole game, I thought there was a big possibility that Cam could be my match because we got along so well and we kind of had similar values. There’s a lot of things that lined up, so it was almost good for me to be sitting next to Cam because I really believe that if Tomas wasn’t my match, that Cam could be.”

And, just because we had her on the line, we also asked her to weigh in on all that Brett drama. And she doesn’t blame him for sabotaging a Truth Booth the way that other members of the house, like Brett and Andrew, do. “When you do fall for somebody so hard, and you have the feelings that Brett had for me, I can understand how it would be very difficult to just move on right away. You know, when you have such strong feelings for somebody, it’s very hard to just go to the next person, especially living with the person that you cared about before… You can’t just get away and completely forget about them… I know [he and Nutsa] had a connection, but if he wanted to take things slower, I completely understand why.”

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 9 Matches

You might not have realized it, but we actually learned more than usual from this episode of AYTO. Not only did we finally get Brett and Cali into the Truth Booth to confirm that they’re not a match (which, uh, Cali knew — and so did Nutsa, BTW), we were also able to eliminate one of the other couples who’ve sat together: Brett and Kayla. We ran through all the potential answers that fit with the info we have so far, and Brett and Kayla didn’t appear as a couple in any of the 77 solutions. So that’s one more couple we can cross off the list of possibilities.


match up ceremony on are you the one season 7 episode 9


Of the 77 possibilites, Cam and Kayla are still the most statistically likely couple, appearing in 41 solutions, meaning they’re a couple in 53% of the answers. Tevin and Kenya aren’t far behind, appearing in 40 solutions and accounting for 52%. Meanwhile, “couples” like Lewis and Asia are only a match in 5% of potential answers — and Lewis is pretty sure the actual number is more like 0%. In tonight’s episode, he got real with Asia about the fact that he just straight-up isn’t attracted, and he talked to us to tell us what was really going on behind the scenes.


perfect matches on are you the one season 7 episode 9


“I never had a physical attraction to her, but the conversation between her and I was always good,” Lewis explained to In Touch. “Over time, she started turning me off with her conversation. The physical attraction was never there, and when I got to know her I realized, ‘Okay she’s not what I thought she was going to be,’ so now I’m off her at the moment.”

Part of that lack of attraction had to do with not just her looks — Lewis called her “not his type” in the show — but her attitude. “It was her being angry all the time,” he continued. “Her being frustrated, getting into it with Nutsa and always complaining about something just wasn’t for me. We were having misunderstandings about 90-percent of the things I did, and that was a full turn off. We clicked in the beginning, but towards the end it wasn’t like that.”



Though Kenya suggested that Lewis might’ve been leading Asia on, he disagrees. “No, I didn’t lead her on because I didn’t touch her, kiss her, cuddle with her, nothing like that,” he said. “Physically I never led her on. Flirting wise, I flirted with every woman in the house. So if I led Asia on, I led every woman in the house the wrong way.”

He also wanted to clarify that he never wanted to have that conversation in the first place — and he only had it because Asia pushed him. “The only reason I told her I wasn’t physically attracted to her was because she forced me to tell her. At the same time, the bullying turned me off along with the attitude and frustration. Always being frustrated is not sexy to me. If you’re being frustrated by some legit reason that’s okay, but if you frustrated about somebody else’s problem, now you’re becoming the problem and that isn’t sexy.”

Are You The One Season 7, Episodes 7 and 8 Matches

Sometimes we question whether or not the house has any idea of what they’re doing. Tonight, thought, they managed to score four beams of light at the Match Up Ceremony, proving they just may be back on track. And they needed that after their two beams last week — especially as couples like Cam and Kayla started to explore relationships with other people. Don’t they know they’re one of the strongest pairs, both on screen and in the math? Luckily, they still sat together during the ceremony, even if they may be open to other relationships in the house. Zak and Bria may also finally have parted ways now that they’re confirmed to not be a match, which is good news for pretty much everyone — yes, even Bria. But there were some new couples paired up that we didn’t quite expect. Check out this week’s setup, with some of our favorite couples highlighted in blue.


are you the one season 7 episode 8 match up ceremony


Math aside, we think Cam and Kayla work. Well, aside from the little detours they’ve gone on this week. We also liked Brett and Nutsa exploring their relationship, especially when he stood up for her to some of the other girls. Lewis and Lauren were so delightful together on their horse riding date that it was nice to see them sitting side by side, and of course Tomas and Cali and refreshing the connection they had in Episode 1. Tevin and Kenya are Tevin and Kenya, but with them sitting back together, it’s hard not to let the beams speak for themselves.

Speaking of beams, we took the time to go through all the possible answers — all 284 solutions — and figure out the statistical likelihood of each couple that’s sat together at a match up ceremony. Again, as a reminder, likelihood doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Even if a couple like Zak and Cali existed in only one solution, that might be the solution that’s right. (But it’s probably not — have Zak and Cali even talked?) So take all this with a grain of salt, but check out the percent chance that each couple has of being a perfect match below.


are you the one season 7 episode 8 potential perfect matches


Right now, Cam and Kayla are the most likely perfect match, appearing in just over 53% of possible solutions. Tevin and Kenya are a close second at 49%. The least likely couples we can account for are Moe and Samantha and Lewis and Asia at 6% each. Poor Asia. Things just don’t seem to be going her way. If she wants to have a chance with him, she’ll have to step up her game — and step into the Truth Booth.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 6 Matches

Look, we gotta be honest — with all their back and forth, we didn’t think that Kenya and Tevin had a good chance of actually being a match. But the house is seeming to focus in on that possibility, and we’re coming around to it, too. Because this episode, when the girls decided to mix up who they were sitting with at the match up ceremonies, they only had a measly two beams. Yeah, it was not a good showing. It does suggest, though, that some of the couples who’ve been sitting together should’ve stayed sitting together, like Kayla and Cam and Kenya and Tevin.


are you the one season 7 episode 6 match up ceremony


That one couple aside from our confirmed perfect match Maria and Shamoy could be just about any of them. Though Zak and Morgan have sat together before, so have Tomas and Cali, the couple we had a good feeling about in episode one. And though we liked Brett and Cali, Cali’s sureness last match up ceremony that they don’t belong together is contagious, and we’re starting to think that she and Tomas might have a shot after all. But we’re also going to say that we did a little math here. While the match up ceremony gave us some info, it still leaves a vast array off possibile answers, like way more than the 341 we could narrow it down to last episode. In fact, there were actually 600 different possible solutions. But Tevin and Kenya were in a lot of those solutions.


are you the one season 7 episode 6 potential perfect matches


As far as actual hard info goes, Tevin and Kenya appear in about a third of the matches — 206 out of 600 total. Cam and Kayla are in 202, and Brett and Cali are the third most likely, appearing in 142 answers. With Cali cooling things off between them, though, we have to remind ourselves that the numbers don’t mean too much until we can actually confirm or deny anything. But it’s good info to have.

The only new thing we can confirm this week is that Brett and Kenya stepped into the Truth Booth, but they weren’t a match. And, TBH, nobody really thought that they would be. With six match up ceremonies left, the house needs to work on their strategy and start really playing the game. More importantly, they need to get fate back on their side if they want to have a shot at winning the money — and finding love.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 5 Recap

Before they head out on that relationship retreat, Nutsa decides that they need a house meeting. “We all need to get to know each other,” she says. “There are so many people that like I haven’t even had a genuine conversation with and no one wants to get to know me deep enough and so many people feel the same way.” She gets called out for being shallow and for instantly announcing whenever she’s not attracted to someone, which is totally fair criticism, but also it doesn’t make what she said wrong. Bria is weirdly the voice of reason as she declares everyone needs to be working as a team.

As Maria and Shamoy are fully shacking up in the honeymoon suite, Kwasi calls out all the “week one power couples,” and Kenya admits that they should all “start from scratch.” In the morning, they’ll all start fresh and really get to know each other. They head out to the retreat, and it’s like a cool, glamping adjacent resort kind of thing. Kenya, who was so looking forward to the challenges other seasons participated in, pops on her workout clothes because you know she’s been dying to wear them for weeks, and it’s a fully Parent Trap-style Meredith Blake look. We stan.

Terrence J tells them there’s a twist, though, and Cali, Nutsa, Jasmine, and Morgan are all nervously holding hands. It’s f–king adorable. But what’s not adorable is that people’s exes are showing up to wreak havoc on the existing relationships and maybe provide a little healthy closure for like 0.1% of the cast members. They’re also skipping Truth Booths and Match Ups this week in favor of focusing on the love and loss of love. Everyone looks full terrified, especially Tevin, who can’t handle how seemingly excited Kenya is to see her ex and how much he dreads potentially seeing her own.

Zak is “scared as hell” about seeing his ex again. He was ready to marry her, but it turns out she was fully a cheater. Everyone else is also coping in weird ways as Moe somersaults into a tent, Lewis cracks joke, and thy all immediately commit to getting drunk. Samantha reveals that she also wanted to marry her ex, but that he “f–ked two of [her] friends.” She also jokes to Lewis that she’ll pretend they’re vibing if his ex shows up and he needs to make her jealous. “We ain’t gotta act,” Lewis jokes back, and honestly we’re not convince that they’re not a match like he keeps claiming.

Kenya tells Tevin her ex was the love of her life, but the “communication just wasn’t there” while they were long-distance. Tevin is like great, so you guys broke up because of distance, but now he’s gonna be here, and, yeah, he’s right, because the second that Kenya’s ex shows ups, he looks like Tevin’s little brother and Kenya is all over him. Kenya clearly has a type, first of all, and is clearly still in love with her ex, second of all. She basically says so, and you can pretty much see Tevin break into a cold sweat. Kenya and her ex, Daryl, spend time together alone, and we’re just like, okay, they’re getting back together.

When Zak’s ex Emily shows up, he looks like he might actually cry or throw up, and they hug for a long time. Bria has a different but equally powerful reaction: Her face also drops, but then she fully gets up and runs over to check out Emily, ditching Andrew who was trying to make a moment with her. At first sight, Bria scream-laughs, shouting, “THAT’S HER?” and even laughing once she starts talking to Emily, though she says, “I don’t want to disrespect anybody.” She also wants to get all the deets, despite just saying how Zak’s ex is absolutely no competition for her in the looks area. Other than the laughing, though, Bria is actually pretty nice, and offers to make her a margarita. Morgan is also annoyed because she’s like, “I thought you moved on, Bria?” But Bria will never move on.

While Samantha and Daniel bond, they instantly become our faves. “What a pleasant moment,” Daniel says, and then Sam mercilessly mocks him, and then her ex walks up behind them and they hug as Samantha fully begins to weep. “You motherf–ker,” she says, and starts laughing instead. It’s clear that Samantha is also basically still in love with her ex, which is a bit of a recurring theme in this episode. Daniel introduces himself as the ex, Tyler, repeatedly gets his name wrong just for kicks. “David, here’s the deal,” he says. “Do you want my honest opinion?” And then he shakes his head. Daniel takes the high road for about one second, but the real drama is just between Samantha and Tyler. He tells her that in a roundabout way that he’ll want to get back together if he sees she can make it work with someone else, and they’re clearly toxic AF. “You’re like my own personal brand of heroine, dude!” she shouts at him, revealing herself as a Twilight fan.

The real nightmare begins, though, when Kayla’s ex Ikaika shows up. She’s talked about the abuse she’s dealt with in past relationships before, and here he is to start more trouble. “That relationship brought me to a really dark place,” Kayla says, as her boo Cam makes himself better by playing the “he ugly” game. Kayla tries to sort of avoid him, and really wants Cam to avoid him, but when Ikaia starts talking shit to Jasmine, they couple decides to confront him. Kayla clearly does not want to be doing this, but Cam backs her up, so she goes along with it in the name of airing her grievances. “You treated me with disrespect,” she tells him bluntly, and he immediately starts gas-lighting her all over again and then calls her disgusting. It’s clear that Kayla wants to Big Little Lies her ex. Hell, I want to Big Little Lies her ex.

Ikaika starts a fight, pushes Samantha’s poor ex Tyler to the ground (it’s his redeeming moment after he was also gross as s–t with Sam), and then gets pulled away by Tomas before he can fully tackle Cam. Cam just pulls Kayla away from it all, comforting her and I hope also quietly coming to terms with the fact that he was the one that suggested she talk to Ikaika in the first place. Probably the producers were behind the whole thing (I mean, obviously, considering they flew him out to Hawaii), but he didn’t have to get involved, and now that’s at least partially on him. But he’s being legit comforting and caring and kind to Kayla, so we’ll give him a pass for now.

Oh, yeah, Morgan’s ex is there, too, and he basically tells her to go for Zak. Other people’s exes are allegedly also around, but they don’t make the cut for screen-time. What is plot relevant, though, is Jasmine tattling on Kenya and her ex to Tevin. “Kenya may be my favorite person in the house right now, but if she wants to give all of her time to her ex, then i’m gonna go spend my time with somebody too,” Tevin says, and it’s clear another Tevin-Jasmine make out session is intimate. The perfect opportunity for it comes three seconds later when a neon paint party is initiated, everyone is doing body shots off everyone and making out, and Jasmine and Tevin sneak away to fully dry hump in the showers. As soon as Kenya’s ex leaves, there’s bound to be fallout — but for the end of the episode, at least, everyone is boo’d up instead.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 5 Matches

We didn’t actually get a match-up ceremony this week — or a Truth Booth, for the record. What we did get, though, is to see the effects of having their exes around on each couple. While Kayla and Cam seemed to be stronger than ever, couples like Kenya and Tevin completely fell apart. After seeing how in love Kenya still is with her ex, Tevin seems ready to move on to Jasmine — which means that, when do get another match-up ceremony next week, we just might have a major shakeup on our hands.

Here’s the good news, though. The lack of a match-up ceremony or Truth Booth meant we had more time to puzzle over the matches from last episode, and we did a little math. If we don’t worry right now about any of the couples who haven’t sat together yet, we can account for 314 answers that work with the couples and the numbers of beams we’ve had so far. Each of those answers gives us between three and seven of the 11 perfect matches. And of those 314 options, the most statistically likely couples include Cam and Kayla and Kenya and Tevin, who each appear in 89 possible solutions.


potential perfect matches on mtv's are you the one season 7


Our other couples to watch, Andrew and Lauren, appear in 63 possible solutions, and so do Brett and Cali. One couple that may surprise you is Moe and Nutsa, who appear in 64 possible solutions. But don’t get too caught up in the numbers game just yet. As of now, Zak and Bria have more chances of being a perfect match than Zak and Morgan or Zak and Samantha do, and we alllll know how completely not happening that crazy couple is. Hopefully, with a little more info and couples like Tevin and Kenya splitting up to sit with other people, we may be able to use next week’s match-up ceremony to actually narrow down or count out some of our potential perfect matches.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 4 Recap

After Zak literally called Bria “trash” last episode, she’s over it, at least for the moment. “If you see me f–king with Zak again, please cut me off, because I respect myself and I deserve better,” she says. Instead, she plans to twerk on Kwasi and kiss Maria and lick chocolate sauce off one of the other girl’s thighs. Kenya is like, “I don’t even f–king know what’s happening… Now that it’s over, the b—h is crazy.” She’s not wrong, but the whole thing is, of course, making Zak jealous as hell. Let’s not pretend that wasn’t the original intent and that Bria doesn’t know it even as Zak claims he’s keeping his feelings under wraps.

As revenge, Zak tries to kiss Samantha, who he just sat with at the beam ceremony, but she’s smarter than she seemed when she randomly decided that Zak was her match, so she swerves his advance. “It’s rude!” she says in the confessional with Lewis. She’d be down to kiss one on one if he actually wants to kiss, but not out in the pool specifically so that Bria can see it. “That’s why you got game,” Lewis says, clearly in love. “That’s why you might be my match.” Samantha decides she’s fully done with Zak, and we hope that every girl soon after follows suit.

Inside the house, Andrew asks Maria if she’s happy with who she’s been sitting with at the ceremonies, and Shamoy, who is literally right there, says, “She better be!” Andrew, who was seemingly angling to flirt, switches tactics. “I honestly think you two are a perfect match,” he tells them, and the gush about each other before heading over to the bathroom and having a super awkward back and forth about whether they should shower together and whether it should be in their bathing suits. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do at this point,” Maria tells him, before she gives up on the potential hookup and leaves the room.

The next morning, Asia wakes Lewis up at 8:00 a.m. to tell him that she made him breakfast, and he’s like, “Sorry, what?” Still, he drags his ass out of bed to share that time with her. “You the real MVP,” he says. “I ain’t wake up to no breakfast since Ja Rule had a hit.” They’re seriously sweet, and we’re rooting for them — but when Lewis brings up the Kenya hook-up in his private confessional, well, it’s clear they’ve got at least one obvious roadblock in their path. Asia’s clearly willing to do the work to overcome it (she legit must’ve woken up at like 7:00 a.m. so that she could cook something for the two of them), but we’re not sure if Lewis is as committed or if he’s just enjoying the ride. The fact that they’re sitting way across the room from each other while eating doesn’t exactly bode well.

Cali and Brett are also feeling each other hard-core, and this one is definitely mutual. They lie on big fluffy beanbag chairs and talk about what kind of animal they’d each be — Brett correctly guesses that Cali would be “something that flies” and girl immediately hits us with that “I feel so close to you right now” type of giggle. They decide to share something with each other that nobody else in the house knows, and Brett says he’s had three surgeries. Which, like, obviously nobody knows because why would they know his medical history, but also, who cares? Cali says that she eats peppers like candy and they give her “spicy poops.” Nice.

There are friendships forming, though, too, like the one between Asia and Tevin. Tevin thinks they could have a worthwhile relationship and we’re like 99.9% sure he means platonic. He tells her she’s one of two girls he can see himself actually speaking with once they leave the house. It’s sweet to see them making actual meaningful relationships, at least until the moment that Tevin drops the bomb that Kenya and Lewis actually hit the Boom Boom Room together for a fun, casual blow job situation. Asia keeps her cool but is also clearly losing it — about both the guy she likes and her closest friend in the house. She proceeds to talk about it with basically every other person in the house as she works through and processes her emotions. First up is Cam and Cali, then Morgan, then Bria. But we’ll circle back to that drama later.

Terrence J pops into the house to send four folks out on a group date. Shamoy, Lewis, Maria, and Lauren are heading out, and they’re going horse riding. Classic horse girl Lauren is literally like, “Oh, honey, that is my s–t.” Lewis immediately falls in love again, and Asia pretends she’s happy he’s going on the date for God knows why. They foursome get out to the woods and it is foggy as hell and you can’t see hardly anything. But Lauren is in her element and warns everyone not to be nervous or the horses will be able to tell. When Shamoy rips his shirt off, Maria is fully blushing and transported into a romance novel fantasy. Five seconds later, though, Lauren’s horse freaks, and throws her off the back. “Let me go get my boo!” Lewis says as he gallops over to see if she’s okay. But she’s totally fine. “You know what, b—h, I forgive you,” she tells the horse, as Lewis can’t stop talking about how blown away he is by how well she’s handling this.

On the date, Maria and Shamoy finally talk out their feelings as everyone back home votes them into the Truth booth. (We love the idea of Lewis and Lauren and they were too cute on their date, but, like, let’s not even pretend that a single person voted for them.) Maria admits to her guy that she’s bad with words, and he asks if he needs to be more aggressive. Once he gets the go ahead, they finally kiss, and Maria tells the camera that she feels a spark with him that she didn’t feel with Zak or Daniel. So is this the real deal?

Speaking of Daniel, he might have other prospects. Samantha reveals that she asked for a “dirty, slutty, macho guy” and that’s why she likes Daniel and thought it was “hot as f–k” when he showed her the sweat pool that formed where he was sleeping. She basically says that she wants the Hulk and that’s Daniel. So, we guess they’re perfect together? We haven’t seen much of it, but we don’t know how many other girls are out her like “give me a stinky, smelly dude who sweats a lot when he sleeps.” He also prepares a mini-date for her, and she’s smitten AF. “I want to show her some sort of respect and show her that there are sweet guys in this house that could show her a good time,” Daniel explains and, okay, we see the appeal. They kiss and by that point we’re fully rooting for it.

When the daters come back from their time out in the house, Shamoy and Maria head out to the Truth Booth and everyone is like, “If this isn’t a match, we’re fully f–ked.” Luckily, they got it right! Everyone inside the house freaks out, and outside the house, Maria and Shamoy fall all over each other, fully googly-eyed. “Man, I found my perfect match,” he says, and they make out all over the place. “You guys know what this means?” Cali says. “This means that fate is f–king real!”

Cali’s got her own romance to focus on, though. Or not focus on as may be the case. She and Brett had something of a hot tub appointment, and when she goes to get a drink and doesn’t come back, he goes looking — only to find her talking to Zak. “This is the first time ever in my life that I’ve ever told a girl that she reminds me of my sister,” Zak tells Cali, and we’re pretty sure he’s trying to flirt but we can’t for the life of us figure out why this is what he has to say. When Brett finds them, he starts shouting, and Cali shouts back that she’s allowed to talk to whoever she wants. They’re doing dumb drunk fighting as Brett insists he’s a “very, VERY chill person” and Cali say she’s “done with this s–t.”

In other confrontation news, Asia is finally ready for her talk with Lewis and Kenya. Tevin tells Kenya he accidentally spilled the beans, she tells him she did “absolutely nothing wrong,” and then the three people involved in the Lewis triangle all circle up. Lewis tells Asia that because they haven’t been to the Boom Boom Room together, it’s not really her bee’s wax. “Just because I don’t f–k you doesn’t mean I’m not f–king with you,” she tells him, and Kenya decides it’s time to join in. Kenya and Lewis are both like, “Since when do you even like Lewis?” and Asia and everyone watching is like, “Literally this whole time, fam!” Lewis is terrified, solidifying our “Lewis just isn’t that into you” theory, but maybe he’s just not ready to commit.

As everyone gets ready for the match up ceremony, my queen Nutsa curls some other girl’s hair for her, and suddenly I wonder where she’s been this whole episode. My baby deserves more screen time. Give it to her! But anyway, everyone matches up, and Lewis picks Asia because he suspects that he may be murdered if he doesn’t. Daniel picks Samantha, and she’s into it, but also says things are too easy and he’s too genuine which is apparently a problem. When Brett picks Cali for the match ceremony, she fully tries to shut things down, but that’s not how the rules work, and she’s stuck with him. “If it’s really a perfect match, it shouldn’t be this hard,” she says, and honestly, she’s probably 100% right. They both agree it’s not working, but Brett still insists she’s his match.

Andrew picks Lauren (they’ve got that cow connection, you know), Tomas picks Bria and helped her find food earlier in the day, and Moe picks Nutsa. “All he does is, like, clean and cook,” Nutsa says as if it’s a bad thing. Everyone sits down, they light up the beams, and only three couples are right. “Everyone keeps saying the phrase ‘any information is good information,’ but no. There is a right and wrong answer to this,” Lauren says after the ceremony. “I feel like we’re just kind of at a stand still in the house.” Next week, though, they’re heading out to an “overnight relationship rehab,” and hopefully that can get things moving.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 4 Matches

This is the earliest that a season has found a perfect match since Cam and Mikala were sent to the Honeymoon Suite in Season 4 — which was the first time a house confirmed a match before Episode 5. So is fate on their side? They’re staying steady with three illuminated beams at the match up ceremony, but it still doesn’t give us a ton of information. Unfortunately, the fact that they’re doing okay — not bad, but not amazing — means we’re pretty middle of the road info wise. We can make some educated guesses (after all, we were right about Shamoy and Maria), but nothing confirmed just yet.


are you the one season 7 episode 3 match up ceremony


Here’s the good news, though. We can rule out everyone else that Maria was potentially paired up with, and same goes for Shamoy. We still think Andrew and Lauren are a potential couple to keep an eye on, though we haven’t actually seen too much of them in the show. Cam and Kayla have also stayed steady, and Tevin and Kenya did okay this episode, too. As for everyone else, well, who knows? Daniel and Samantha were definitely sweet, but Moe and Nutsa could always surprise us. When it comes to this show, sometimes the matches surprise you — but they always make sense down the line.


are you the one season 7 episode 3 perfect matches


Are You The One Season 7, Episode 3 Recap

Things pick up pretty much immediately from where they left off, with Bria being coached through her meltdown and Zak not giving one single f–k about the destruction that lays in the wake of his and Nutsa’s make out sesh. People are sort of blaming him for the drama, which doesn’t seem fair considering how disproportionate Bria’s reaction was, but isn’t exactly unfair considering he did agree that he and Bria would be exclusive. In that moment, he decides he’s done with her, though, saying, “I’m not looking for an immature relationship again.” We’ll believe it when we see it.

Somehow, not everyone in the house is turned off by all this bad behavior. Morgan decides she’s still into Zak despite literally being chased away from him the day before and despite the fact that her show BFF Nutsa is into him and despite the fact that he apparently called her weave bad (although excuse Zak anyway because they’re tracks). Saint Asia is continuing to be a saint by being the best friend to Bria that we’ve ever seen on this show, calming her down and consoling her in the confessional to keep her in a contained room away from everyone else. Everyone agrees that this Bria and Zak drama must stop, but the next morning, after the storm has calmed, Bria hangs out and ices her knuckles while wearing his shirt. Uh, okay.

Meanwhile, Tevin and Kenya have also had the confrontation they’ve desperately needed, discussing whether or not they’re going to get over their petty bulls–t and be together and be loyal or if they want to keep playing games. “There’s some real feelings involved with me and Kenya,” Tevin says. “I do feel disrespected.” He’s also not sure why he should ditch his former f–kboy ways if she’s still trying to play f–kgirl. Ultimately, they decide they want to be real with each other and give it a shot.

tevin and kenya on ayto


In other couple news, Kam and Cayla are playing ping pong again, which seems to be their main way of bonding as a couple, so good for them. Asia and Andrew are kind of making eyes at each other, but “stuck in neutral” Andrew doesn’t have the “game” to go for it. Instead, he initiates a conversation about the weather that goes just about as well as you’d expect, which is to say that it’s super boring and Asia is extremely uninterested in talking for more than five seconds about how it’s overcast.

Now back to the real show, Is Zak The One?, where all the girls are into Zak for some reason and willing to spill blood for a chance to be with him. Remember how Morgan said she DGAF if her BFF Nutsa and Zak had made out? Well, she does actually GAF, but only in the sense that she’s prepared to double-cross her best friend while helping her apply the perfect cat eye. Morgan tells the cameras that Nutsa may be her girl, but there’s no way that Nutsa and Zak are a perfect match when Morgan is so clearly better with him. She also DGAF but totally GAF about the Bria problem, meaning she’s going to make a move on Zak anyway but also give Bria a big heads up that she’s doing it.

Here’s where the first hint of shadiness comes in, though. Morgan tells the cameras that she’s trying to be upfront and transparent. “If you don’t want Bria to be crazy, you need to be straight up with her,” she explains. Bria, however, seems to come away with a different understanding of their conversation. She seems to think that Morgan is denying anything going on with Zak, which actually makes her more suspicious, though she doesn’t think she has anything to sweat anyway (because she’s back into Zak again — surprise!). “The whole Zak and Morgan thing is stupid,” she says. “I think Zak’s just trying to conquer every girl in the house and she just so happens to be next on the list.”

zak and nutsa on are you the one


Things get even shadier when Nutsa sees Morgan and Zak talking and promptly goes to lie down and cry herself to sleep. “For Morgan to be talking to Zak right in front of my face is so disrespectful,” she says, completely forgetting that she made out with Zak right in front of Bria, but whatever. She’s still my queen and she seems to be legitimately hurt by Morgan, not by Zak. We’d think that she was overreacting, but when Morgan comes over to comfort her things really get dark. “Don’t infer!” Morgan scolds Nutsa about assuming correctly that Morgan was talking to Zak because she likes him. Cut to Morgan talking straight to the cameras: “I know I’m lying about Zak and I,” she admits, but justifies it by saying she doesn’t “want to have to deal with hurting over people’s feelings.”

Because lying to avoid confronting hurt feelings is obviously the solution rather than just not hurting your friend’s feelings. Okay. “I don’t need to tell Nutsa anything,” she continues. “I’m just going to worry about finding my match in this house which ultimately will help us win a million dollars in the end.” You can’t say she doesn’t have a point. On the other hand, so does Nutsa. “What’s the point of having a friend that’s really an enemy in this house?” D–n, Nutsa, drop the mic.

In actual good news, Cali and Brett are like the sweetest, most pure relationship this show has seen so far. She tells him that he gives her butterflies and they debate sleeping outside together so they can have some time for just them instead of going back into the hellhole that is the house. We’re really rooting for them, though admittedly we just don’t have that much to go on yet. But they seem sweet, and we need a break from all of the craziness, so for right now we’re just going to savor this moment.

andrew and asia on are you the one


Date time! Terrence J shows up, explains the Fate Button again for those of you who still haven’t processed that challenges are officially a thing of the past, and lets fate send Asia, Andrew, Nutsa, and Cam out on a date. They’re going Zorbing on the ocean, which Nutsa calls the “Specific Ocean” while sounding like an adorable little hamster instead the blow-up ball. In potential perfect match news, Nutsa shuts down any ideas real quick makes it clear pretty much right away that she’s not interested in either guy. She straight up tells Andrew in a jokey-but-totally-not-joking way that she’s not attracted to him, then tells Cam that he should “get to know everyone else, not just Kayla. Except me though, I’m not really feeling you that much.”

Asia is honestly kind of on the same page when it comes to Cam. She prompts him to explain a little more about how his politics factor into his relationships, and he says he doesn’t necessarily need to agree with his partner, but they have to have mutual respect and be able to have a dialogue. Still, she doesn’t think she could ever date anyone who wears a MAGA hat and he doesn’t think that he can date anyone that writes him off that quickly.

Asia and Andrew, though, are a different story. Remember that moment they had earlier about how it was cloudy or whatever? Apparently that was a big deal for Andrew, and now he’s looking to talk to Asia more and expand their conversations into other genres like what’s the deal with airplane food, or something else nobody really cares about. He tells Asia that she’s the exact kind of girl he’d be interested in if he saw her walking down the street, and she’s basically like, “That’s sweet, but pass.” She thinks he’s too quiet and shy for her, and she wants someone loud and obnoxious like Lewis.

zak and bria on ayto


Still, they get sent into the Truth Booth, which determines, drum roll please, that they are not a match. Lauren, who in a surprising turn of events totally supported the idea of this couple, must be bummed by the news. Andrew himself is pretty much heartbroken. Not only does it give Asia license to not give him a shot, it also means he doesn’t have any excuse to keep pursuing her to talk about bus schedules. He was also totally ready to leave the house and get wifed up, which means he’s just crazy enough to be on this show after all.

Remember that Kenya-Tevin-Jasmine drama? It’s back at a boiling point now, with Kenya pulling Jasmine aside to basically tell her to stay away. “I am not the one you want to make an enemy out of in this house,” Kenya threatens, and Jasmine basically replies, “Ditto, so we’re going to have problems.” But Kenya’s got a solution to that, calling Jasmine a “wishy-washy type of b—h,” and telling her, “From here on out, don’t talk to me.” Yikes.

Aaaaand back to the Bria-Zak-Nutsa-Morgan love tangle, because you know we could only avoid it again for so long. Zak, who previously told Nutsa last episode that he was disappointed he didn’t wait for marriage to lose his virginity, which is the most laughable thing we’ve heard from him so far, now decides to crank the humor up even further by telling her that his number one priority is loyalty. Remember how he promised loyalty to Bria and then snuck off with Morgan and made out with Nutsa? Yeah, neither does Zak.

zak and samantha on ayto


Like half-way through this conversation, while Maria is briefly distracting Nutsa, Bria makes her move and tells Zak she needs to talk to him in private. But by “talk to him in private” she means “bang him in the Boom Boom Room.” Zak’s totally on board. What was that about loyalty again? Bria’s sure once again that Zak’s her match, and then by the time she’s done screwing him, he’ll be hers forever. “I have Zak wrapped around my finger,” she tells cameras. “I’m getting my way as usual.”

This is the moment where Nutsa is officially done, though. “He likes Bria? Go for Bria,” she says. “I’ll be the f–king flower girl at your wedding. But thirty minutes ago, he was like, ‘You’re 100% my match.’” She’s not here for the games. “I put you as number one and if you don’t put me as number one back, move right along.” We stan.

Now it’s time for the match-up ceremony, and it’s the girls’ turn to pick. Things get a little messy, though, when Kenya’s up first and she picks Tevin, which means that when Jasmine’s up, she picks Lewis, which means that Asia picks Brett, and the whole thing is pretty much screwed. “I’m a little worried that the trickle-down, waterfall effect is gonna get us in trouble,” Cali frets.

shamoy and maria on ayto


For whatever reason, Samantha picks Zak as her perfect match, and things all fall apart. Again, when did this become the Zak show? Bria puts in to say that Zak has dissed basically all the girls in the house, and that actually he said Samantha “sounds like she’s been smoking for 40 years” and that he called Nutsa “ditzy.” “I’m a very, very intelligent girl!” Nutsa shouts back, and we know, baby, we know. Zak tries to shut it all down, saying that he’s fully done with Bria. “Terrence, I don’t mess with trash,” he says, and the rest of the house literally oohs and hisses. “This is crazy!” shouts Lewis. “It’s week two and they’re acting like they’re in divorce court or something!” None of this fazes Samantha, though. She feels good about her pick, which maybe means that she and Zak are perfect for each other.

All in all, four of the same couples from last week are still sitting together, including Maria and Shamoy, who illicit actual cheers from the rest of the house. “She’s beautiful, first of all,” Shamoy says, convince that they’re one of the beams from last week. “Our personalities match very well to me.” We’re inclined to agree so far, and so is Maria. She says he’s “really about himself and kind of has a good head on his shoulders.” She’s “really digging” how different he is from all of her exes, which is also a good sign on this show.

Still, others aren’t so sure about the couples that are sitting together. “I’m looking around like none of these females played with their hearts tonight,” Kwasi says. Somehow, though, they still get three beams — which means things are looking good in terms of that million dollar prize.

Are You The One Season 7, Episode 3 Matches


are you the one season 7 episode 3 matches


Again, we don’t have that much solid information yet. We know that Andrew and Asia aren’t a perfect match, and neither are Tomas and Maria from last week. Four of the couple from the first match up ceremony are still sitting together — you can see them highlighted in blue on our chart. Of those four, we’ve got pretty good feelings about Cam and Kayla, Daniel and Nutsa, and Shamoy and Maria. The immediate drama between Tevin and Kenya suggests to us that they’re less likely to make it long-term, but the three matches could also be total wild card relationships that we haven’t seen on-screen much.

are you the one season 7 episode 2 potential matches


The other couples we’re keeping an eye on? We still think Brett and Cali have a good shot, though so do Tomas and Cali. Samantha seems like she’s got a pretty good head on her shoulders, so maybe she sees something in Zak that we don’t. We haven’t seen enough of Moe to know if he’d pair well with Bria, but maybe that’s actually a good sign if he’s staying out of the drama. Until we get more info, though, we’ll just have to keep watching.

zak and bria from are you the one season 7


Are You The One Season 7, Episodes 1 and 2 Recap

This season, things are done a little differently, but the premise is still the same. 22 singles who are “desperate” for love but suck at finding it are paired up with their perfect match. Those cast mates include Lewis, “the manchild,” Nutsa, who is “searching for Mr. Nonexistent,” and Samantha, who’s “dealing in dealbreakers.” Throw them all in a house together and sparks fly immediately while some flames erupt. When Samantha immediately shuts down Lewis as “too immature” for her, he fires back — in, yep, basically the most immature way possible. He tells her her shorts are too short, says, “You know your a– is showing, right?” and then suggests she’s got a stick up her a–. Samantha shakes her booty to prove that she’s not stuck up, so already we’re off to an incredible start.

Other house members also set themselves immediately up as characters to watch. Nutsa says, “I’ve said I love you to a lot of people and I definitely lied every single time.” The only time she meant it? When she said it to her eighth grade crush. “And he never fucking loved me back!” she shouts. “Ever! F–k you! Look at me now, b—h!” Legends only. Cam also leads with the fact that he’s a black republican from West Virginia and calls himself something of an “anomaly” in Washington, D.C. where he lives now. “Supporting the president can be a complete c–kblock,” he explains. “I’m Cam and I’m here to make my love life great again.”

Speaking of finding love in the house, there are already some couples hitting it off. Tevin and Kenya take to each other immediately, licking each other’s tongues in the confessional basically starting at minute one. Bria and Zak also share an instant connection, although we think that feeling is probably less love and more an omen of impending doom. After all, Bria straight up admits that she’s basically crazy, and Zak straight up admits that he’s super into crazy girls. Is it a perfect match? Not in this reality! And yet Bria threatens to “stab herself in the throat” if the Truth Booth says otherwise. So things are starting off super chill.

tomas and maria on are you the one season 7


The first official party starts, and the drama immediately follows. Zak notices some girl’s butt and says something about it to another guy. Across the room, Bria, who can apparently read lips (no, we’re not making this up), knows just what he’s saying and starts to get steamed. “None of these b—hes in here ain’t got no a–. None of them. So who the f–k are you talking about? Are you legally blind? Like can you not see? Are you stupid?” Bria spits in the confessional. “Zak gon’ end up in the grave,” predicts Lewis.

Cam and Kayla are hitting it off in a 1,000x more wholesome way, at least until he drops that “republican” bomb and you can literally see her face fall. It takes her a minute, but she catches up and decides to compartmentalize those emotions and examine them later. Right now she just wants to have fun. “This is [my] Melania in the making!” Cam says about her, while secretly admitting to the camera that he thinks democrats are better in bed anyway.

It’s not long until Terrence J shows up to dispense some wisdom and explain exactly what TF the Fate Button is. “We’re gonna push you to explore some options that you might not’ve considered on your own,” he tells the singles, then lets fate send Zak, Tomas, Cali, and Maria out on a date, which of course means it’s time for Bria to lose her s–t (again). “Don’t make me take these braids out and bring the curly hair Bria out,” she threatens. “I can straighten this s–t. I can make it curly. You gon’ see a whole ‘nother side of me.” Why is that so scary?

But of course Zak and Maria hit it off, and so do Cali and Tomas. Cali reveals that she’s only had serious relationships, while Tomas says he always moves on too fast. They figure that somehow they’ll balance each other out, which sounds dumb, but we actually sort of have a good feeling about this couple. Zak thinks that Maria is “all kinds of thick,” while Maria tells Zak that if Bria is just like all of his exes, doesn’t that already tell him what he needs to know about this obvious No Match couple? For whatever reason, this turns him on, and they have a weird eye sex moment before both lurching forward to make out. Back at the house, though, the rest of the singles don’t know who’s feeling out their chemistry with whom, and they still have to vote on one girl and one guy to find out if they’re a match.

cam and kayla on are you the one season 7


Tomas and Maria are going into the Truth Booth, which is the biggest joke of all time to everyone who was actually on the group date. They both cross their fingers and pray on every single star in the sky that the screen tells them they’re “No Match.” Not only do they not really like each other, but nobody wants to be banished from the party and sent to the Honeymoon Suites on week one. They were right about a lack of chemistry, though, and the house is bummed as they celebrate.

Meanwhile, Cali and Brett start flirting (because anyone with a hint of strategy knows not to settle into a couple too quickly) while Kenya finds reasons to sabotage what she has going with Tevin. It’s the classic “hurt them before they can hurt you” move, and we saw how that worked out last season with Keith and Alexis. Anyway, Daniel, later dubbed the “smooch villain,” is going around kissing everybody — Maria, Nutsa, Samantha, and Morgan included — before setting his sights on Kenya. And, wouldn’t you know it, she goes for it, breaking poor reformed player Tevin’s heart.

Ready for the first match up ceremony? The theme of the beams this week is apparently “second chances,” since Bria and Zak pair off and so do Kenya and Tevin, despite all the drama. Other notable pairs include Cali and Brett, Andrew and Lauren, and Lewis and Samantha (who are literally only together by default). Cam and Kayla also stay coupled up, though she does spill the beans on his republicanism. “I think we don’t see eye to eye on our political views,” she says. “I really don’t think Donald Trump’s the nicest person.” “And Cam… does?” asks Terrence, bewildered, while other people in the house literally start booing. “Don’t be mean!” defends the actual saint that is Asia, while Lewis, acting in a vaguely mature manner for maybe the first time in his life, says, “I respect you for standing up for what you believe in, though.”

tevin and kenya on are you the one season 7


Andrew and Lauren pair off because they both come from towns that have “more cows than people” and, while talking to each other about their towns, they both used the phrase “more cows than people.” We’d call this a ridiculous basis for a relationship, but Season 5’s Hayden and Gianna bonded over growing up in places with corn, and they’re literally having a baby together now, so who knows. It’s beam time, though, and the pressure’s on. Three beams! It’s not a bad start, but also doesn’t exactly mean much. Most seasons had around that many correct matches on their first go, and it was rarely the ones they thought.

The episode’s not done, though — it’s a two hour premiere, and there’s plenty of fun left. Asia tells Lewis her standards for a guy include “substance,” “income,” and “transport,” and we’d just like to officially say that not only does she have incredible hair on her head, she’s also got a great head on her shoulders. Morgan is literally scared to talk to Zak somewhere Bria might see, so they hide in the confessional where, of course, Bria finds them. She slams on the door, demands to be let in as Morgan flees, starts screaming at Zak, and then goes back to the door to chase away the people she knows are listening. They literally scatter like chickens, and it’s the funniest moment in the whole d–n episode.

Still, we’re already over the Zak and Bria show, and this isn’t even their final fight of the episode. After Zak somehow calms Bria down (and this would almost win us over to their perfect match argument if we weren’t so freaking tired of it all), she shows that she does actually have some self-awareness. “I know the way I reacted to Maria and Zak in the confessional isn’t okay,” she says. “I’m literally doing the same exact s–t that I said I wasn’t going to do.” Cue Zak talking to Nutsa at the luau and another Bria explosion. The amount of people that spend the rest of the night catering to Bria’s feelings is insane, but we don’t want to talk about it.

Tomas and Lauren are feeling each other out and flirting. He thinks she can’t hang with a Miami guy, but she threatens to outdrink him West Virginia style and we believe that she could do it. After all, what else is there to do in West Virginia? Across the room, Tevin and Kenya are starting to fall apart at the seams. Tevin is still feeling burned by his supposed perfect match’s kiss with Daniel, so he starts pursuing Jasmine and they make out. In her own act of revenge, Kenya starts grinding all up on every other guy there, especially Lewis, who she pretty much rides while making direct eye contact with Tevin. “Kenya? She a freak,” Lewis says, and we wonder how anybody is into him until he says, “He tryna make a duck a dog! Let a duck quack! I’ll let Kenya quack!” Okay, okay. He’s growing on us. But we’ll have to wait for the rest of the season to see more.

Are You The One Season 7, Episodes 1 and 2 Matches


are you the one season 7 episode 1 match up ceremony


Right now, we’ve sent exactly one couple into the Truth Booth — and it was a total dud. Our match up ceremony revealed that three of the couples sitting together are right, but it’s hard to get a good idea of yet what our actual possibilities are.

are you the one season 7 episode 1 potential perfect matches


So far, our only confirmed info is that Tomas and Maria aren’t a match. TBH, though, we feel pretty safe saying that Zak and Bria aren’t a match either. The AYTO producers may revel in all the drama, but they’re not looking to have literal blood on their hands. As for Tevin and Kenya, well, the jury’s still out. And if we had to guess, we’d say that Andrew and Lauren could be a good match, too.

For more info, though, we’ll just have to wait and watch. Check back next week to join us for the rest of the season.

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