Season 1 of MTV's Are You The One premiered just about four years ago, so what are the 20 contestants up to these days? Well, all kinds of things. In addition to getting married, engaged, and popping out kids — seriously, there are already three babies and counting just from the first season's cast alone — the housemates have been scoring some pretty huge life accomplishments. Sure, some of them have fallen off the map since the show aired in 2014, but others have maintained their fame, whether it's just with their thousands of Instagram followers as they work typical day jobs or with huge audiences as they kill it with TV gigs and acting roles. And plenty of them still keep in touch, too.

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Lunch with some of the MTV fam.

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Where are they now?

Want to see what season 1 has been up to since their reality TV star days? Their jobs run the gamut from cyber security to standup comic to car salesman. Scroll through the gallery below to see what the AYTO season one cast has been up to in the past few years.