No shame in her game! Mama June Shannon opens up about her 70-pound weight gain amid the coronavirus quarantine in an exclusive interview with In Touch, revealing she is trying to embrace her figure and be healthy. 

“I was prepared to gain weight, but not as much as I gained,” the From Not to Hot star, 41, tells In Touch. “I mean, I feel I gained 70 pounds after I got out of rehab, but I also blame not doing drugs and coronavirus on it, too. I call it corona fat.” 

Mama June Unveils New Makeover After Undergoing Plastic Surgery on Her Chin: See Her Look!

Now that she and boyfriend Geno Doak have completed their stint for addiction issues at a facility in Florida, the former Toddlers and Tiaras star says she is motivated to continue making positive changes and to practice self-love.

“With this quarantine, it is kind of hard, but I’m just trying to maintain where I’m at now,” June shares. “It is kind of work. I mean, I’ll never be back down to like 140 [pounds] and that’s OK with me. Probably my goal now is to be like 200.”

In early November, the Georgia native unveiled her latest makeover in a photo shoot after going under the knife for her “triple chin” and getting some dental work done. June got a sparkling new set of veneers as well as liposuction in the neck area to give her a slimmer appearance around her face.

Geno, 45, also enhanced his appearance by undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in addition to removing a lipoma on his neck and head. Like June, he got a snazzy new set of veneers fitted by the same dentists that did hers. 

Mama June Unveils New Makeover After Undergoing Plastic Surgery on Her Chin: See Her Look!

The reality starlet’s plastic surgery transformation came after she visited hairstylist Pamela Brogardi in September to get a haircut and go even blonder

“We wanted to do something for ourselves,” June told In Touch about why she and Geno both got a post-rehab “touch up.” The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum says the experience was “a wake-up call” and she was ready to feel her best again. 

Fortunately, June reveals she and Geno are both content with their results and eager to turn over a new leaf. “But it’s just been a process,” she admits. “He loves me regardless. I [could] be 500 pounds and he’s still gonna love me. He doesn’t care as long as it makes me happy and I’m the same way with him.”

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