Ups and downs. June “Mama June” Shannon shares an update about how her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell is doing amid her battle with stage 4 cancer while exclusively speaking to In Touch.

“She has had two rounds of chemo. She goes for her third round next week,” June, 43, tells In Touch ahead of the season 6 premiere of Mama June: Family Crisis. “She is doing OK. The second round was a little bit rough on her.”

June adds that Anna, 28, has been sleeping a lot. “She’s just going through the emotions like anyone would be [with] cancer,” the reality star shares. “We’re going through emotions as a family.”

The mother of four explains that she and her husband, Justin Stroud, have been taking Anna to her chemo treatments. However, she reveals that no one “else is around besides her boyfriend,” Eldridge Toney.

“Like I tell everybody, that whenever the time does come or when she gets very sick, they have to live with that at the end of the day, not me,” June says about her family’s absence from Anna’s chemo treatments.

Mama June Gives Update on Daughter Anna Cardwell’s Cancer Battle: ‘She’s ​Going Through the Emotions’
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She shares that Anna has been doing mostly “good,” though has had her “bad days.” June continues, “I know as her mother, if I’m struggling some days, I know she has to be really struggling some days. You know, we have her good and our bad days.”

June also gives In Touch an update about what her relationship with Anna, who she was previously estranged from, is like today.

“We talk, we text. Outside of that, we all communicate,” the TV personality says, noting that the mother of two has had days where she would prefer to text instead of talking on the phone.

“She’ll get moody or whatever and that’s acceptable and what she’s going through,” June says. “I don’t take it offensively because I’ve been around her when she’s been doing the treatments and it’s just part of going through the motions of what she’s going through.”

Anna’s sister Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson confirmed her cancer diagnosis via her Instagram Stories on March 30.

“[And] this is what I mean when I say you never truly know what somebody is going through at home, no matter how famous they are,” the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum, 17, wrote while sharing a TMZ article about the diagnosis. “Yes, I’m very famous, but normal sh–t happens to me and my family [and] y’all need to realize that asap.”

Mama June Gives Update on Daughter Anna Cardwell’s Cancer Battle: ‘She’s ​Going Through the Emotions’
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Soon after, June took to Facebook to ask fans for prayers during the difficult time.

“This is been a very emotional road for the family but we are sticking together me n justin n Josh are doing everything we can do and to b there for Anna Marie Cardwell and Eldridge Toney and the girls through this journey just pray for all of us especially her girls we appreciate y’all so much [sic],” June wrote at the time.

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