Married at First Sight stars Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson shared one of the biggest blowup arguments in franchise history, yet shocked Lifetime fans when they decided to stay married on Decision Day. After multiple cross-country moves together, fans are wondering if the season 9 stars are still together.

What Obstacles Did Beth and Jamie Face on ‘MAFS’?

The experts matched Jamie and Beth on season 9 of MAFS, which was based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Lifetime stars were immediately attracted to each other upon meeting at the aisle but also shared some of the biggest arguments of their season.

Jamie famously told Beth to “shut up” during a group event with the other couples, which led to an even bigger fight where Beth yelled at her husband before flipping over a table.

Despite their many blow-ups, Beth and Jamie chose to stay together on Decision Day, which aired in 2019. Following their time on the show, they relocated several times together, starting their married life in the South before moving to San Francisco and later Colorado.

Are ‘MAFS’ Stars Beth and Jamie Still Together?

Jamie revealed that he was “taking time away” from his marriage to focus on himself and his “personal growth” in April 2023.

“It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. Taking this step may be difficult, but I know it’s necessary for me to become the best version of myself,” he captioned a photo of him and Beth on their televised nuptials. “I can’t say what the future holds for Beth and I, but I know I will be a stronger version of myself regardless.”

While he gave no other hints as to the reason behind the split, Beth broke her silence on the breakup during the MAFS Denver Kickoff Special in September 2023.

“It was probably one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make but I had to do something to take care of myself,” she told host Kevin Frazier. “I was not well in my marriage.”

Beth confirmed the pair planned to divorce, noting there were “some actions within the marriage” that she couldn’t forgive.

“I never felt like I was enough in the marriage. I felt like I was always constantly having to fix something of myself or change something,” she continued, “And one day, I just finally said, ‘I am enough and why doesn’t this person love me the way I love me?”

Jamie officially filed for divorce in June 2023, taking to Instagram to confirm the news.

“After months of deliberation with Beth, we were just unable to find common ground,” he wrote. “I had really hoped to resolve this, but it feels like we have reached the point of no return. So, I made the decision to go ahead and file for divorce for the sake of my own mental health and wellbeing. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a very long time.”

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