Congratulations are in order for former 90 Day Fiancé star Luis Mendez! The reality TV celeb recently tied the knot in his second marriage, but that’s actually not what we’re congratulating him about. What we’re celebrating now is that he and his wife are finally Instagram official! Though he’d posted a video from his wedding, he hadn’t given his fans a good look at his new bride, but that all changed with his recent Instagram story. Watch the video above to get a look your first look at Luis’ new wife, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Not everyone is happy for the 27-year-old, though. His ex-wife, Molly Hopkins, isn’t exactly thrilled about the news, and she’s throwing tons of shade. “The divorce was final in May, it happened very quickly and five months later he’s married,” the 43-year-old said on The Tomorrow Show. She’s even insinuating that her ex only made it down the aisle again because he and his new wife are expecting. “I think there’s rumors that she’s pregnant. And she looks from the picture that I saw about five months pregnant so…”

She also alleged that her ex had been “using [her] and [her] finances” to get to the United States, and theorized that maybe his new bride was the reason he’d come in the first place. “He either already knew her and had a plan all along and I’m a fool, or we are both fools if she doesn’t know him, because I met Jekyll in the Dominican [Republic] and got Hyde here, or vice versa.” She does wish him well enough to hope that it works out for them, but as for herself, she said, “I’m glad he’s gone.”

Luis himself didn’t have much to say about Molly when we confirmed his nuptial news with him in late October, but he did have plenty of gushing praise for the new woman in his life. “I love this girl so much,” he told In Touch. “She is so amazing…  She changed all life to happiness.” Now if only he’d tell us a little more about her — like what her name is, for example!

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