Halloween may have been over, but there was still some spooky stuff going down in the 90 Day Fiancé fandom yesterday. Apparently, a fan of the TLC show was trying to slander Jay, one of the new Season 6 stars who is a 20-year-old tattoo artist from Jamaica. They took to Instagram to create a scandal and share it with a popular meme account for the TV show, but it wasn’t long before the truth came out. And Jay’s fiancée from the show straight-up just wasn’t having it.

The 31-year-old reality star took to her own account to dispel the rumors — and to drag the person who originally created them. Because the rumors themselves were seriously ugly, and they could’ve lead to a lot of trouble. After all, the supposed “prankster” was trying to make it seems as though Jay, an adult, was trying to slide into the DMs of a 16-year-old girl and, uh, not just in a friendly way.

The original post alleged to show Jay messaging a teenage girl messages like, “Fine little momma,” and, “How old are you little mama.” But there was one problem there — the messages were clearly sent to Jay, not from him. If he’d been the one to send the messages, his messages would’ve been on the left side of the screenshot, not the right. Because they’re on the right, it’s clear that the person sending them wrote them. And because Jay’s username is at the time and he’s the person in the conversation that’s not the sender, he obviously didn’t write them.

The meme account who shared the post initially took it down, writing, “I’ve removed the previous post because I believe the drama was fake. Cast have been known to make fake drama. Fans can also make fake drama. Idk which has happened here. But this is the [screenshot] the ’16 year old’ took of what Jay sent her. Notice it’s on the wrong side, wrong color and says ‘seen’. 🤷‍♀️ ”

Ashley shared a screenshot of the post from the @90dayfiancesavageedition page, and she had her own message to go along with it. “This is disgusting,” she wrote. “I don’t respond to most of the nonsense, but this! This is something that can ruins [sic] someone’s life! Trying to make Jay look like a child predator! I will pray for you! You need serious help!”

The whole situation is messy AF, but we’re glad that it all got cleared up — and that Ashley got her say. But, uh, we gotta say, we seriously doubt that this was an instance of the cast making up fake drama. People do make up rumors about themselves for the ratings, but we just can’t imagine a rumor like this being the one that they’d go for. It’s just a little past controversial and venturing into predatory and illegal territory. And the 31-year-old reality star agreed in the comments of her post.

“They said cast members sometimes do it themselves. Pretty sure no one would make themselves out to be a child predator,” she wrote scathingly, noting that the person who had originally messaged Jay pretending to be him had since deleted their account. And when another fan of the show also popped into the comments to continue accusing Jay, even though the rumor had been pretty thoroughly debunked at that point, Ashley came for them, too. “I feel sorry for you and really wonder how you get through life.” Ouch. But hey, in this situation, we definitely can’t say we blame her.

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