Is Luis Mendez from 90 Day Fiancé deported? When Luis returned for Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, his relationship with his wife Molly Hopkins was basically already over. Even though she gave him a second chance and let him move back in after a brief split, they couldn’t work through their issues and Molly eventually filed for divorce — which didn’t bode well for Luis’ future in the United States, and even though he hinted that he might already be back in his home country, his latest post seems to prove that he wasn’t deported at all.

“Working out with my bro,” Luis captioned a photo of him at what seemed to be a park, which was geotagged in Elizabeth, NJ — which is where Luis moved after Molly kicked him out of her house the first time, because he has a brother who lives there.

After rumors about Luis’ possible deportation started swirling, fans flooded Molly’s Instagram comments because they felt that it was her fault that he had been deported. When some of them accused her of luring Luis here under false pretenses to be a built-in babysitter/nanny and housekeeper instead of her partner and husband, Molly went off and set the record straight about everything that went on in their storyline this season.

“My kids were in school. He had a job, he quit because he wanted to be a pampered prince. I loved and do love the music. We were filming so it was disruptive to our contractually scheduled filming,” Molly wrote in the comments of a recent selfie on Instagram. “He was calling the cops on the film crew to leave. He could have gotten paid his money from them for the show but he quit that too. So since you know it doesn’t take two years to get work authorization, do the math. He didn’t want to work. They edit stuff out. You’re a woman defending the man. They cut his part out of the ‘tussing’ for commentary like this.”

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The rumors started swirling after Luis took to Instagram on Saturday, July 14 to share a photo of him at what seemed to be a wedding or some type of formal event. In the pic, Luis wore a suit and he seemed sad, with his head down resting on his fist. He didn’t add a caption to the pic, but he did interact with his fans in the comments — which is where he seemed to confirm that he was deported. 

One of his followers asked in Spanish if he had been deported, and Luis responded in Spanish, “Si estoy en DR hace una semana” which translates to “Yes, I am in DR. It’s been a week.”

But even though Luis said that he is in the Dominican Republic, it seems like might be joking. One of his followers also commented, “Coño Luis ahora tiene tu to eta [sic] jente en para disque que te deportaron,” which roughly translates to, “F–k Luis, now you have these people saying that you’re deported.”

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Coffee time in the morning 😍

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While Luis was lying or joking about his deportation, he could have been facing a very serious threat. When Molly filed for divorce back in January, she and Luis had only been married for six months and he had not yet had his interview for his green card. Luis could have had his interview between the filing in January and when the divorce was finalized in May, but according to Starcasm, if he did not obtain his green card before the divorce was finalized, then he would most likely have been facing deportation.

But in Molly’s response, she may have dropped a major hint that Luis did get his green card before their divorce was finalized. She claimed that Luis “had a job” and “quit,” and if that’s true, then that would mean Luis had received his green card because he would not legally be allowed to work in the United States without it.

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