That’s a wrap! Love Island U.S.A. 2022 winners Zeta Morrison says she and Timmy Pandolfi are “gonna make it work” outside the villa, and she tells In Touch exclusively what hot topic led to one of their first serious conversations. 

“I always knew it was Timmy, I really did. It’s just when you go in there, you are supposed to give other people a chance to have a connection too,” Zeta, 29, explains to In Touch. “So, I just felt like, you know what? I want to give that a shot. But in the back of my mind, in my heart, I was like, ‘I’m just not going to get over Timmy.’”

The New York native, 29, and U.K. bombshell met on the hot Peacock summer series, with Zeta stepping forward to claim her man on day one. She explains that she felt a “spiritual push” that led her to the real estate agent on the premiere.  

‘Love Island U.S.A.’: Are Timmy and Zeta Still Together?

“I’m actually shocked but I was like, in my soul, I was just like ‘This is my boy.’ He’s going to pick me back,” the brunette beauty says. “This feeling, I have no idea what it was. There was this push right on my shoulders. I feel myself about to tip over and I was like, ‘I need to step forward. Just do it, like, with your gut, your gut has never failed you.’” 

However, it wouldn’t be Love Island without a few bombshells thrown in to challenge their foundation. With the addition of the first ever siblings to ever enter the villa, Chazz Bryant was given the option to pick his sister Bria Bryant’s first coupling — and he looked right at Zeta’s partner. While it was the couple’s first test, Timmy reveals he knew within the “first week” that his connection with Zeta “was special.” 

“You go in there trying to make connections. I knew this before the villa, like, you’re gonna be able to make a lot [connections], you’re gonna find people. You’re gonna be able to make connections and that can just keep going, and you just find yourself running around, meeting the next person,” he explains. “Even when I did veer off and got to know Bria, like the fact that that connection was so strong in my head, still with Zeta — I was able to realize, yes, like there’s something here with Bria, a little something here, but, what I had with Zeta is weighing more.”

Following being crowned the Love Island U.S.A. season 4 winners and awarded a $100,000 prize (that Zeta graciously chose to share), the pair can’t wait to go on normal couple dates, such as going to movies and dining at restaurants. 

‘Love Island U.S.A.’/ Are Timmy and Zeta Still Together? 2

“I’m gonna take her to a comedy show, you know, stuff like that,” Timmy exclusively tells In Touch of their future date nights. “We both love to eat.” 

However, Zeta did reveal what subject led to one of the couple’s first heavy chats in the villa. “Like, this one time, we got so lucky and they gave us Chick-fil-A in the villa, and Timmy did not eat the Chick-fil-A. I was so shook,” she laughs of her partner who instead opted for a salad that day. “I had to, like, have a serious conversation with him, sat down and I was like, ‘Timmy, I’m just, I’m concerned about the relationship. Cause you know, we had Chick-fil-a and you did not eat it, I don’t know — what are we gonna do?’”

Luckily, the couple was able to make it through their Chick-fil-A differences. Fans can watch Timmy and Zeta’s relationship from the beginning on Peacock, which has all of Love Island U.S.A. season 4 available for streaming.

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