Kody Brown revealed he is still hoping to find a “spark” in his spiritual marriage to Meri Brown on the Sunday, April 4, episode of Sister Wives 

Meri, 50, and Kody, 52, enjoyed a picnic together to ring in their 30-year wedding anniversary, but explained they didn’t feel it was a normal celebration because of where they stood as a couple. 

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Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

“Meri and I had problems like this long before Janelle [Brown] even came into the family. But the catfishing thing was what really woke us up to the state of our situation,” said the father of 18, revealing the ordeal had an impact on their dynamic and physical intimacy. “And we went a couple of years, a lot of counseling, figuring things out, and as we went through this process, I’m looking for a spark — something to initiate some form of desire for a relationship with each other. And in this time, it has never manifest[ed],” he continued.

Meri and Kody legally divorced in 2014 so he could wed fourth wife Robyn Brown and adopt her children from a previous relationship. It’s now been nearly six years since Meri’s catfishing scandal, but they still aren’t out of the woods yet. Kody even pondered if she just liked the “idea” of them being together. 

“Speak for yourself,” the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owner replied. “I do have a strong draw to you, but I do not act on that because I know how you feel. I can’t make you care for me. I can’t change that.”

Kody expressed that he wanted Meri to make more of an “effort” in their relationship so they can get back on solid ground. “She wants to be loved romantically — then there has to be a spark for that,” he added. “And then she’ll get from that, she will receive romance, love and a full marriage and sexual relationship.” 

Mari Brown Slams Kody Split Rumors
Courtesy of Meri Brown/Instagram

The family patriarch said that he didn’t want to push Meri into leaving him or getting a divorce, nor was he giving up on what they had built so far. “My faith doesn’t allow me to, my conscience doesn’t allow me to,” Kody noted. “There’s always a chance that we might actually get back together into full fellowship.”

After all of the drama that transpired, Kody said he was finally out of the bitter phase and hopeful they could eventually rekindle their romance when the time is right. At the end of their outing, he added, “Happy anniversary, Meri.” 

Meri previously slammed rumors that she and Kody split in December 2020, telling fans in a statement that she is “committed” to making it work and “not going anywhere.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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