The contour queen can laugh at herself, too! Kim Kardashian was featured on Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious series “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” and referred to the most savage tweet about herself. The 38-year-old mogul took the heat in stride and gave an epic clap back in the video posted on Wednesday, September 25.

“I’d rather plant poison ivy pants in my anus before hearing another word about Kim Kardashian,” the brunette beauty read laughingly. “Go ahead and do that, please!” she responded to the rather descriptive tweet.

Kim has been known to take criticism and be accountable for her actions. She also can have a sense of humor and poke fun at herself now and again. At the Emmys, Kim and sister Kendall Jenner were laughed at during their presentation speech for the award for Best Reality TV Show Competition, but sources said they didn’t mind. “It was definitely a bit awkward,” a source told Us Weekly of their time on stage. Another insider added, “Kim and Kendall were good sports about it. The line was supposed to be funny. They weren’t bothered by people laughing.”

Kim is no stranger to judgment and shutting down false claims. After her Met Gala look, rumors were swirling that she removed her ribs for her super cinched look. “I don’t even know if that’s possible,” Kim said of the rumor to WSJ. Magazine. She said although she didn’t remove her ribs, the garment was definitely bone-crushing. “I have never felt pain like that in my life,” adding, “I’ll have to show you pictures of the aftermath when I took it off — the indentations on my back and my stomach.”

Kim Kardashian Reads Savage Tweet About Herself Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It also looks like Kim’s friends are on the same page when it comes to taking down haters. Recently, pal Jonathan Cheban took aim at a troll who had less than kind things to say on his video post. His retort was, of course, followed by humor and a little bit of sass — taking notes from Kim’s book.

“Such bad acting,” the hater wrote under the video of him being rather excited for a spread of delightful treats. “I’m not an actor, idiot,” he replied. On another occasion back in May, a troll slammed the Food God for wasting food but he, again, wasn’t having it. “I took it home and had it all week. How am I wasting my food that I paid for?? I’m coming to your house. If anything is on the plate, I’ll be as ANNOYING as you!” It’s good to know the hourglass beauty can lighten up from time-to-time and so can her friends and family.

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