She may have started her own business, but some still think Kailyn Lowry doesn’t have a “real job.” The Teen Mom 2 star isn’t bothered by that, though. After one of her followers tried to call her out on Twitter on Monday, February 3, she shut them down.

In the early hours of the day, Kail, 27, tweeted, “Why am I awake?” Within an hour, one fan shot back in a since-deleted tweet, “You have to get ready for work. … Oh, wait. You don’t have a real job. I forgot.” But the MTV personality wasn’t sweating the shade. In a simple clapback, she responded, But I get paid with real money, so.”

Kailyn Lowry Claps Back After Fan Says She Doesn't Have a Real Job
Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Twitter

Ouch! Not everyone was at Kail’s throat, though. Some fans had her back. “Psh, I bet the IRS thinks it’s a real job, LOL,” one wrote. “Ohhhh, the IRS don’t play [with] me,” the star joked, adding several crying-laughing emojis to her post. Another chimed in, “Imagine this many people waking up in the morning, already this salty. SMH.”

The blonde beauty is no stranger to shade, though. She regularly deals with criticism from fans, and she’s become an expert at handling their unsolicited advice and comments. In January, she expertly managed one Twitter user who took aim at her parenting skills after she shared a video that showed her youngest son, Lux, is still wearing diapers at 2 years old.

“I think you are one heck of a [mom], Kail, but really???? … Lux needs to be out of diapers,” the fan wrote. “He’s so advanced — I just think he looks ready.” The mom of three reminded her followers that she knows best when it comes to her children, though. “Lux turned 2 in August,” she told them. “I’m not going to rush him into something based on someone else’s standards. What works for us is waiting until he’s ready. Not when I’M ready.”

Every now and then, her costars save her the trouble of a tweet. Earlier that month, Mackenzie McKee came to her pal’s rescue after someone online called Kail out for having three children by different fathers. “Three baby daddies is the nastiest, dirtiest thing I have ever seen,” they wrote. “How can a woman that supposedly you think is a ‘good mom’ be a good mom if she created this toxic, every-other-weekend environment? The kids jump from house to house and have multiple half-siblings. Explain that.” In a now-deleted tweet, Mack, 25, snapped, “Different baby daddies doesn’t touch how ‘nasty’ this attitude is, but OK, Karen.”

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