Round two! On Sunday, December 15, Kailyn Lowry introduced her new puppy to the world — but quickly found herself, once again, dealing with some canine controversy. After adopting a Cane Corso puppy in September, the Teen Mom 2 star fielded all kinds of hate about dog’s cropped ears. Now that she’s shown off her second Cane Corso puppy (and his cropped ears) on Instagram, the comments have started rolling in once more. This time, however, the star isn’t trying to defend herself. Instead, she’s clapping back.

Kailyn Lowry Holding Cane Corso Puppy With Cropped Ears
Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

“Our family grew by one more,” Kail, 27, told her followers as she posted a picture of her new pooch, letting fans know in the hashtags that “it’s a boy.” Though some fans had compliments for the little cutie, others had criticism. “Look at those freshly cropped ears,” one fan wrote. “That poor baby. But you like the look, right? Doesn’t matter that it hurt him, right?” That’s when the mom of three fired back.

“Do you have a son?” she asked them. “Did you have him circumcised?” Another fan hopped in to point out that the two procedures were “not the same,” writing, “There is no reason to cut a dog’s ears,” but Kail wasn’t having it. “And there’s really no valid reason for circumcision other than cosmetic,” she snapped. When a third fan commented, “Are we still doing that going into 2020? How about autonomy,” she had another response. “I don’t judge what people do!” she said. “I’m making a point.”

Kailyn Lowry Claps Back Over New Puppy's Cropped Ears
Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

The back-and-forth was similar to one the MTV star had in the fall after she adopted another Cane Corso she named Karma. At the time, the reality personality’s followers called her out not only for getting a dog with cropped ears (whether or not she had them cropped herself) as well as shopping for a new pup instead of adopting from a shelter or rescue. “Buying a dog with its ears cropped should be illegal,” one Twitter user wrote at the time. “No need for it.”

Though Kail tried to defend her decision, it seems that, ultimately, the exchange didn’t get her very far. This time, it seems she’s decided not to get too bogged down in the drama. Though she answered a few fans’ comments on Instagram, it wasn’t nearly as many as she’d responded to on Twitter in September. This time, it appeared she was stepping back. “Kill them with kindness, I suppose,” she wrote on Twitter.

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