When one Teen Mom fan tried to call Kailyn Lowry “nasty,” Mackenzie McKee wasn’t here for it. On Saturday, January 4, the Twitter troll took aim at the Teen Mom 2 star for having three children by different fathers. Though Kail was perfectly capable of standing up for herself — and she did — Mack also jumped to her defense. All while staying classy, the Teen Mom OG star put the hater in their place.

“Three baby daddies is the nastiest, dirtiest thing I have ever seen,” the Twitter user wrote in a now-deleted post. “How can a woman that supposedly you think is a ‘good mom’ be a good mom if she created this toxic, every-other-weekend environment? The kids jump from house to house and have multiple half-siblings. Explain that.” In a simple response, Mack, 25, shot back, “Different baby daddies doesn’t touch how ‘nasty’ this attitude is, but OK, Karen.”

Mackenzie McKee Calls Out Hater Calling Kailyn Lowry Nasty
Courtesy of Mackenzie McKee/Twitter

The clap back was intense — and it seems that Mack learned from the best. “I will never get on [Kail’s] bad side or piss her off, ’cause her clap back tweets are life,” she tweeted in August 2018. “No one could ever compare.” It seems the two have stayed in each other’s good graces, because Kail, 27, responded, “We won’t ever fight, LOL. Don’t you worry. 😂😂😂”

They stars have exchanged lots of love over the year — and Mack even tried to do a little matchmaking on her friend’s behalf. After a Twitter hottie tried to slide into Kail’s responses and hit her up, she playfully shot back, “Go out of my mentions.” The Oklahoma native wasn’t as easy to deter, however. “People are about this relationship though,” she told the mom of three, adding a hearteyes emoji to show that she ships it. “Mackenzie!” the Florida cutie scolded. “Do not gas him. 😂”

After Mackenzie’s mom’s passing, she’s lucky to have such a good friend in her life. On December 31, the TMOG star revealed just what a tough 2019 she had. “2019 deeply wounded me,” she admitted on Instagram. “It was the worst year of my life in several ways. I spent more nights this year crying myself to sleep, deep anxiety, horrible depression than all my years put together. Finding strength to wake up, be a mom and run my business has been nearly impossible. I went from loving life to begging God to come take us all. If I ever have a year as painful as this one again, I know I won’t survive it. … But one thing is for sure, God gives us a choice to live eternity in heaven one day where there is no pain and suffering, and i can not WAIT for that day. Until then I pray to find myself again. Feel human, have motivation, learn to understand things, and live her legacy.”

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