She’s a ride or die mom! When it comes to defending her kids, Kailyn Lowry always has their backs. So when one Teen Mom 2 fan tried to shame the star and her son Lux over the toddler “always” being naked, she clapped back. On Thursday, December 5, she took the opportunity to explain exactly why it was none of the troll’s business.

“I just wanna know why Lux is always without clothes and just wearing a diaper when everyone else is fully clothed??” the hater asked on Twitter on December 4, responding to an unrelated tweet Kail, 27, posted earlier that day. The mom of three wasn’t phased by the question, however — no matter how accusatory the tone. “Because my toddler likes to be naked?” she wrote back. “I don’t understand why that would be hard for some people to understand.”

Kailyn Lowry Claps Back Over Lux Liking to be Naked
Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Twitter

She had some backup from one of her fellow MTV stars. In the responses, Adam Lind‘s ex Taylor Leonard (née Halbur) spoke up to show her support. “That’s how [my daughter] Paislee was,” she shared. “She HATED wearing clothes, and people always criticized [that]. It’s not like it’s uncommon for toddlers.” Other fans chimed in to share similar stories. “My son does the same thing,” one wrote. “I dress him, and he takes it all off. My mother gives me crap about it, but what can I do. The kid takes it all off no matter how many times I put it back on. 😆 So who cares if Lux is always naked.”

Lux certainly doesn’t seem to mind — and he’s not bothered by his hair either, despite the fact that some viewers at home seem to be driven up the wall by his long locks. Luckily, when one fan tried to bring that up, Kail shut it down pretty much immediately. She’s dealt with the hair hate in the past, and, this time, she just didn’t have the patience for it. “Let’s not go here,” she told the troll after they tried to broach the subject of a haircut. This time, Kail kept her clap back simple instead of trying to explain the situation. “My words will hurt you.”

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