Finding balance. Jon Gosselin is able to juggle his day job as an ​Information Technology (I.T.) Specialist at a local hospital with ​ his DJ career thanks to a specific “schedule,” he exclusively tells In Touch.

“I don’t start till 10 o’clock so I can work Sunday nights,” Jon, 45, explains of his day job. “I can work Thursday nights ​because I don’t start until 10 o’clock on Friday and Fridays are half days. So, I usually try to get all my hours in.”

The former reality star – who shares twins Mady and Cara and sextuplets HannahCollin, Aaden, Joel, Leah and Alexis with ex-wife Kate Gosselin – says that his role as a father of eight helped him get used to functioning on “five, six hours’ worth of sleep.”

“Everything’s very task oriented in my life. I’m an I.T. professional,” he continues. “I maintain a schedule. Everything’s in my Google calendar and what I need to do, where I need to be.”

Jon Gosselin Reveals How He Juggles His Day Job With DJing: 'I Maintain a Schedule'

As part of his job as a freelance DJ, Jon is responsible for bringing his own equipment to gigs. “I pack that stuff the night before, so then when I get home from work, I can just go right to my gig if I have to set up,” he explains.

While Jon – who often performs his sets in Philadelphia and New Jersey – is best known for starring on TLC’s hit show Jon & Kate Plus 8 until his departure in 2009, he says that he doesn’t see himself as a “celebrity DJ.”

“I think my gig is more like a celebrity appearance. And then I’d just happened to DJ,” he says. “I was on TV, but there was a means to an end, and I did it for different reasons. I still am a person and still live in my hometown.”

The former TLC personality adds, “I just try to keep it real with people and talk to people and I’m just that guy that happened to be on TV that plays music.”

The Pennsylvania native also shares insight into how he began a career as a DJ in 2014. “I was kind of identified by TLC, so I couldn’t really work on television,” he says. “I just started to learn music. I knew music in the past. Obviously, I have a strong musical history.”

Jon Gosselin Reveals How He Juggles His Day Job With DJing: 'I Maintain a Schedule'
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“I didn’t know the technical aspect of DJing, so I started off with a controller,” Jon continues. “Now I play on turntables and a mixer and all that stuff. But it took a while.”

While he began his DJ career as a side gig, Jon learned tricks on how to further establish himself during the COVID-19 pandemic by touring and utilizing social media. Now that he’s no longer able to work from home, he is balancing both worlds.

Jon adds that he has made many friends in the field, including The International DJ Casper. “I’ve met a lot of people in the music industry, artists, bands, other DJs,” he shares. “It’s like building friends. Like I have guy friends that I can look up to and talk about.”

Jon is currently working on new music and has a second single with The International DJ Casper in the works, which will have an international feel to it.

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