The Internet’s always got something to say! Jeremy Vuolo took to Instagram on Monday, March 11, to share a sweet photo of his daughter, Felicity, leaning over a bottle of Pelligrino. Cute, right? Well, not everyone thought so. The Counting On star was quickly accused of putting his baby girl in a dangerous situation.

“She has good taste,” the 31-year-old captioned the shot. In response, however, someone fumed, “Yeah, let your child chew on a cold glass bottle seems safe,” while another added, “How is letting a baby chew on a cold glass bottle safe?” Hmm … we don’t see any chewing going on? Which is probably why this commenter went OFF on the haters: “Hey idiots!!!!! Where in this picture is this baby ‘chewing’ on a bottle? #youallneedalife.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the new dad received backlash for one of his Instagram posts. Back in August, Jinger Duggar‘s husband posted a cute pic of “Lissy” in front of a computer screen. “Look who joined me for OT Studies w/ Dr. Essex … ” the father-of-one captioned the precious shot. But it didn’t take long for people to criticize the pastor for holding his baby toward the laptop — with her little eyes clearly glued to the screen.

“Jer the light of the computer is not healthy for the eyes of your baby!!” commented one fan, with another adding, “Her eyes are still too delicate for screens like that.” A third chimed in, “Be careful … I believe ‘screen time’ before age two can have adverse effects.” Yikes! Hopefully, baby Felicity isn’t spending too much time in front of the computer, but we appreciate the thought from the first-time dad. Everybody makes mistakes, right? We’re just glad he’s hands-on!

On this week’s episode of the hit TLC show, Jer revealed that while he can’t breastfeed Felicity (for obvious reasons), he does everything else. “She was hungry and needed food, and I can’t help with that,” Jeremy said while Jinger was out of the house for a couple of hours. “You can do everything else as a father. I can change the diaper, I can rock her, I can sing to her, I can do whatever. I just can’t feed her. That can be a little nerve-wracking.”

Luckily, these two seem to make a great team! As for the haters? They can take a seat.

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