Is Jill Duggar ready to retire as a teacher? In a new blog post published Monday, March 4, the mom-of-two opened up about the homeschool curriculum she’s using to educate her older son, Israel. Though he’s only 3 years old, the Duggar mom has gotten off to an early start — but fans still have plenty of questions. While promoting the blog post on her Instagram, she answered a few from fans. And in one response that shocked some of her followers, she even admitted that she would “maybe” send Israel to public school when he gets a little bit older.

“Several people have asked what homeschool curriculum I am currently using with Israel. I’ve used a variety of supplemental stuff, but I’d like to give you a quick overview of the main things I’m using right now. He’s still only 3 years old, so we try to have fun with it and not make it too hard,” Jill, 27, shared on her blog. “Growing up, my mom used several different curriculums for different subjects and grade levels. Sometimes she even tried out a new curriculum when she thought a child might learn better with a different teaching style.”

In the comments of the Instagram post, one follower asked, “If your boys request to go to public school, will you let them?” Jill responded quickly: “Maybe. 😊 Probably will at some point for college. ❤️” The Duggars’ history with homeschooling doesn’t exactly inspire faith in Jill’s ability to teach, so it is encouraging to see that she’s open to the idea of a traditional school. However, it’s still not clear exactly what she meant by the comment. Is she open to sending her kids to public school so that they can prepare to go off to college? Or is she only open to sending them to public colleges once they’re old enough?

Jill Duggar Says She Will Maybe Send Sons To Public School
Instagram/Courtesy of Jill Duggar

She did answer a few other comments, though. When another fan asked why she prefers homeschooling, she said, “For several reasons…nothing against people who don’t though! My hubby went all the way through the public school system. 😊” In another comment, she continued, “I totally get that it’s not for everyone.” Jill’s also opened up about homeschooling before, back in May 2018. In September 2018, her husband, Derick Dillard, also spoke out on the subject.

“I have the blessing of having a wife who is willing to school them at home,” he told a fan who asked him about public school. “Many homeschoolers not only have the same opportunities, but exceed their peers.” In January 2018, he talked about college, too. “Absolutely!” he said when asked if he’d let his boys attend. “Whatever any future kid needs educationally to fulfill their God-called path, I’m all behind. …. My mom is a woman who has multiple degrees; she & my dad, both, instilled in me the importance of education.”

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