They’ve got a bachelor pad! Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar revealed they moved out of their mom and dad’s house in a new episode of Counting On. During the Tuesday, July 21, show, the twins walked viewers through their new home before inviting brothers Joseph and Josiah Duggar over for dinner.

Though the house is very much a work in progress — the boys have a ping-pong table but pretty much no furniture — they’re proud of the space. After all, it comes with their very own closet, which means they only have to share with each other and not five other boys. They also joked about their matching mattresses, which are a lot like the ones they slept on at parents Jim Bob and Michelle’s place.

Jedidiah and Jeremiah's Matching Twin Beds in New Home

“So, we are both twins. So really, our beds are right next to each other at the big house and all that, so I was like, ‘Well, there’s not really a need … If we can fit two twin mattresses in [one bedroom], that’d be great,’” Jed, 21, said. “Plus, we’re twins, so we might as well have twin mattresses,” Jer, 21, agreed.

Fans first started wondering if Jed had moved out when he announced he was running for a political office in a district different from the one where his parents live. In December 2019, he seemingly confirmed that was the case when he posted about visiting his nieces and nephews at his parents’ house, but the Duggarsstrict rules for their unmarried kids left some wondering if that was really the case. As it turns out, however, Jed and Jer actually aren’t the first unmarried kids to leave the nest.

Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar House Tour Move Out on Counting On

“[John David Duggar] actually moved out of the house for a while and was doing pilot stuff,” Jed said on the show. “Joseph also went to college for a little while, but he wasn’t necessarily moved out, he was just temporarily out,” Jer agreed. The boys explained all the “older kids” have their “own choice” about moving out or staying put, and Jim Bob, 55, and Michelle, 53, seemed to back that up.

“When our kids get, you know, 18 or older, you know, they have the ability to move out or the freedom to do that, but most of them have realized, ‘Hey, staying here at mom and dad’s house until I get married, I can save up a lot of money,’” the family patriarch shared.

But just because Jed and Jer are living on their own, it doesn’t mean they’ve got that whole adulting thing down just yet. “So we had some visitors over, our brothers, and they ended up cooking the meal for us, really,” Jed joked. “They’re both married, and so they have wives that are teaching them how to cook, I think. So that’s really the problem. Me and Jer aren’t married, so we don’t know everything about cooking. We’re gonna have to get better at that. Or just get married. One of the two.”

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