Jenelle Evans’ older sister, Ashleigh Evans, made a dramatic return to social media with a lengthy video in which she spoke out against the TV personality.

“So tonight, I’m coming out of hiding. It’s been four years since I haven’t had social media due to my sister,” Ashleigh, 39, began the 7-minute clip, which was originally posted to TikTok on Tuesday, February 20. “I am making this video to tell everybody that my sister’s nothing but a liar. She’s always been the same. She has not only lied and destroyed my mother’s reputation, she has destroyed my reputation and said horrible things about our family over the past 15 years.”

Ashleigh continued her explosive video, adding that their mother was “very upset” and “done” with Jenelle. “I have not spoken to my sister for eight years. And if she wants to retaliate, that’s absolutely fine, because I have a lot of things against her that I’ve kept secret for a very long time.”

During the course of the video, Ashleigh accused the Teen Mom 2 star of creating a false narrative surrounding their family. At one point, Ashleigh alleged that Jenelle, 32, did not properly care for her son Jace, saying that her sister “doesn’t care about anybody but herself” and “operates on toxicity.”

Ashleigh alleged that although she had found success in the healthcare industry, she struggled to find a job as prospective employers would reject her after they learned of her relation to the reality star. She concluded the video by asking Jenelle to stop spreading “rumors” and “lies” about their family and to seek “mental help.”

Her video came in the wake of Jenelle’s announcement that she was working on a documentary about her childhood. In a January 12 Facebook post, Jenelle wrote that she had a documentary “outlined for the past 2 years,” and that she “cannot wait to share [her] story.”

“Every person that has treated us with disrespect will be called out, anyone that has conspired with my mother will be called out,” she wrote at the time. “Anything [sic] information I’ve tried to protect others with will be released. Any agencies that have done me wrongfully will be called out.”

She asked that any interested production companies email her so she could “start the process ASAP.”

On February 20, Jenelle reunited with her oldest son, Jace, 14, after Child Protective Services dismissed the case against her and her husband, David Eason, following allegations of mistreatment against them.

“We are still working on Jace’s mental health at this time so I don’t want to share many details involving this case,” Jenelle told E! News in a February 16 statement. “When my son is in a better head space then we will share more in-depth information soon.”

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