She set the record straight! When it comes to Jenelle Evans, fans are constantly speculating whether or not there are more kids in her future. Between the three kids she has from her various relationships and the two step-kids she gained after marrying hubby David Eason, she’s already got a full house. That doesn’t stop Teen Mom fans from being on constant bump-watch, though. Now, she’s weighing in on the subject. 

Earlier during the summer, the reality star had the best reaction to the rumors that she was expecting a baby with her husband. Watch the video above to see how she responded and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

This isn’t the only recent time fans tried to suss out hints that Jenelle was pregnant. The Teen Mom star took to Instagram to share a bikini photo on July 11, but it was the strategically-placed pool float that had fans talking.

“Baby bump in pic one,” said a fan of the first now-deleted snap, which you can see below. “Jenelle is pregnant!” said another. In the photo, which was captioned “Being silly #SweetSummertime,” Jenelle can be seen sitting on a swan floatie, and using the swan’s head to cover her stomach. Of course, she could just be covering up some insecurities (we’ve all been there), but her pics have been fueling the rumors.

jenelle evans

Jenelle Evans on July 11. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In April, she confused fans when she posted another swimsuit pic and captioned it, “They will say ‘she’s pregnant'”. Like clockwork, fans started to speculate in the comments. “She’s pregnant AGAIN?!?!?” one fan wrote, and another commented, “You were pregnant last time though!” But that fan does have a point, because Jenelle doens’t have the best track record about being honest. She lied for months about being pregnant with her one-year-old daughter, Ensley.

And there’s more. Jenelle first sparked pregnancy rumors when she posted photos from daughter Ensley’s first birthday in January, where it seemed like she was covering her tummy with her hand. Of course, fans began congratulating her on another pregnancy even though she previously denied it. They immediately jumped into her comments saying things like “She looks like she has a little Prego pooch! Happy birthday Ensley!” and, “Definitely pregnant, her hand is blocking the rest of her stomach.” However, if she truly was pregnant back then, she would be way bigger by now, so she obviously wasn’t.

To top it all off, David recently responded to a fan on Facebook by saying that Jenelle was, in fact, pregnant, and he was expecting a baby girl, but it was unclear if he was being serious or joking, since his wife didn’t confirm anything. Now, though, it looks like the Teen Mom star is making her position on more kids crystal clear: She’s not having any. During an Instagram question and answer sesh, she received one inquiry from a fan, asking, “Are you having another kid?” And when it came to Jenelle’s answer this time, there was no room for confusion. 

jenelle evans responding to a fan's question on instagram.

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Nooooooope! Lol,” Jenelle wrote back. The only question left now is whether the fan was asking if Jenelle is having another kid now or if they were asking if she’s having another kid at all. With Ensley and Kaiser still so young, the couple may just be waiting a few more years to add to their clan. Or maybe that “noooooope” is so decisive because Jenelle and her family aren’t planning on having another kid ever. When it comes to that question, well, we’ll have to wait to find out. But at least it sounds like we’ve got plenty of time before it comes up again. 

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