She’s in her feelings! Jenelle Evans took a break from fighting with her fellow Teen Mom 2 stars to join in on the viral “KiKi Challenge,” but of course she got a ton of backlash. But now, during a Q&A session on her Instagram story, Jenelle is defending herself.

“Is it a crime to have fun? Lol. I ignore the negative vibes tho,” Jenelle wrote. “I’ve been dancing for years and it’s always for fun.”

In the clip, Jenelle hopped out of her car to do the choreography to Drake’s “In My Feelings” with her kids in the car, and even though the car wasn’t moving like other fan challenge videos have been in the past, it seemed like it was still dangerous because of the other drivers on the road.

“My turn! Showing the kids their mom still has dance moves. (Car was parked and we were on the side of our road),” Jenelle wrote in the caption. In the clip, Jenelle hopped out of the driver’s seat and left the driver side door open while someone filmed her as she did her dance. At one point, a white car drove by really fast on the opposite side of the road and fans slammed her in the comments.

“Did anyone else notice the white car whizz by her driving in the wrong lane cuz she’s in the middle of the damn street?!” one fan wrote, and another commented, “Such a pity dat [sic] car missed u [sic]!!!!!!!!”

But other fans came to Jenelle’s defense and they thought that it was perfectly fine for her to join in on the fun challenge since she made sure the car was parked. “At least she had enough sense to put the car in park and not put her kids danger, and so what she was having fun with her kids,” one fan commented, and another wrote, “I don’t even like Janelle and feel the need to defend her from you ‘perfect’ moms. This is one of the few things that she’s done that there is absolutely nothing wrong with. She looks good/healthy, and she’s having fun with her kids! Get a grip!!!!”

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