Sure anyone who watches reality TV knows that it's a little fake, but Counting On fans who enjoy watching the Duggars because the family is honest and not fame-obsessed are about to get a rude awakening. The family has been caught several times staging scenes and sometimes even hiring actors! Considering the 20+ member clan loves to portray themselves as the anti-Kardashians who don't care about money or the flashiness of being on TV, the shock of on-camera fakery has rubbed fans the wrong way.

“You people make me sick!" a fan wrote on Facebook. "Fabrication on episodes to try to get this show off the ground but it’s a futile effort! Stick a fork in the Duggars….they’re done!!” Another wrote, “It is too late to revamp and redesign narrative to dispel rumors that all of the Duggar offspring are controlled and the females subjected to misogyny and a life without freedom of choice. These transparent and poorly executed attempts to show the adult aged Duggar females doing anything other than what they are destined for are excruciatingly lame."

Check out the gallery below to see examples of all the times the Duggars were caught being fake on camera.