Shots fired! We all know Wendy Williams likes to speak her mind, but it looks like this time things went too far when she took a stab at Iggy Azalea. After a heated round of Hot Topics where the 55-year-old identified the rapper as “the Australian with the fake body,” the 29-year-old took to Twitter to call out the talk show host on Wednesday, September 18 … and she may have gone a little too far herself.

“Who’s the crack head in the half way house with the gossip show thing?” the “Fancy” singer wrote, mimicking Wendy’s remark. She retweeted the clip from the show that a fan captioned, “Your breath stink from talking s–t, you want a mint?”

Iggy Azalea Wendy Williams Crack Head Fake Body

Back in March, Wendy announced on her show that she had struggled with a cocaine addiction in the past and decided to move into a sober house — Iggy clearly grabbed the low-hanging fruit with her response.

Iggy’s fans were quick to take aim at the former radio host. “Sis over here looking like an improper fraction and she wanna come for Iggy sis sit down 😂,” read one tweet while another said, “Bruh has she seen herself. She better start considering a fake body lol.”

Many people did stick up for Wendy, and said she didn’t mean for what she said to be offensive. “Weak clap back 😂 plus Wendy didn’t mean any harm 😂,” wrote one user. Another said, “You’re rightfully upset, but it’s never cool to bring up someone’s addiction to weaponize them.”

Iggy Azalea Wendy Williams Crack Head Fake Body
The Wendy Williams Show

This isn’t the first time Iggy took to Twitter to throw some shade. Back in July, she got hasty with none other than Peppa Pig. Yes, you read that correctly. Peppa and Iggy both had albums set to be released on the same day. Concerned their demographics would collide *rolls eyes* she sent Peppa a threatening message to cease and desist. “Collab with me now or you’ll end up a breakfast special, Peppa.” The seven-foot-tall pig (that’s right. Google it) has yet to comment on the matter, but we think it’s safe to say these two still have some unsolved pork, we mean beef.

Like Peppa, Wendy has yet to address the rapper’s harsh smack talk, but if we know Wendy, we know she will.

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