Umm, WTF? On Thursday, March 14, Iggy Azalea revealed on Twitter that she received a disgusting package of male reproductive fluid to her house, and she’s ready to throw down.

In a since-deleted tweet, the 28-year-old wrote, “Someone sent me a vile [sic] of semen in the mail and the office assistant had to unknowingly open the package. I — Who — [vomit emoji] FBI!!!”

However, the blonde beauty wanted to make it clear that she will get her revenge. “We have your DNA!” she said. “Idiot. Hope you like the sex offenders registry.”

iggy azalea screenshot

Iggy’s followers took to Twitter to tell her that they couldn’t believe that someone would do such a thing. One person wrote, “Somebody sent Iggy Azalea a vial of semen? WTH is wrong with y’all?!” while another echoed, “LMFAO this Iggy Azalea thing be one of the dumbest things ever I’ve seen/heard someone do. You send someone your semen in the mail. That’s as DNA as far as DNA goes, bro. Are you dumb????” A third person chimed in, writing, “WTF did they expect you to do with semen?”

Since Iggy’s fans made it clear that they were on her side, she couldn’t help but joke with them a little bit about the crazy incident. She retweeted a hilarious meme of herself covered in a ~mysterious~ liquid.

Finally, the “Fancy” crooner was over the situation and begged her fans to talk about something else. “Anyway *drug hurling* subject change? PLEASE.”

Later in the day, the Grammy nominee revealed that her new single called “Sally Walker” was finally dropping, along with a new album. “I’m so excited about everyone who’s going to love the song; also really anxious about all the extra hate I’ll get that comes with the job,” she confessed. “I want to try my best to tune out anything that doesn’t benefit me reaching my goal and keep interacting with all the new and old fans.”

She continued, “This release week was awesome because everything’s gone smoothly. I’m happy to see die hards still here even after years of missteps and delays. Thanks for staying and having my back. Let’s be loud as hell and come out fighting this week! WE will never give up!!!”

You go, girl! Now, hopefully no one sends you any more mysterious things in the mail …

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