She’s not sold. Wendy Williams isn’t so sure that Christie Brinkley’s Dancing With the Stars injury is legitimate. The 55-year-old discussed her disbelief and theory as to why the 65-year-old model would fake an ailment on the season 11 premiere of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, September 16.

“Well, that looked fake as hell! OK?” Wendy said in response to a video of Christie falling in rehearsal. “Here’s my thought, OK? Dancing With the Stars called Christie Brinkley and said, ‘Do you want to [do] Dancing With the Stars?’ And so she said, ‘Yes.’ So after she got off the phone, that’s when she plotted her schedule,” Wendy theorized. “… In my opinion, I think what Christie did, was she signed up for Dancing With the Stars knowing that she’d put her daughter Sailor in there.”

Wendy Williams Doesnt Believe Christie Brinkley DWTS Injury
The Wendy Williams Show

ABC announced that Christie’s daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook would be filling in for her mother on the show as the former model “suffered injuries which required surgery to her wrist and arm.” The network shared the news hours before the season 28 premiere on Monday, September 16.

As the 21-year-old is an up and coming Sports Illustrated model, Wendy believes that Christie purposefully dropped out of the competition so Sailor could fill her shoes, and thus, get more exposure and help her career.

“So my thought is that she said, ‘Look, Sailor, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to go to a few of these practices. I’m going to go on Good Morning America and line it with everybody else, get all the press and stuff, you know? I’m going to walk around looking hot and sexy. And then I’m gonna play like I broke something,'” Wendy described. “And she did break something. Allegedly. Although Christie, I must tell you, there wasn’t a believing person in my entire meeting this morning. When I presented my case, everyone was like, ‘Uh huh. Mmmhmm.'”

Wendy Williams Doesnt Believe Christie Brinkley DWTS Injury
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In response to the talk show hosts claim, Christie said that she was “totally shocked” to People magazine. “I have been there for Wendy Williams. That is so weird,” adding, “I have to give her a call … I’m really stunned.”

What do you think? Is Christie faking it or is Wendy out of line?

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