Tell us how you really feel, Jacob Roloff! The former Little People, Big World star took to the comments on his latest Instagram snap to reveal whether or not he has any regrets about quitting his family’s beloved show. Spoiler alert: He does not.

“Amo Chile 🇨🇱 en serio,” the 22-year-old captioned the artsy shot on Thursday, March 28. “Ps: If you’re interested, I put a new piece of writing on (Link in my bio) Also: Found a new camera strap, handmade in Valparaíso, for the AE-1 👍🏼📸.” He added, “Escribo desde ocio, a corazón,” along with the hashtags, “#chile,” “#horcon, “#valparaíso” and “#rockandroloff.”

In response, one fan wrote: “Very interesting paper … I’m sad that this has affected you so much. It must have been traumatic for a six-year-old, and maybe some reality kids can be sensitive to having a production company in their lives.” They continued, “One of the Osborne daughters made her own decision not to be involved, and she is never even spoken about! Maybe you would have made this decision if you were older. I’m not going to lie, I’m a big fan of reality TV and I have been following ‘your’ show and the Duggars since the beginning, but I didn’t realize the impact until you spoke out.”

Jacob Roloff on 'Little People, Big World'
Courtesy of Jacob Roloff/Instagram

Jacob, who is engaged to Isabel Rock, then replied on Friday, March 29, “Thank you for the sentiment. I actually did decide not to appear on the show after my 18th birthday and am very happy about that decision,” he said with a raised hand and thumbs up emojis.

Another user, however, sensed some “anger” within Matt and Amy‘s youngest son. “Jacob, I do detect some very unresolved anger issues hidden just below the surface. Let me tell you with all sincerity … therapy or counseling really does help.” Jacob quickly clapped back, “In the paper? One key point in it is the bizarrely open access that people have had to my life, and thus are able to make judgments and have opinions on that life. As stated in the paper, I accept this as my reality, but in the same, breathe easy to admit the strangeness of having 241,000 followers at all and contemplating the effect that might have on a child.”

does jacob roloff regret quitting little people, big world
Courtesy of Jacob Roloff/Instagram

The excerpt the commenters are referring to — which was written on March 18 — is titled “Considerations for Children on Reality TV.” In it, the soon-to-be newlywed writes, “I was a part of one of these reality shows beginning at the age of six continuing until the age of eighteen. I had never seriously considered the when of filming because, as a young child, it was a part of almost every memory. My actual age at the start was only brought to my attention recently by a former producer of ours, while he was expressing a measure of awareness for his part in capturing what I can now better describe as the ‘living patterns and mentality’ of a fairly typical middle-America household, [while] instead record[ing] the drama of a family in the process of coming apart.”

He then wondered, “I have always had the question nagging in the back of my head, though, and I believe that producer did, too: ‘To what effect are the observers to the outcome?’ Would not the presence of two, sometimes three, cameras 5-7 days a week, each with a sound engineer, a ‘CA’ camera assistant, two ‘PA’s production assistants, a field producer and a miscellaneous smattering more influence the ‘living patterns and mentality’ of any typical American household? Where is the line drawn to determine a normal family drama from a constructed or induced one?”

Hmm … perhaps this was one of the reasons his brother Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey Roloff, quit the show? Maybe. One thing’s for sure, though: Jacob seems to be loving his new, carefree life with Izzy, 23.

On Wednesday, March 27, he captioned a shot with his lady love while on vacation, “Leaving Concón tomorrow. Few more days in Santiago then back home. Izzy’s family, their accepting nature, love and kindness, really make it hard to leave … Izzy comes from some good stock it’s no wonder ella es mi amor.” Aww. Let the countdown to their September wedding begin!

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