There’s a hot debate going on in the Duggar fan community about which of the grandkids is the cutest. While some may think that Joy-Anna Duggar‘s little boy wins the prize (after all, Gideon looks just like a smaller Austin Forsyth, and it’s both adorable and hilarious), others think that Jinger Duggar‘s little girl comes in first place. Honestly, it’s too hard for us to decide — we tend to be most enamored with whoever’s baby pictures we’re currently looking at. But right now, looking into Felicity Vuolo’s big blue eyes, well, it’s hard to believe she has any competition at all. Watch the video above to see the photo and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

She looks like such a precious little doll, especially in the froufrou little bows and dresses that her mom puts her in. And though Jinger’s gotten some mom-shaming for just those choices (apparently some parents are worried that Felicity’s big bows will suffocate her? Nice of them to be concerned but, uh, her fashion accessories just don’t seem all that dangerous to us), she’s refused to listen to the haters and keeps styling her daughter the way that she likes. Mom-shaming is something she’s learning to tune out a lot these days.

Reports have said that the new mom has felt constantly mom-shamed since giving birth. “She had no idea it was going to be this bad,” a source close to the reality star told Hollywood Life. But she’s learning to deal by turning off Instagram comments on some posts and posting others despite knowing what kind of feedback she’ll get. Luckily, if she’s struggling, she can always turn to big sister Jessa Duggar for advice. The mom of two boys has tons of practice clapping back (politely!) at her fans and haters in the comments when they get a little too rowdy for her taste. We’re glad Jinger has her — and we’re even more glad that she’s willing to keep sharing photos of Felicity with the rest of us.

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