Baby Gideon Forsyth, the first child of Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar, was born just over eight months ago, and fans are already beginning to speculate that Joy might be pregnant again! It all started when Joy shared a few photos from her birthday dinner, and some fans think they’ve spotted a bump.

On Oct. 25, Joy posted a few photos at Longhorn Steakhouse with two of her brothers and old pal Carlin Bates, who got to meet little Gideon for the first time on the special occasion. While most fans were focused only on the very sweet moment, others couldn’t help but turn their gaze toward Joy’s stomach. In most photos she has either cut off the image above her shoulders or covered it with the baby. However, in one pic, her over-sized black and white striped sweater makes it look like she has a bit of a bump. Of course, this could just be an optical illusion, but some fans are convinces baby No. 2 is on the way.


“Congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy!! You look happy!!!: said one good-natured, but presumptuous follower. “Did I miss an announcement that Joy is pregnant with her second child?!?” asked another. “Hiding the belly with the baby I see, nice method!” a third chimed in.

Not everyone was convinced, however. Plenty thought that there was a simple explanation. “Maybe she hasn’t lost the baby weight from her previous pregnancy, some people don’t go flat ever after having a baby. She was quite large with Gideon,” said one fan. Another had the same feeling, saying, “Not everyone can have baby weight fall off in a moment notice, I know I sure can’t.”

That’s a reasonable explanation for any semblance of a bump, since Joy just gave birth to her first child only eight months ago. Of course, such a quick turnaround in pregnancies isn’t exactly unheard of in the Duggar clan. For example, Michelle Duggar got pregnant pretty much immediately after giving birth several times… she got pregnant with Jinger just four months after having Jessa, for example! For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if there’s an exciting announcement in the future!

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