Here we go again! Jill Dillard (née Duggar)’s son Israel Dillard took the training wheels off his bike on February 3, but fans were much more focused on Jill’s parenting than the 4-year-old’s accomplishment. When fans noticed the cutie struggling to stay upright on the bicycle, they insisted he needs a new one.

“We took the training wheels off today!” Jill excited captioned a video of Israel trying his best to keep his vehicle on the sidewalk, cheering “woo hoo!” for her little boy. The family was thrilled to enjoy some unusually warm weather in February, and she seemed to be in a great mood while captioning three photos of their time outdoors. “Enjoying the lovely weather and we took the training wheels off Israel’s bike!” she wrote. “He’s practicing and doing great!! 🤗 We also took a break to dig in the dirt.” Unfortunately, fans were ready to take the wind right out of her sails and thought his wobbling had more to do with the size of the bike than the fact that he’s a two-wheel newbie.

“The bike is too small for him. Will be easier with a bigger bike,” said one follower. Many agreed, like the fan who said “Go up a size on his bike and he will be peddling with no issues! We made the same mistake using a bike that was too small and once we switched it was much easier for them to ride!” A third chimed in, “He’s so tall that it will prob be easier on a bigger bike!”

The concerns didn’t stop with bike size. Fans also brought up another controversial issue from a recent video Jill posted: Israel wearing a bib when he eats. “Good job Israel! Now time to get rid of the bib! 😉🙃,” said one follower. A second wrote, “No training wheels … but still a bib🙄.” Yet another added, “You took the training wheels off! Yay … now the BIB is next!!!” Fans have been shredding the mom of two for the bib for months, and it seems like they’re still not ready to let it go.

Jill is certainly used to the criticism by bow, but she seems to be a pro at ignoring it. The former Counting On star rarely responds to her haters, and just continues posting her sweet family moments for the benefit of her fans, who she will respond to from time to time. Only time will tell what the next controversy will be!



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