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Taking a stand. Derick Dillard responded to a 3-year-old tweet to put TLC on blast for allegedly trying to “force” his wife, Jill Duggar, to be in a promotional photo for Counting On. While taking to Twitter on Friday, January 17, the former reality star called out the network yet again, as he continues to expose all sorts of shocking secrets on social media.

“Notice how we were not a part of the promotional for this. They tried to force Jill to be in the promotional pic for this show, but we refused. So they just inserted other sisters from the home,” he replied to the tweet dated February 23, 2016. The original message teased what fans could look forward to seeing on the upcoming season.

The law student, 30, has expressed how he and Jill, 28, have no interest in returning to the show, even though viewers did get a glimpse of his wife on a recent episode.

Derick explained his thoughts on the topic while responding to an inquiry on Twitter which read, “On the latest episode we saw Jill. It was nice to see her. Is there a chance in between your studies you and Jill will be seen? Hope you find answers soon and are doing well. I pray your school studies are going well.”

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On December 26, the father of two replied and said there was “no chance” that would happen unless major changes were made. “The conditions we were filming under took us to the brink of sanity and could have easily destroyed our lives if we had continued that trajectory,” Derick wrote. “We are now trying to pick up the pieces.”

When he was asked about their pay for the show, Derick said that he and Jill were originally under the impression the family didn’t make any money from it. The former TV personality later alluded to the “extreme emotional pressure from within and without” his family to appear on the series, which ultimately led to a “painful burning of bridges.”

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Derick also explained why viewers didn’t get to see him or Jill during grandma Mary Duggar’s funeral episode in another series of tweets, claiming TLC “cut out any family” they didn’t want people to see in attendance. His post was greeted by approval from Amy King (née Duggar), who wrote, “You really are shedding some light on some very dark gray areas! Keep it up!”

We’re guessing there’s more candid confessions to come.

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