Explaining just who the Duggars are and why they live the way that they do — with all of the strict modesty rules and bizarre pickle fascinations — isn't an easy task. In fact, if you really want to get to the bottom of their whole history, you need some visual aids, an explanation of their religion, and a guide to what they do for a living. But even the basics can be hard to broach with someone totally out of the loop. Check out the video above to see what it's like trying to explain the Duggar family to someone who hasn't ever heard of them before.

Haven't we all been there? To the uninitiated, an average day in the life of a Duggar seems kind of crazy at first glance. But once you've actually watched Counting On, there's something about the family that you just can't take your eyes off of. For all of their somewhat odd displays of affection and bare knee-censoring ways, it's clear that all those kids and grandkids love each other. And it's even more clear that they just make for great TV, even if they're just redecorating a Duggar kid's home.

It's a lot of effort trying to lay enough groundwork that you can convince a friend to tune in to the TLC show. But in the end, it's worth it, because at least you finally have someone to theorize with about whether or not those Instagram posts are ads or if Jeremy looks better with a beard or without. (Spoiler alert: He looks way better without one.) And if you get someone to become as much of a superfan as you are, you can even plan out a road trip to get a free Chocolate Mess for your birthday from the MarketPlace Grill. Now that's living life like a Duggar.

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