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Fans Are Over Jill Duggar’s Constant Praise of Derick Dillard on Instagram

The Duggar family daughters are prone to constantly praising their husbands and family members on Instagram for being godly, good, the best parents, whatever, etc, and Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are no different. Frequently, the mom of two takes to social media to write about how amazing her husband is — but instead of alternately fawning over it, like most fans do when it comes to the other Duggars, some fans have one simple response: Keep it.

Yep, we all know that Derick is the absolute worst, whether that's because he continues to bash Jazz Jennings and TLC on Twitter or is now running his mouth about the Parkland activists who survived the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and are now demanding gun control. He just can't seem to keep his mouth shut, so much that TLC fired him from Counting On. And yet, the ever-faithful and obedient wife, Jill just keeps singing his praises online about how he does, honestly, pretty normal stuff — like buy her chocolate milk at the grocery store. #BestHubbyEver.

Thought we were joking about that? Nope. Jill posted the pic with the caption, "@derickdillard #besthubbyintheworld❤️ went grocery shopping for us last night and came home and surprised me with my favorite #chocolatemilk #promiselanddairy Thanks babe! Love you tons!!! ??" Not that it's not nice when someone thinks of you and gets you a treat while they're at the store, but, like, really? He's the best hubby because he ran a household errand? Fans weren't buying it.

"Think [the milk company] paid her for this or she's just trying to make us like Derick?" wrote one in a thread on the /r/CountingOn subreddit. "Really, ugh," answered another. "This is perhaps the most awkward post I've ever seen from Jill. Like yeah Jill, I understand you like the milk…but Derick isn't anywhere close to being #besthubbyintheworld for doing that. Maybe something like a paying job would do though." Ouch.

But others didn't just think the post was simply silly — they think it reflects back on Jill and Derick's whole relationship. "I knew this one girl who would post s–t like this to Facebook all the time, then it turned out she was miserable in the marriage for a while and was in the process of divorcing him while she was still making posts like this," they wrote. "To top it off she even sorta looks like Jill. So now whenever I see posts like this from Jill I can't help but think she's unhappy and is just really over compensating to save face." And this isn't the only time Jill's pulled the move only to get a firm, "No, thanks," from fans. Scroll down to see all the other times Derick was the "best hubby in the world" for being, like, a normal husband.

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