Candlelight, flowers, Chick-fil-A: we get the feeling that Duggar date night isn't exactly like ours. In fact, since the couples are so keen on sharing their date nights with us — on the show, Instagram or otherwise — we know they're not like ours. Like, we get the principle of saving money and think it's great to make time for one another once you're married. But maybe somebody should teach us why eating fast food in a car or getting grilled by a 52-year-old man is anyone's idea of a good time? We guess we'll have to look back at some Duggar Date Nights and learn how to really have a wild time with a guy (light arm grazing, maybe?)

Personally right now, we're looking to change things up with our S.O., so perhaps the move is to invite Jim Bob Duggar to lurk in on our romantic discussions. After all, that's the essential part to a courting era date. But don't worry, unless he's judging or questioning someone, Jim Bob tries not to speak. "It’s neat to see their conversations," Jim Bob has said of chaperoning. "Don't be afraid to get involved in your kids' relationships." Like, very, very involved.

Anyway, don't worry, once you're married, you can just have your screaming infants chaperone. Click through to learn how to date like a Duggar.