There’s no better tour guide than Spurgeon SeewaldJessa Seewald (née Duggar) shared a new vlog on her YouTube channel on Sunday, February 16, and it featured her older son taking viewers on a walk-through of their house. The video actually includes two tours, though. In the first half, the little boy shows off their “real life” house as it is — a.k.a. messy AF. In the second one, he introduces viewers to their home after they’ve tidied it up.

The vlog first features Spurgeon, 4, taking fans through the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, bathroom and the boys’ room/Ben Seewald‘s study. The messes include piles of cardboard, a wad of toilet paper in the toilet, clothes drying on all the dining room table chairs and toys strewn around the rooms. In take two, the Duggar grandchild takes us into the dining room before giving fans an excellent tutorial on how to make toast in the kitchen.

Spurgeon Seewald Leads Jessa Duggar House Tour

At the end of the video, Jessa, 27, finally gives her take on the space. “People ask me, ‘When are y’all gonna move to a bigger house?’ And, ‘Aren’t you feeling cramped?’ And I feel like our house is still a pretty good fit and pretty good size for the five of us. The kids are still so young that we can make it work pretty easily. … Also, I think I’m just really sentimental, because Ben will talk occasionally about [how], well, we’re going to need to move to a bigger house at some point, and [I’m like], ‘I know,’ but I just love our house.”

Explaining what makes it so special, she gushed, “I mean, this is where so many of our firsts have happened. This was our first house to buy. This is where all of our kids have been born and we’re raising, and it’s just like so many memories cooped up within these walls. It’s gonna be really, really hard for me to part with this house, but I know we can’t live here forever. So I’m just going to have to mentally prepare myself that, one day, we are going to move. But for now, I love it. I love having a tiny house. I love how easy it is to keep it clean. And I just love the sweet memories we’re making here as a family.”

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