Back behind bars? Mama June sent fans into a frenzy when she appeared to be arrested and sent to prison on the Friday, June 4 episode of her hit We TV series, Mama June: Road to Redemption.

While Mama June, 41, is facing two years behind bars for drug-related charges, she seems to be in denial of whether she would actually be found guilty and sentenced to prison time. Her boyfriend, Geno Doak, wanted to show her the reality of her situation so he arranged for a local sheriff to arrange for a night locked up so she could see what may be in store for her.

Geno, 45, tricked June by telling her he had arranged a romantic vacation for just the two of them. The Georgia native believed her man, so much that she even had him stop at a gas station so she could pick up some sexy goodies for their getaway — including incense.

After driving for a bit longer, June realized they were in Atlanta — which is when she started to get suspicious. Their true destination was revealed when Geno parked their car at the police station.

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Once they arrived, the sheriff and several officers greeted them and they pretended to arrest June. They even booked her and had her change into an orange jumpsuit before they threw her in the jail.

Even though it was a big, elaborate hoax, June did not think the joke was funny. While the episode was airing, she took to Twitter to reveal how she felt about her man’s idea of a prank.

“I mean, Geno could had at least me we was going to Alabama not making me think we was going for a romantic weekend,” she wrote. “Omg ending up in the same county I got locked up in over two years ago by the same officers in the same vehicle. This is f–ked up. F–k off, Geno.”

June added, “The worst part of it all is the guys hollering all, ‘fresh [meat], come over here, let me look at you.’ And they probably were doing [inappropriate] things and that’s the most crazy [thing] to me.”

As for her case, Mama June was able to avoid jail time for her charges of felony drug possession and misdemeanor unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia charges, local paper Trussville Tribune reported. At her hearing, which was held in Macon County, Alabama, in April, she entered a plea deal where she would plead guilty and may have the charges dismissed if she completes a trial diversion program that included court supervision and community service.

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