Baby No. 4? Little People, Big World stars Tori and Zach Roloff revealed if they plan to have more kids after welcoming their third child, son Josiah.

“We’re still probably done after this,” Zach, 32, told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, August 2. However, Tori, 31, admitted “it’s getting harder” to say they’re “done” having kids because they’ve been loving their baby boy’s newborn stage. 

“He’s so easy. I’m like, ‘Maybe we could do one more,’” the photographer gushed about Josiah, calling him a “pretty straightforward kid,” while her husband added with a laugh, “No, we’re good.”

Tori Roloff Jokes She 'Birthed the Same Child Twice' Comparing Son Jackson and Infant Josiah's Baby Pictures
Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

Tori and Zach, who got married in July 2015, welcomed Josiah in April. They are already the proud parents of son Jackson, who was born in May 2017, and their daughter Lilah, who was born in November 2019. Like their father, all three of their kids were born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. 

Tori frequently responds to comments concerning her children’s health. When people questioned why Josiah’s tongue appears to always stick out of his mouth on August 2, the former teacher explained via Instagram, “A larger tongue is a characteristic of achondroplasia. He will grow into it.”

However, the reality TV mom admitted she gets tired of followers constantly expressing their “worry” about her children, calling it “so frustrating” during an Instagram Q&A on July 14.

“I just have to say, when it comes to our kids’ medical history that’s the one thing that’s so frustrating with sharing our lives on social media is people, like, don’t think we have doctors and people we can trust in our lives with our kids’ health,” Tori said at the time. “We’ve got it under control. Trust me,” she added with a chuckle. 

The TLC star’s message came in response to a follower who wrote, “I’m worried about Lilah and her language skills,” to which Tori assured, “Don’t be.” Their daughter’s health is a frequent topic on LPBW because she was born with medical complications, including delayed speech and strabismus, a condition that causes crossed eyes. 

That’s not to say Tori is secretive about her children and any challenges they face. She opened up about Lilah’s health issues during an Instagram Q&A in June. 

“Lilah is definitely delayed in speech, however, she’s making progress which is what her pediatrician wants to see,” she explained when asked for an update by one follower. “So, for now, we’re just encouraging her to talk more and trying to keep her brother from answering for her,” she added with a laughing emoji.

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