Just weeks after Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and her partner, Brice Bolden, confirmed that they welcomed their first child, fans are theorizing that there’s trouble in paradise for the couple based on social media clues. But have the 7 Little Johnstons stars split?

Have ‘7 Little Johnston’ Stars Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden Split?

Rumors of relationship trouble between Liz and Brice began following the November 6, 2023, announcement of the birth of their baby daughter, Leighton Drew Bolden. Fans began noticing that Liz seemed to be spending a lot of time with the baby at her mom, Amber Johnston’s, home, rather than in the house she shares with Brice.

“I’ve seen Amber post quite a few stories of Elizabeth and the baby,” one fan commented. “I really do think she moved back into her mom’s house.”

Fans also claimed that the nursery seen in the background of one of Liz’s Instagram photos “doesn’t look like” it’s in her and Brice’s house. “It’s definitely Trent and Amber’s house,” the fan insisted. “I’m sure they put a nursery in their house and convinced Liz she needed to move in for a while because of all the help she will need.”

Are Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden Still Together?

Amid the split rumors, Liz and Brice spent Thanksgiving together on November 23, 2023, and Liz posted a family photo from the holiday.

“Belated Thanksgiving post but we couldn’t be more thankful for these last 3 weeks with our little Leighton Drew,” she captioned the image. They also celebrated Leighton’s birth with a baby shower on November 16 and posed for photos together at the event.

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Courtesy of Brice Bolden/Instagram

Still, fans noticed that Liz and her family seemed to be appearing in more social media photos with the baby than Brice was. The TLC star also deleted her photos with Brice from before Leighton’s birth from her Instagram page.

“I’m just not convinced they’re actually together anymore,” someone commented. “She has removed all his pics from socials.”

Later, Brice seemingly squashed the split rumors by wishing Liz a happy birthday on December 7. “Happy birthday babe! You are the best mama! I love you!” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

However, Liz confirmed in a preview for 7 Little Johnstons season 14, which premieres on March 12, 2024, that she and Brice were “no longer together” and not living under the same roof anymore.

“We have separated,” she said in the clip, which was shared by Parade on March 11, 2024. “Us living together, it felt more like roommates when we were actually in a relationship. And I could not live like that because I am not a person who wants to be in a relationship where it doesn’t feel like there’s any love or any just, I don’t know, spark.”

Liz added she grew up watching her parents make an effort to keep the spark in their marriage alive, so she wanted to do the same in her relationship.

“I can’t do it with somebody who is just OK with being in a fine relationship, being in a mediocre relationship,” she continued. “And I can’t be in a mediocre and fine relationship because that’s not who I am.”

Liz said she had “a lot of emotions” after the split, but mostly felt “angry” that things “changed” in her relationship. She also reassured fans that Brice was still “genuinely a good guy.”

“When the relationship starts to mentally affect somebody — when they don’t feel like they’re loved, and they tried to do everything to keep the relationship going and to keep the spark alive, and then now they’re exhausted from it and then they just get pretty much depressed — I can’t live like that,” Liz concluded.

It’s unclear if Liz and Brice split before or after Leighton’s birth, or if they have reconciled since season 14 filming ended.

Did Liz Johnston Have a Baby?

Liz gave birth to her baby girl on November 3, 2023.

“11/03/2023 Leighton Drew Bolden 5lbs 10oz 19 inches long of pure sweetness,” she wrote on Instagram three days later. “We couldn’t be more in love with you.”

Liz and Brice announced her pregnancy at the end of September. “Welcoming our newest addition this fall, we couldn’t be more excited for Baby Bolden to arrive!” they gushed to People while posing with their sonogram.

When Did Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden Start Dating?

Liz and Brice started dating in 2018. Their relationship has been documented on 7 Little Johnstons. During the show’s 13th season in 2023, the couple decided to move in together and went house hunting for their first home.

The reality stars have sparked split speculation many times throughout their relationship, as they tend to be very private and don’t post much on social media together. Fans have claimed that Liz deleted photos with Brice from her page more than once over the years.

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