Things are getting a little tense here. Eric Rosenbrook from 90 Day Fiancé slammed a rumor that his wife Leida only married him so she could be on the TLC reality series, and honestly? We can’t blame him.

Eric posted about the speculation that’s been floating around on his Instagram Story on Jan. 4. He wrote there, “It’s not true. In the least. We were engaged and the K1 petition was filed long before we even knew about 90 Day Fiancé.” Which seems pretty legit, honestly. People file for K-1 visas all the time, and a whole lot of them don’t end up on a reality TV show for their trouble.

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And frankly, this is far from the first time this couple has had to deal with some sort of controversy or rumor since they joined the cast of 90 Day Fiancé. They actually get a lot of hate online from fans of the show, and they’ve apparently dealt with death threats and people threatening Leida’s young son, Alessandro.

In fact, In Touch can confirm that local police officers responded to Leida and Eric’s home in Baraboo, WI in November as a result of all of the threats they were receiving online. “An officer was dispatched because Leida received threatening messages through social media,” Chief of Police Mark Schauf confirmed to In Touch. “The officer gave them advice and counseled them on what they could do to ensure their safety.” Why would someone go through all of that just to be on a TV show?

Then there are all the issues Eric and Leida have had with Eric’s daughter, Tasha. There’s a whole lot of drama between the couple and the 19-year-old, and eventually, Leida forcefully kicked Tasha out of the apartment that she was previously sharing with her dad before Leida arrived in the United States. It all played out on the show and got really, really ugly. Would Leida really break up a family like that just to be a reality show star? We sure hope not.

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